Mercury Retrograde Has Its Uses — Really

Sunday March 2nd 2014
Now, if I could just get Wolverine to sort these people out…

Mercury Retrograde, brought to you by the people who brought you the Mayan Prophecy, dun dun daah. Communications go crazy, your electrical goods grow teeth, your commute turns into the Normandy landings, the internet crashes and millions of dollars just vanish into a big black hole of …. blah blah blah. Right?

Well, this may all be the case. But Mercury Retrograde is also an opportunity to revise, review and rethink. It’s when we can pick up the stitches that we dropped in the previous few months.

Here’s something that happened to me last week when Mercury was still retrograding through Aquarius. He’s going forward now, of course.

The search facility on this site isn’t working properly and in order to find some old posts I ran a search on Google for Oxford Astrologer stuff. As well as finding what I was looking for, I stumbled across a site that had stolen everything from here – hundreds of posts: words, pictures, headlines. It was a duplicate of this site with a slightly different name and different design. If you clicked on about or contact, you were led to an ad space. And there turned out to be more than one of them, each with a slightly different name, a variation of The Oxford Astrologer. Who knows how long these sites have been up…

This was a perfect Merc Rx event. For a start, the messenger planet is in Aquarius, the sign that governs the internet. I was reviewing (Rx) my old posts, and this revealed a plagiarist, a copier, and Mercury is the planet of mimicry. For me the Rx is in the house of everyday work, the 6th house of the natal chart.

Now I “just” have to get all the copycat sites taken down.

I can look at this two ways: either isn’t Merc Rx awful: someone’s copied me, or isn’t Merc Rx great: I found out about it. I’m choosing the latter (through gritted teeth).

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. The Scribe says:

    I love what you posted, but Mercury has just gone direct, and Mars is going retrograde now.

  3. “isn’t Merc Rx awful: someone’s copied me, or isn’t Merc Rx great”. Which is surely the point…it’s either, neither or both. It all depends upon our own viewpoint(s) as well. Presumably the plagiarists will see it in a different way (I wonder where Pluto figures in their chart?). Ultimately it is surely “better” that you’ve uncovered this and take action. I wish you well- go get’ em….. 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have always associated Mars in Libra with authorship, the pen being Mars’ weapon of choice in that sign. So Mars turning retrograde in Libra seems like a great time to retroactively defend your writings! Good luck; plagiarists are a sneaky, snarky bunch.

    Mary (who has natal Mars in Libra)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Awful stuff – did you discover this when Mercury was still retrograde or when he just turned to go direct ??


  6. Anonymous says:

    Well naturally I had to go have a look. Blatant outright copying!! Let us know if your loyal fans can assist in some way Christina.

  7. Jamma says:

    Hey Christina,
    If you want, we could get together a Lilith posse and hunt the miscreants down (it’s been so long since I tore anything to shreds) …

  8. Leslee says:

    Yikes. Glad to hear that you (a) found them and (b) got them taken down. I once found a poem I wrote (and won a very minor local contest for) posted somewhere online under someone else’s name (managed to get the website owner to take it down). So bizarre. Your situation sounds much nastier. But again, glad it got resolved.

  9. weaver says:

    geez! its such a backhanded *compliment*. I like the idea of being some kind of software genius who knows how to write code and insert it into every link over there so every single visitor who clicks anywhere is taken straight back to yours.
    but I guess DMAC is the more mature way to go 🙂