Things To Do While Jupiter’s In Cancer

Monday June 24th 2013

The Princess and the Pea by Edmund Dulac.
Here is the second part of Renée Lascala fresh look at Jupiter in Cancer. These ideas are not just for those of you who have planets in Cancer. All of us should honour the king’s visit to the sign of the Crab.
Jupiter’s 2013-14 visit to Cancer, the sign of his exaltation, is joyous indeed, and in the sharing spirit of Himself, here are some fun, meaningful ways to make the most of this resplendent year.

Cancer is the sign of home and nurturing, and when Jupiter comes to stay, try making some changes around the house or just larging it in the kitchen.

Bookshelves, Giuseppe Maria Crespi
Make Space

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Zodiac.  Give him room.  Open spaces between furniture pieces, amidst books on shelves, on any and all horizontal and vertical planes.

It’s a good time to carefully store mementoes, old photos and story or script-eliciting objects. This is a temporary measure to provide a tactical and symbolic inroad for big, nice, Jupiter things.

Place reading material on Jupiterian subjects prominently. Philosophy, Classics, Wisdom, Exploration, Food, Dining, Food-Related Travel, Charity, a Higher Power if you believe in one, Optimism, Compassion, and Benevolence ought to be featured.  Downplay books on war, crime, struggle, horror, living in misery or dystopian surroundings, personal or relationship problems, and yes, biographies of other people. Position Jupiter-favored works where your eyes will be drawn to them, especially if they have uplifting titles.

More Light for Good

Upgrade light bulbs to the brightest, most environmentally responsible you can.  I’m doing this one at a time.  They’ll last long after Jupiter has moved on, and you can congratulate yourself with every installation.  Better yet, with every use.

This was challenging for me, but I removed my chandelier and pendant lighting to allow for unobstructed flow, and the highest possible ‘limit’.  I miss the chandelier, but the energy upgrade was palpable with it taken down. 

Tassels and Trim

Indulge your inner Tudor.  Add tassels to cabinet pulls, lamp knobs, door handles, you name it.  Trim attaches easily with pins, glue or tape and adds elegance. This is not the time for cutesy.  Go no further than whimsy, and there, in moderation.


There is some debate over Jupiterian colours.  I suggest deep, regal purples, rich indigoes, gold and ivory.  Jupiter is not about pastels.  Nor black.  For me, limiting black is a major challenge.

Trim added to a tablecloth, curtain tie backs, fringed throws, accent pillows, a couple of plush towels –that’s enough.  

Expand Upward

Expanding up is an option many don’t consider, but it’s often easy, and practical.  Do you have useless space collecting grime above kitchen cabinets or bookshelves?  In one DIY weekend, you can expand those to the ceiling.  It’s transformative.  Renting?  Put up some foam core, and paint it to match.  Dead space disappears.

Drapes are easy to move to the ceiling, either by mounting them down from it, or from the highest point on the adjacent wall.  You’re spared the fussiness of curtain rods, rings and finials.  The entire window lets in light, and your rooms will feel like salons.

The classical sense of place, of security— that ceiling height drapes add is notable.  If these are not to your liking, what about ceiling to floor bed curtains?  Romantic, comforting and sound-insulating.

You can also expand upward by adding bed risers or a platform beneath your bed.  You’ll gain wonderful storage space and add elegance. 

At Table

Jupiter is associated with certain foods, and Cancer with cooking. Walnuts belong to Jupiter. Artichokes, beetroot, fennel, grapefruit, pumpkin, pecans, honey and maple all have numerous citations.  Figs, honey, grapes, all soft sweet fruits such as peaches and apricots, saffron, chickpeas, sesame, mint, basil, nutmeg and yes, cane sugar, are thought to be Jupiterian.

Lots of round things, so falafel would doubly honour Jupiter.  Pesto, containing walnuts and basil would, likewise.  Pumpkin ravioli, beetroot and fennel salad, and baklava, most certainly.  If you love these or any others listed, give them a place at your table this year.  Jupiter will smile on you if you do.

Thorough listings for plants foods, etc under Jupiter’s purview can be found at Gryphon astrology and Alchemy Works.

Honour Jupiter easily by switching to stemware, preferably goblets, for all your cool beverages.  There’s something grand about statements made whilst gesturing broadly with a goblet in hand. Serve beverages from pitchers, amphorae or urns.  This signifies Jupiterian generosity, and plenty.

Place much larger, plusher chairs at table ends.  It adds grandeur.  Could you remove an upholstered chair or two from another area to create space?  Use them at table.  Otherwise, add a long skirted cover to no more than two dining chairs, and a colourful lumbar pillow or throw at the backs.  Sit in one of those at all meals.  

Stop waiting on people.  Press a sideboard, tray tables or small cart into service.  Set these up then be seated for your meal, however humble.

Talk about philosophical things and big ideas at table.  Healthy disagreement is okay.  So is gesturing with your goblet or a piece of fruit.

Consider switching to an elevated sofa table or tavern table and dining on couches, divans or settees, if you can do so with dignity.  Adjourn to such a setting for cordials, your fruit and cheese course, or your goblet of ale, and recline like a Roman. 

Self Care
Pierre Bonnard

Baths.  Soaks.  Lots of them.  A fabulous way to embrace luxury, even with just a footbath.  A handful of sea salt, baking soda or epsom salts is the best upgrade to hot water.  Go further if you’ve the means or inclination.  Parade about, glistening, wrapped only in a towel.

Add a freestyle form of exercise.  It could be as simple as cycling or walking.  Or you could take up something wherein you master the basic moves then sequence them as you will.  Jupiter is not a follower, and doesn’t like to be crowded. 

Jupiter is associated with the thighs, so if your health permits, strengthen those all year.  Cycling is wonderful for this.  So is my longtime sport, inline skating.  Skates make us much taller and faster.  You might even put small lightning bolt decals on your wrist guards. 

Wardrobe and Grooming

You can quit that fussy, composed hairstyle right now. This is the time for big, flowing hair.  Think waves, and loose curls.  As Billy Connolly says, “windswept and interesting.” 

Men, this is the year to go unbifurcated.  Buy a modern kilt.  

Women, wear loose clothing.  Don’t be bound!  A flowing skirt, bohemian blouse, silky pyjama bottoms, embroidered anything – go with it.  As the Grateful Dead advise, “When in doubt, twirl.”

The second finger, the index finger, is Jupiter’s.  The left hand represents taking in energy; the right hand, creating and giving out.  Stones associated with Jupiter are yellow sapphire, topaz and citrine.  Some sources add amethyst, lapis lazuli and coral.  I’m shifting my thumb rings, particularly the gold one, to my left index finger right now and for the forseeable future, to better internalize Jupiterian characteristics.

Interactions with others

In these, we can honour Jupiter by giving people space.  Physically, we need not crowd others, invading their personal space.  In conversation, we can give people the freedom to organize their thoughts, not pressing them for answers or finishing their sentences.  We can allow introverts to be introverts.  Solitude is a regenerative, restorative, necessary state of being for introverts.  And if we, ourselves are introverts, we can expand unapologetically, into the fullness of privacy.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am on my way to buy an extra external disc. The expanded tetrabyte memory will serve me on the travels to see old movies from way back home!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh this is glorious. I’m inspired.

  3. acquagal says:

    wow, i used to love princess and the pea, and my parents used to call me that when i was little… haha… and im 7 degree cancer…

    lovely article.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe I’m just under the spell of Jupiter in Cancer, but I want that enormous, jewel-toned, extra soft and comfy Princess and the Pea bed! My 4th house Sun and Jupiter in Libra conjunct my ascendant are drooling about such a luxurious place to spend the next year.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Personally I have become slightly obsessed with finding on google street view the first childrens home I was in when I was 10 and 11. Try as I might I cannot find the exact location.

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