The Mystery of the Vanishing Airplane

Tuesday March 18th 2014


Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 took off from the international airport in Kuala Lumpur at 00.41 on Saturday, March 8. Just over an hour and a half later, the plane made it’s last scheduled contact with the airline. Then some time within the next hour, it disappeared. The stories conflict of when the plane actually lost contact with radars and satellite conflict.

Now, we live in an age when no one and nothing seems able to vanish. Our planet is circled by hundreds of satellites tracking our every move — apparently. If I can have an app on my mobile phone that traces the whereabouts of all the phones belonging to my family (which I can), then how come all those armies and navies and airforces can’t find that enormous plane carrying more than 200 people?

Flight MH370 has been missing now for 10 days. This is a mystery. Not only is this whodunnit, but whydunnit, wheredunnit, howdunnit…

Here is the the chart for the departure (birth) of the flight. There is some uncertainty about the last known location of the plane, so it’s better to stick to this known time.


So, Sun in Pisces – the sign of veils, illusion and the sea. Moon in Gemini, the sign of flight and short journeys, and tall stories. Sagittarius Rising, the sign of long-distance travel. It appeared to be going on a long-haul flight to Beijing, but in fact this turned out to be a shortish flight.

Mercury, the planet of that give us wings, is in the third house of travel – but again this is short-distances, and it’s squared by Saturn from the 12th house of secrets, not especially auspicious for the start of a journey, but not totally ominous. Then (although it doesn’t show on this chart) retrograde Mars and Mercury are in an applying trine to each other. This became exact on March 14th. Even in retrograde, Mars is about violence or the threat of it.

One ominous portent is Jupiter, the chart ruler and king of the long journey, in the 8th house of death. And here’s another ominous thing, Neptune on the IC. To me this is the stand out feature of this chart. Neptune is the planet that obscures, conceals, makes mysterious, and there it is on the cusp of endings. There concisely in astrological symbolism, we have the mysterious ending.

Both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces, of course. This is where the Sun is in the chart, again in the house of endings. There is a strong smell of the sea here.

What’s interesting here is the Part of Fortune, something which I don’t always include in the chart but it seems to have slipped in. It is exactly opposite the Sun though and at the top of the chart. This could simply be showing that there is a lot of money involved, as there certainly is. But it could also be telling us to follow the money.

Hergé’s next to last book* is about the hijack of a jet to an Indonesian island.

Hergé’s next to last book* is about the hijack of a jet to an Indonesian island.

The angles of this chart are all in mutable signs, which reflects the changing nature of the story. One further thing to consider is that almost exact opposition between Venus at her most civilised and co-operative (and indeed a huge international effort to find the plane is under way) opposed by the wild one herself, Lilith. Civilised, organised Venus in Aquarius is confronted by the she-lion of nature herself. Search attempts have been hampered by the ocean’s unwillingness to co-operate. Lilith never plays by the rules.

But back again to this as a story for a our times. Here we are in the age of mass surveillance and mass communication and yet someone (accidentally or on purpose) has managed to make a whole planeload of people disappear. This is Neptune at work, and this great watery planet can bring with it a ton of tears — the families of the missing passengers are suffering. Neptune, Chiron (pain) and the Sun (what this is actually about) conjunct in the house of family.

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*Fans of Tintin will have noticed that some of the possible scenarios being touted for the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH 370 bear a striking similarity to the story line of Flight 714 For Sydney. 

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  1. Dunyazade says:


    with Neptune so prominent I think that maybe everyone on the plane passed out – some sort of malfunction, perhaps, to the system giving oxygen? A short-circuit. Or: a lightening bolt (fitting Jupiter ruling the Ascendant) hitting the plane, not making it crash But damaging the, what can I call it?, life support system? So everyone would pass out, go to sleep (Neptune) – and no one would text, make a phone call, nothing. And the plane would keep flying for hours (auto-pilot).

    Or – some country launched a rocket and they are not saying it (I don’t know why but I keep thinking “northern corea”).

    Love your blog, as always*****

  2. Christina says:

    Yes, Neptune does suggest being put to sleep or poisoning.

  3. Great insight Christina. Everything you’ve written is fascinating and spot on. Looking at the Asc ruler in the 8th, wow. I’m noticing the North Node at the anaretic degree 29 (decision making complication) conjunct Mars retrograde at 27 degrees. Since the North Node shows direction and purpose and since Mars represents action and violence amongst other things, when viewed within the 11th house of groups and organizations…yikes! 11th in Libra denoting association/relationship with a group. Libra’s ruler Venus is in the 2nd house (money) in Aquarius (group ties, again).

  4. Prospera says:

    King Neptune has his stamp all over this tragedy. Fire (Mars) on board, noxious fumes, only seconds remaining for the pilot to turn left to the nearest airport, all unconscious within minutes, comms burnt out, auto-pilot on, plane eventually drops into the ocean somewhere between the Maldives and Africa. It’s a theory – Neptune being Neptune, it’s likely we’ll never know.

    • Christina says:

      I took a look at the astro-cartography for this chart and the line of the Moon is interesting. It goes straight from KL to Beijing in one direction (the expected flight path) and straight out over the IIndian Ocean in the other.

  5. But Neptune being mysterious Neptune, we’ll probably never known what happened.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christina,

    I read somewhere (can’t remember where) : “maybe Mars will reveal the truth on the 20th March, as he will be meeting Sedna (goddess of the deap sea) then by declination – or maybe on the 22nd Mercury will leave Neptune and reveal what happened”.
    What are your thoughts on that ?

    Or will the truth be revealed whenl Mars is coming back (direct) to the degree when the plane went missing?
    Coiuld you comment on that?


    • Christina says:

      I think gawd_almighty could be right actually. However, my eye was drawn to Mercury entering Pisces (now) and conjuncting Neptune on Mar 22. Mercury is information after all and Neptune is the one keeping the secrets.

  7. Zus Luyckx says:

    And what do we do with the flight(s) that took of a few minits before or a few minits after this one?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christina,

    Yesterday evening I remembered where I read about Mars and Sedna meeting up in declination or Mercury leaving Neptune on Saturday.

    It was Anne Ortelee ( she is a New York astrologer.
    I think she is a fantastic astrologer with a great insight !

    I always read her weakly column – and if she is late posting her column on her website I always listen to her podcast because I just cannot wait to hear her view for the coming week. I just love the way she explains the heavens.
    I have learned a lot from her down to earth way of looking at the planets.


    • Anonymous says:

      of course I meant her weekly column – sorry !!!!


    • Christina says:

      Thanks for that mimi. I’ll definitely look her up.

      Personally, I don’t use Sedna, but only because I haven’t tested her out, if you see what I mean. In this case, I can see how the symbolism works.

      I hear on the radio that wreckage has been found in the Indian Ocean with fits with the astrology.

  10. weaver says:

    I think this is just fascinating, Christina. SO intriguing. I will be watching this space for further comments…

  11. Ajay jolli says:

    thanks for the information

  12. Christina says:

    Just heard the latest news update and had a look on the map. If you follow the astrocartographic line for Neptune, the debris is floating. I’ll try to get a picture up but the software being recalcitrant.

  13. Louise says:

    Just looked at Philip Lindsay’s interesting article – thanks for the link; he lists most of the Sabian symbols, which I have found repeatedly to be startlingly pertinent. But he gets the one for Neptune wrong (!! appropriately enough, he confused it with the previous degree). It should be ‘illumined by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist.’
    These symbols are worth studying and combining with the aspect delinetations.

  14. Louise says:

    Philip Lindsay (thanks for the link) gives some of the Sabian symbols, but aptly, he has confused the symbol for Neptune with the previous one. It is in fact ‘Illumined by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist’.
    Neptune here shouts to me that he is the great Lord of the Sea. And this symbol puts another layer in. I recommend a tour of the Sabians: Marc Edmund Jones’s book is safest as he created them. They should be read in combination with the aspect delineations. I’d be interested to hear of any notable discoveries.