Astrology of Now: Coming Unstuck

Monday May 19th 2014
Rite of Spring by Nicholas Roerich. He designed the original set and costumes although this painting was done much later.

Rite of Spring by Nicholas Roerich. He designed the original set and
costumes although this painting was done much later.

We all know it’s been a right old spring so far, or should that be a rite of spring (a ballet which ends with a ritual sacrifice)?

With Jupiter in Cancer, emotions have been huge, billowing things, like overfilled water balloons leaking all over the place. Then there were the eclipses in April and the Grand Cross. It’s been tough. And frankly, if it hasn’t been tough for you, count yourself blessed.

So there are some important events over the next two days. Today Venus, the planet of love and money in Aries, the sign of just doing it, is squaring the aforementioned Jupiter. Obviously, you could find yourself out of pocket, or out of love or just overdoing both or either in some way.

But there is more. Ceres, the planet of abundance, fertility, mothering and land, has been in retrograde motion for months now — since February 27. She has been backing into the Grand Cross. Now fortunately for her, the only planet she’s actually going to square in that Cross (this time around) is Jupiter, who is also deeply into the whole abundance thing. Put them together though and things could just become, well, super-abundant. I do not follow the stock market, but I suspect commodities — say cereals — might be quite interesting right now.

The Royal Ballet's interpretation of Stavinsky's Rite of Spring was kind of orange.

The Royal Ballet’s interpretation of Stavinsky’s Rite of Spring was kind of orange.

Here’s the other thing, Ceres is opposing Venus tomorrow. Ceres and Venus – the archetypes of mother and daughter (for Venus read Persephone). Libra and Aries: you and me. Put simply there could be a bit of conflict there between parents and their children, between the giver of nourishment and the receiver. And with those two signs involved it could be kind of personal.

Ceres is about to station direct, so she is moving very slowly and deliberately. On June 1, she will start to move forward through the Zodiac again, going back over the second half of Libra where she has spent so much time this spring.

And she is not the only planet changing direction in Libra. Most importantly of all, Mars the action planet is finally about to come unstuck and lurch into forward motion on May 20. This is an important moment in the year because Mars makes stuff happen, real stuff, not just a change in energy but actual events. If you have felt as if nothing you have done this spring has had any consequence — even if it was kicking your brother-in-law in a lift — then prepare to start seeing and feeling some consequences now.

(Jay-Z has that Mars stationing right on his Uranus-Moon conjunction — I guess the lift-kicking must have been a bit of surprise. Beyoncé has Ceres stationing on her Venus — interesting, since Ceres rather blesses Beyoncé as the highest planet in her chart. Ceres does rather suggest a family affair. The Knowles sisters have a nice trine between their earthy Cereses, suggesting that their mother is a pretty steadying influence.)

But back to Mars in Libra moving forward. It’s a definite shift and it’s time to start putting your own plans into action. Since both Ceres and Mars have been stirring up the sign of the scales, that is putting things out of balance, it follows that May/June may be something of a rebalancing act for all of us. Some Librans, say Vladimir Putin, may now act. It may not seem as if they were sitting on their hands before, but things are going to be much more open now. Ukraine is a breadbasket, a huge producer of wheat (ruled by Ceres, of course). It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Mars and Ceres meet in Libra in July.

In this household one of the unexpected effects of Ceres retrograde was the fact that we have all gone gluten-free — the results for my eldest have been little short of miraculous.

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  1. Isy Aweigh says:

    I’m SO glad that she has found some relief! 🙂 xo

  2. Jeanne says:

    I also experienced miraculous healing when I gave up gluten. Would be interesting to look at the astrology of why wheat has become so intolerable.

  3. flame93 says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As a very “stuck” libra, this is encouraging. I think the cardinal cross has been very hard on this sign.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I had a low thyroid and I was forced to find the right treatment for it while under this square. The information I sought came my way when I looked so I’ll give the universe that. But when I say forced, that is no exaggeration. Also I have experienced abundance and clarity about my life. I have a strong pluto and saturn is sitting on my midheaven right now. I have had to be careful what I focus on. I love this website… it helps me to navigate my life.