Woody Allen’s Pluto-Uranus Transit

Saturday February 8th 2014
Chart data is from astrodatabank.

I can’t tell if Woody Allen is a child molester from looking at his astrological chart. No one can.

But I can tell you that transiting Pluto-Venus is smack-dab on his North Node in Capricorn in the fifth house of children. The North Node is your point of destiny, where you are going in life, what you are for. Transits to it show a change in life direction. His North Node is also in the entertainment house, of course.

It’s squared by transiting Uranus (surprise!) in the 8th house of sex and debt. The eighth is the house of things that come back to haunt you.

Here’s what’s happened.

Twenty-one years ago, Allen was accused of molesting his seven-year-old adoptive daughter Dylan in the midst of a nasty split up from his partner of 12 years, the actress Mia Farrow. At the time, Uranus, the planet of disruption, was on Allen’s North Node.

The case never came to court. Allen married Mia Farrow’s other teenage daughter and somehow the accusation of child-molesting got lost in the rest of the scandal.

Two weeks ago, Dylan wrote an open letter published in the New York Times, restating her accusations against Allen. She is now 28 years old, in the midst of her Saturn Return. In astrological terms she is coming into her own power as an adult.

Today, Allen published a rebuttal in the same paper.

The clearest statement of the situation at the time is the judge’s decision in the custody battle that took place in 1992. To read it, click here. It’s a remarkable example of good legal writing. It’s clear Judge Wilks did not think Allen was a fit parent and that he felt Farrow was a good mother. The judge also decided that Dylan needed to be protected from Allen. The reason Dylan’s case was not brought to court was because the state prosecutor did not want to put a seven-year-old through a lengthy court case. For other victims of abuse this is a familiar story.

It would be easy to assassinate Allen’s character using his chart. It’s certainly potentially the chart of a narcissist with terrible boundary problems — but that would also be the chart of a film director. Dylan Farrow’s chart is not available. Instead, I’ll just offer you Allen’s chart and the judge’s decision, and you can draw your own conclusions.

I will point out though that Neptune, a planet which seems determined to wash out dirty linen as it transits Pisces, is washing over Allen’s Saturn in Pisces. That’s Saturn, the planet of boundaries in the sign that has no boundaries. Mercury has just turned retrograde one degree away from that Saturn, too. More information may come to light either during the retrograde or when Mercury crosses back into Pisces in April.

Allen is Mercury-ruled (Virgo Rising), a gifted comic writer. His comedy always came from his own inadequacy, Chiron in Gemini. That’s at 13°, inconjunct transiting Pluto and sextile transiting Uranus.

And here’s one other fascinating chart. This is the composite chart of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. It’s a grand-cross – mortal enemies – but also notice the Venus-Sun in the seventh house. There was love there, but look again, that Sun is at 14° Capricorn.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank-you Christina for this posting. You did an excellent job of reporting the facts, bringing forward the three voices of Dylan Farrow, Woody Allen and Judge Wilks and allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions.

    More than that, you gave space on your blog to a brave young woman who is asking to be heard and is willing to risk people calling her a liar.

  2. Thanks for all the links. I had read another piece oriented to evidence rather than reaction, which added that all of the doctors who examined Dylan Farrow never found physical evidence of sexual assault on the 7-year-old’s body. Plus the extreme parent-child power dynamics at work in that household, as revealed by her brother Moses. Personally I think there is more going on from the Farrow side than just what Dylan/Malone says. It will always be “he said, she said,” and – just as with Charles Dickens, who was outrageously cruel to his wife — the art will outlast and out-speak anyone’s personal story.

  3. Yes, pretty fascinating. Capricorn is the sign of the Father, of course, and Pluto the deity who obducted / raped the daughter (Persephone) of the Earth Mother (Demeter.) Ceres (Roman name for Demeter) entered Scorpio right when this was peaking, along with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, virtually conjunct Neptune. Grieving Mother mad with vengence over sexual violation (Ceres in Scorpio) and the sudden coming to light of a hidden truth (Retrograde Mercury) OR Obsessed Mother’s hypnotic manipulation of her daughter (Ceres in Scorpio) and dishonesty / fantasy (Mercury/Neptune.) The fact that it’s a nodal story, hence a karmic issue, indicates that regardless of whether or not he did, in fact sexually abuse his step/adopted daughter, it relates to the whole drama of having sexually abducted his step daughter, whom he later married. It’s karma, related to sex w/the daughter, either way. Just absolutey wild.

    • One last: Transiting Pluto conj natal Moon is among the roughest; brings out the crazy wounded child voice which, combined with the T nodes over Ceres in Scorpio – this was a tabloid scandal of such proportion it plays out in the NYT. I feel for all involved – admittedly, less so for Woody, although I am a huge, huge fan of his work. Surprised at my ability to separate the two, actually.

    • ( Also – obvious Woody did not abduct the daughter in a literal sense. I was referring to the symbolism of the planets involved. Ceres/Demeter lost her daughter to Pluto/Hades’ abduction to the underworld. Hello. )

    • Holy cow, Mia has Ceres in Scorpio – I was WONDERING if, in fact, she did. Ouch ouch ouch all around. And yes, I know they were not married. They parented a bunch of kids together, in their own fashion, however. The scene with Woody and Soon Yi was just fucked up. They have a total right to their relationship, may they be happy and live long, etc., but the way it all went down was not cool at all, and now a raging dark mother with karma coins is bringing a winter of freak down for an encore. Point: Woody – lie detector. Lost Points: claiming moral high ground by questioning what kind of character would affirm Woody’s paternity of Ronan (he does look like Frank) when – Woody was sleeping with the young woman who was living in the house as a daughter, behind her mother, his partner’s back. And leaving passive-aggressive clues in the form of nude polaroids around the house. Ceres in Scorpio. Yikes.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. Allen and Mia did not live together. There isn’t any history of Woody Allen molesting other children. I found it disrespectful hearing Dylan shame other actors that worked with Woody Allen.

    • stephen says:

      Sara –
      Allen and Mia were never married nor lived together. So I don’t see how Soon- Yi was step his step daughter. He never adopted her. Where do you find that he abducted her? She was 20. Mia married Frank Sinatra when she was the same age. Mia and Andre Previn adopted Soon – Yi. I would like to see Christina’s take on Mia Farrow’s chart. I don’t know what happened but Mia has some serious issues.

    • Christina says:

      Yes. It really is karmic. Mia Farrow’s North Node is at 18° Cancer almost opposite Allen’s, and get this, her Moon (mothering) is at 11° Capricorn.

      You are right to point to Ceres in this saga too. I should have included it. Mia Farrow’s Ceres is at 6° Scorpio, so the nodes have just passed over it and tr Ceres is coming to meet it. Allen’s Ceres is at 29° Libra.

      But their composite Ceres is right in that Grand Cross. It’s in Scorpio at 2°, so square Pluto and the Moon, conjunct Jupiter, and opposite Saturn. That’s a custody battle right there.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Proserpina combust his Sun.
    Persephone cj Hades opp Pallas, and Priapus cj Juno cj Dylanyoung opp Venus all in 8th.
    A researcher requested of a popular astro blogger to enquire of her readers and there were many female incest survivors with Saturn cj Venus.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Possible charts Lawrence Durrell and Sappho, Rita Hayworth, Klaus Kinski and daughters.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s sad, that after so long the victim is still not heard : it is always the word of the victim against the word of the abuser.
    Personally I agree with the prosecutor who did not want to put her through this at the age of 7. No child gets any better of such an ordeal.

    However, this means that on the age of 28 she will have to come to terms with this on her own – I would advise her to speak to an astrologer, who can make her see that – apart from other planets which caused this to happen – this is Saturn working in her chart at the moment and that he does this in order to make her stronger, so she can in the end have a good life and leave Woody Allen to be the man he is, even if he did abuse her.

    I find forgiveness always very important – in the end it benefits the victim and not the abuser.


  7. Anonymous says:

    If he did do the abuse, he’s culpable–legally and otherwise. I wouldn’t jump on the “forgiveness” bandwagon so quickly. It’s a good sound bite, but I think restitution for his “sins against a child” and asking, no begging for her forgiveness is what’s most important.

    • Anonymous says:

      I;m not saying he shouldn’t be punished (if he did it !).

      However, a victim has to think of her or himself in the first place and therefore should be focussed on healing her- or himself by becoming conscious of what and why things happen in a person’s life. Therapy might help, (and I think astrology can be of help here too !).

      Forgiveness could be the result of going into therapy and working things through; forgiving a person for the way they are can be a very powerful tool to really heal and leave the past behind.


  8. Anonymous says:

    What a complete mess. The adoptions, the family, the influx of therapists and psychiatrists/psychologists/social workers all adding to the mix. Poor kids.

    • Christina says:

      The number of psychotherapists/psychologists involved is truly remarkable. Must have kept quite a few of them in employment. It’s a whole other world.

      When you read the judge’s report, you know you are reading about very very wealthy people.