Suzanne Valadon

Wednesday July 17th 2013
This terrific self-portrait dates from 1927.

Just as a supplement to the Satie piece: here is Suzanne Valadon’s chart. She was a wonderful woman, a free spirit, single mother, great painter and an inspiration for many other artists (Neptune in the 7th), in particular Renoir. For a while she earned a living as one of the most sought after artist’s models in Montmartre.

She led a truly unconventional life — see the Uranus on the MC.

I see that her Scorpio Moon is exactly trine to Satie’s Moon in Cancer, and her North Node is also in Libra. But I post this here really for you to compare the two. With that Neptune in the 7th, you can see how Valadon might be the object of a fantasist’s projections.

Sorry this did not appear first time round.

For a brief discussion of this painting, as well as other self-portraits by Librans, please click here. There’s a post for every sun sign’s self-portraits. You can find them using the search box.


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  1. Isy Aweigh says:

    The chart doesn’t appear…? Perhaps the paper clip slipped. Happens to me all the time.