A Reader’s Question: Could Turkey Need a New Chart?

Wednesday August 14th 2013
This is an 11th century map by Mahmud al Kashgari showing the lands
of the Kurds, the Syrians and the Iraqis. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Here is what someone wrote to me. It’s an interesting question.

“I live in Turkey and there are some prophecies as well as political theories that make their way into mainstream media almost every week. And some of them are about ‘Kurdistan’. Partly because we’re trying to solve the Kurdish problem of ours and partly because of the ethnic conflict in Syria, many people think that Kurdistan will be a reality soon. So, either we will be literally divided, (with a Turkey and a Kurdistan) or there will be an autonomous Kurdish state, still a part of Turkey.

If such a thing happens, would we need to draw a new natal chart for Turkey?”

The short answer to that is yes, I think so, but it does depend on how drastic the change is, and it would not invalidate the current Turkish chart. I’ll use this country, the United Kingdom, as an example, since it has been reshaped so many times. But does that mean it has been “reborn”? 

1801, the Sun in this chart is just 1°
from the Sun in the 1066 chart.
UK 1922

Currently, the United Kingdom is the union of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The UK chart that astrologers generally use is set for the 1801 Act of Union between Great Britain and Ireland. Yet you probably know that southern Ireland became independent from Great Britain in the 1920s, so logically a new chart should be drawn for then. In fact, look in The Book of World Horoscopes, and you will find this one for 3.28pm 7 December 1922, but it’s not in common use.

Notice the position of Pluto in this chart – exactly opposite the UK Sun in the 1801 chart. The UK was destroyed and renewed at that moment, a useful thing to keep in mind when you think about personal Pluto transits. 

1927, the Sun in this chart is
on the ASC of the 1066 chart.

In fact, the Act of Parliament that separated Ireland and the rest of the UK went into force on 12 April, 1927 at midnight, so that officially ought to be the new UK birthday.  I must say, looking at this chart, it does seem awfully like modern Britain – maybe I’ll test out this chart. The strong Pisces vibe there is something new. Was Britain reborn an Aries?

So you can see how confusing it can get. Each chart is like a layer of stained glass, adding depth and complexity to the picture, telling the story of a country’s evolution. Pluto is important here as the planet of death and rebirth, yes, the planet of evolution.

But to get a clear reading, you do need to focus sometimes on just one chart. The 1801 chart does seem to reflect the government and establishment especially well and I think that’s why it gets used. I find it works well for questions about the economy.

Back to Turkey though. This part of the world, where Asia meets Europe, the Black Sea meets the mediterranean, Islam meets Christendom, has been the seat and centre of numerous civilisations that have risen and fallen. Istanbul was Constantinople. The Ottoman Empire was Byzantium, and before that there was Troy, Lydia, the Hittites. That means the idea of going back to the beginning is really impossible. So with a very ancient, history-rich country like this, we end up choosing a chart that is as recent as possible. Egypt is another example here. It’s been a country for more than 5000 years, when Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt were united under King Narmer (Menes), but if one doesn’t have a date for that, it’s simplest to scroll forward through history to the last big regime change, when Nasser took over in the 1950s.

It’s not like the United States.

The Turkish chart I use is for the modern state established by Kemal Ataturk from the remains of the Ottoman Empire, 29 October 1923. This was a pivotal moment in the history of Anatolia and a definite moment of rebirth, so the chart is good. Turkey had already laid claim to part of Kurdistan under the Treaty of Lausanne ratified in the same year.

I note that the modern Turkish chart is about to experience its first Pluto half-return, as is the UK 1927 chart. Right now, the Scottish people are poised to vote for or against independence, so we may be redrawing the UK chart shortly. Let’s see what happens in both countries.

Thanks for the question, it’s made me think about the value of these 20th century charts for Blighty, and the birth and rebirth of nations. It can be so easy to simply accept received opinion.

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