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Saturday October 19th 2013
This is Merton actually,
but you get the picture

My local astrology group has invited some excellent speakers to Oxford this year. Last Wednesday Barry Goddard of Astrotabletalk spoke to the group about Pluto. It was a pretty stimulating evening, much food for thought.

Coming up are the following one-day seminars at Trinity College – which is gorgeous anyway.

Lynn Bell, a doyenne of psychological astrology will be talking about Solar Returns, on November 9
Bernadette Brady, possibly the brainiest astrologer on the planet will be helping you “chart your life story”, on February 15

And for a full weekend
John Frawley, horary master, 23-24 March.
Some people are flying in for this one and staying the night at Trinity College.

For more information and on-line tickets to 
these events, go to

Jessica Adams, psychic astrologer, is also coming to talk to us in January.

Just so you know. It’s easy to get here by public transport from London, Birmingham and the rest of the midlands, Bristol and the West Country. There’s easy parking at the park and ride and Trinity is right in the centre of town.

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