Free Nelson Mandela

Sunday June 9th 2013

The angels are calling Nelson Mandela. He may not go yet, but they are very close.

When a death is at the right time, often Jupiter, the planet of benevolence and generosity arrives, ready to shepherd the soul on its journey. Mandela’s Jupiter Return is on June 3Oth.

When Mandela was released from prison on 2 February 199O, transiting Jupiter was again precisely on the Return at 1° Cancer. Jupiter expanded his horizons that day. Uranus, the planet of liberation was at 7° Capricorn – just past an exact opposition to Mandela’s natal Pluto-Jupiter conjunction.

When he was imprisoned on 12 June 1964, Uranus was exactly on his Midheaven at 6° Virgo.

Right now, Neptune, dissolver of boundaries, is stationing on Mandela’s natal IC, the cusp of the house of endings. It’s part of the summer’s Grand Trine, which points directly at Mandela’s Pluto, which holds the key to underworld.

At 5° Scorpio, transiting Saturn, traditionally cast as the Grim Reaper, is the other leg of the Grand Trine. Today, Venus, another angel, is on the point of that Grand Trine and conjuncting the natal Pluto in Cancer.

He may not go yet. Advances in modern medicine have altered the interpretation of some astrological signifiers. But he must be hearing the beating of angels wings. 

As it turns retrograde, Neptune stations just one degree ahead of being quincunx Mandela’s natal Neptune. And one of Mandela’s qualities is stamina – Moon in Scorpio square Saturn in Leo. This could be a sign of a reprieve, but surely the time is soon.

There is nothing sad about the passing of a person who has lived a long, rich, active and profoundly influential life. By his words and his deeds and his example, Nelson Mandela has made the world a better, fairer place. But maybe even more importantly he has shown us that goodness triumphs. 

One of the best things we could do collectively during this super Cancerian summer is recollect the work of this great statesman, and remind ourselves what real leadership is.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christina,
    do you agree that in the passing away of very old people like mr. Mandela the planet Neptune is important? I saw this in the passing of my mother 2 weeks ago – Neptune was hitting her Descendant for some time already. She had the North Node and Lilith on her IC.
    Mr. Mandela has Venus on his Descendant and the Sun and Jupiter are travelling towards her. For a person so well liked I think this says a lot.

    Furthermore – I never read anything about the 3rd Saturn return in the lives of very old people. Would that be because at this very old age, the outer planets become more important resulting in a transcendent look on life:
    Uranus = insight in a universal meaning to life ???
    Neptune = great wisdom and the ability to use it in a benevolent way ???
    Pluto = the wisdom to use your power to the benefit of other people ???

    I wish mr. Mandela well and hope he may live on for a long time to come. If that is not possible I think he will have a beautiful ending to his life.


    • Christina says:

      I do think Neptune is important. And I think it’s because it’s about the numinous, the mystery and dissolving into it. I have not actually done a proper comparison of charts and transits though. This is jus my instinct.

      And I agree about the third Saturn Return… I have never read anything and yet it must be important. What’s interesting about old age is how differently people experience it. Some people certainly become wiser and some more calcified.

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