Monthly Horoscopes (at last)

Sunday November 3rd 2013
Orpheus by Franz von Stuck
Apologies for the delay in delivering this month’s horoscopes. 
I’m afraid the Mercury Rx really got me this time! 

However, it does mean that when I write them I am deep in the zeitgeist.

What a month though…. goodness….. To read this month’s horoscopes, click here.

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  1. Isy Aweigh says:

    I read Aries and Taurus because I’m a 12-house Aries (so sometimes I read Pisces too :)) with T on my Asc — and my NN in 1st house/Taurus.

    Had a great impulse when driving through a spiritually risky area (not far from where I was once attacked by an entity with a taste for generous women) and thought, “I’m not going to hurt for anyone but myself.” This came a week after a conversation with a friend who said, “Everything you don’t do for your sweetie you do for your disease. What happened to the things you do for yourself?”

    Hell of a NN/1st house lesson and it was a turning point. I’ve got 2 non-disease-related books in the hod, and the creative solutions for one of them are coming fast and thick. I’m getting physically stronger — able to walk 3 laps around the block, a significant improvement 🙂 — and although my brain function is, well, intermittent, when it does work, it’s like opening sluice gates in a dam and watching things move down below.

    It’s an active month astrologically. I’m dreading less and curious more.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am in a kind of fight with both my bank (still) and the local health board. In august I went for an xray with a walk-in form given to myself by the GP. I had it for about ten days, so I could have memorised the details on the form. Even so, I was still continuously asked at almost every step my detail – that is the details on the form. Then it became more bizarre. Not only was I asked as part of 2security and identification” where I lived, name, DOB, but also what side it was on and where whether it hurt. It was at this point that I baulked at the question and asked a question of my own. Are you seriously asking as identification whether I am in pain? The answer was yes. I said if you continue to ask that as a security question I will walk out. It was asked again and I left. From that point on I have noticed a completely dismissive attitude to the problem by all that I have spoken too over the phone about this. There is a lot more that has happened but needless to say the head of legal at the health board has been painting a vulgar picture about me, she even got the head of security to give me a call, an ex-policeman to warn me to back off. But really what do expect from saturn going over sun-mars-chiron and now is trining my native chiron while mars aspects both saturn and chiron. As far a saturn aspecting my native chiron is concerned now is not the time to do anything concerning career – ask david bowie. Pisces is having a hard time at the moment and jupiter is only going to make the situation worse when it retros.