Astrology of Now: Stand Up To The Bullies

Wednesday October 2nd 2013
The Neighborhood Bully – John George Brown

Politics just go nasty again in the UK.

Let me explain. In this country, there’s a “Leader of the Opposition” in parliament who is the head of the main party that’s out of office, and whose job it is to question the government. Currently, this is Ed Miliband, who was in the previous Labour government and who is the son of a well-known historian. His big brother David is also in politics. I wrote about them a while ago here.

Miliband Pere came to this country as a refugee from Nazism at the age of 17. When the time came he fought in WWII, and then went on to become a respected academic at the London School of Economics. After the war, his marriage to a Holocaust survivor produced two sons, David and Ed. As Americans would have it, he was a one of the “Greatest Generation” that faced fascism, fought for freedom and won. He died almost two decades ago.

The Daily Mail, a newspaper that supported Fascism in the 1930s, published an editorial over the weekend that quoted from Miliband Senior’s diary when he was 17 to show that he “hated Britain” in an attempt to smear his son, Ed. It’s a lie, of course, and wrong and unfair and stupid on so many levels. And it’s also what you might expect from a paper like the Mail, but the unwritten rule in this country whenever the Mail has attacked the Labour party, is to appease and placate. This is because traditionally you have to win over the Daily Mail readership in order to win an election.

Set for 7am, about the time a newspaper hits the streets.

This time, Miliband has stood up to the Mail, demanded a right to reply and received a ton of support — allegedly 10,000 emails arrived at Labour central office. I found myself crying with rage and shame reading the article, thinking about my own father-in-law who was a contemporary of Miliband Senior (although on the opposite side politically). I’m sure I am not alone in this reaction. This stinks.

The Mail was described as a “scorpion” by several commentators yesterday, which is interesting when you look at the chart. The North Node in Pisces describes the dissemination of illusion. There is a world described by the Mail is quite a specific construction – filled with fear (Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces). The theme of gutter press if reiterated by Neptune-Pluto-Mercury in Gemini. The Mail does see itself as the voice of common sense, the voice of the average citizen, little England –

You can bet though, that this is part of an organised campaign leading up to the next election, which is not due until May 2015 – a few months after the last square of Uranus-Pluto at 15°. Deals are being struck and sleeves are being rolled up. Politics seemed to go all nice for a millisecond after the last general election when the government was forced into coalition for the first time since the 1930s, the last U-Plu square.

Across the pond, the Republicans have managed to stop government entirely this week. This is part of the Uranus-Pluto effect as the Sun moves into opposition to Uranus. The Republicans are the rebels here, President Obama, the Leo, is the Sun. But the Sun does move on quickly.

On a personal level, people with planets or angles around 8-11° Libra may be having a tough time right now, but standing up to the bullies is the right thing to do now. Libra is all about fairness. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly, then you need to say so.

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  1. Christina says:

    … and speaking of political bullies, I see that Silvio Berlusconi has been forced to back down in his attempt to topple the Italian government.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christina,
    I read your earlier article about the Miliband brothers too and I guess Ed Miliband being a Capricorn just had to react to this viscious attack of this newspaper.
    Those journalists had better be aware of Pluto now in the sign of Capricorn – he could turn very nasty towards them.

    I surely hope Silvio Berlusconi will be removed from parliament tomorrow – the Italians have been dominated long enough by this bully ! Although he had a lot of support for a very long time, as I heard from my Italian teacher a few years back !
    She said they chose him because the Italians had no other options !


  3. mm says:

    Good piece.

    I note from Wiki that the editor Paul Dacre’s birth date is 14 Nov 1948 (same day as Prince Charles) which puts his Sun at 22 Scorpio, conjunct the Mail’s Saturn/Uranus. From a cursory glance at this chart (no birthtime) it is likely that his Moon is in late Aries, close to the Mail’s Venus. It will be interesting to see what happens as transiting Saturn approaches Dacre’s Sun and the Mail’s Saturn Return. Comeuppance is the word that springs to mind. Some more people standing up to bullies perhaps?

    I get a sense that something has changed in the collective attitude towards the Mail and its doings over the past few days. At least I hope so. Did you hear Alastair Campbell’s description of the Mail: ” .. the worst of British values posing as the best”. ?

    • Christina says:

      Dacre’s been editor of the Mail forever too, which fits with the Sun conjunct Saturn. Let’s hope this does mean reaping what you have sown.

      It’s interesting that the Mail’s readership is so female and yet it’s messages about being a woman are so negative.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Increasingly their is an irrelevance about the traditional media, such as newspapers and television. Their view is an view that supports the government and the status quo. But its old hat and with the emergence of the ‘alternative media’ such as blogs with a more down to earth and with the view of the common man and who are not trying to support the status quo. the alternative media says what is going on – not what they would like you to think is going on. Those who still read the ‘traditional media’ are actually living in a news bubble that is carefully constructed. A certain person in the thirties said that if you tell a lie enough times eventually it will be believed. This is the state of most of the population. Control the thinking is the goal of the main stream media.

    • Anonymous says:

      Another point about your statement about finding what is reliable is what makes you think that whatever you think is reliable is reliable? If you are talking about the MSM being reliable, I would have to point out that they have been beating their own drum on this issue without any opposition or anyone pointing out how not so reliable they are. Its like the lunatics are in control of the asylum.

    • Christina says:

      “Daily Mail Welt” would be a particularly scary place to live.

      Mainstream media’s power is leaking away, and maybe politicians realise this, so they are less fearful about standing up to it.

      We’re all on a a learning curve, figuring out how to navigate so many sources of information and know which are reliable.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “”Daily Mail Welt” would be a particularly scary place to live.”

    My point of view is that we have already been living there, like in a dream, because there was no other form of news or opinion. As in a dream we have to accept that this was the way it is, we have accepted that what the MSM writes is the way it is.

    The internet has been the Gutenberg Press moment for the MSM and politicians. Just as the Gutenberg Press shook the church, now the internet shakes the powers that be. No longer are they in complete control of our point of view.

  6. Hi Christina,

    Great article! The Daily Mail seems sleazy. That kind of press is so nasty.

    I just want to add that, in addition to the Pluto-Uranus square, on the day the Republicans shut down the government here in the U.S., I noticed that Saturn (government) was exactly inconjunct Uranus (rebellion). I don’t think this is going to go the way the Republicans think it will. They’ve done this, or nearly so, a number of times. I think it’s a tactic that’s wearing thin on the American public.

    Plus, it makes the Republicans look like big crybabies throwing a tantrum. They agreed to this health care deal that they so object to. It’s already a huge compromise. So now they’re shutting down the government because, not satisfied with the big compromises they already forced, they want to stop the health care bill altogether. Childish.

    • Christina says:

      oo well spotted on the Uranus-Saturn inconjunct. Also I agree with you about things not going quite the way people might think… or that they might have gone in the past…