Astrology of Now: All Change, Please, All Change

Thursday July 10th 2014
From the opening sequence of Hard Day's Night

Running from fans in the opening sequence of A Hard Day’s Night

If you remember the end of A Hard Day’s Night, you’ll have some idea of what to expect from this Full Moon. The film follows The Beatles for the 36 hours leading up to a live performance in 1964. The final sequence of the film is the concert. The camera cuts back and forth between the Fab Four and their weeping, screaming fans. It’s an awesome document of mass hysteria.

Full Moons can be like that. You have the build up of pressure and then the explosion. For Beatles fans, it was an explosion of emotion. It’s actually pretty hard to watch that final sequence nowadays, but then you have to remember that those teeny bopper fans would only have seen fuzzy black and white images of their heroes and maybe a flickery TV image prior to the concert, so to see them in the flesh in full colour must have been like having gods come to life.

Just by the way: A Hard Day’s Night was released on July 6, 1964 under a Uranus-Pluto conjunction trining Jupiter (crowds) opposite Neptune in Scorpio (glamour in intensity).

Our Full Moon on July 12 is at 20° Capricorn/Cancer and it ties together Uranus, Pluto, Mars and Jupiter into a highly combustible package. Those four planets are like a bomb waiting to go off Mars (fire), Pluto (explosives), Uranus (electricity) and Jupiter (expansion). The Full Moon provides the ignition. Wherever the Grand Cross falls in your chart, you may feel the impact of this, not just on the day but in the two weeks that follow.

The release of energy could be good — like playing a really great gig — or not so great — like being part of a hysterical crowd of screaming schoolgirls.

With the Uranus-Pluto square involved, this Full Moon is all about change and upheaval, freedom and bondage — again. But it’s as well to be prepared eh… Take a look at where it falls in your chart if you can.

What is more, this is a final chapter, or maybe even the final sentence, in a story that’s been running for one year, since last summer. Jupiter is at 29° Cancer and will bounce into Leo on July 16. This is the end of the Cancer chapter. Jupiter has done his work in one part of your life and now it’s time to move on. Wherever Jupiter has been at work you will have experienced expansion, luck or excess. For example, Jupiter for anyone with Gemini Rising could well have helped you to spend too much, if you have Scorpio Rising on the other hand, you may have had a baby or just been very creative in some way this past year.You may well experience some closure now. Could be more like a door slamming in your face than a gentle farewell.

However, Mercury is also at 29°, but he’s about to move from Gemini into Cancer, so he’ll be picking up the pieces left behind by Jupiter. It’s a clearing up operation. But at the Full Moon, Mercury often has a message to deliver. Pay attention and keep your ears and eyes open, because this one is more than usually important.

Meanwhile, take a look at A Hard Day’s Night. It stands up very well 50 years on. It’s having a Chiron Return and it’s poignant to note that the very fame which the film documents eventually killed John and George.


Making a break for freedom…. from A Hard Day’s Night

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  1. Jamma says:

    I was never part of an hysterical fan mob, but the first few bars of A Hard Day’s Night put me right back in high school … the excitement, the breathless YEARNING we felt as the Beatles led the “British Invasion” of our hearts and minds … Their early songs perfectly captured the manic joy of being a teenager, and the lyrics seemed to be speaking directly to us (“Well, she was just 17, you know what I mean …” – I WAS 17!) …
    They were Pied Pipers, and we would have followed them anywhere …
    (Of course, my own experience may have been intensified a wee tad by Uranus and Pluto transiting my 8th!)

  2. Jackie says:

    I WAS part of an hysterical fan mob, and I look back on it with great fondness! The film does stand up well, and it’s a document of a time never to be repeated. Uranus square rather than conjunction Pluto will lack the single minded intensity of those times, and will instead pick out the conflicts. A Chiron return for HDN. I’ll have to ponder that one.

  3. Christina says:

    I found myself completely re-enchanted by The Beatles watching this film last night, and my children loved it. My little Taurus/Cancer loved sarky John and the Gemini loved the Gemini – naturlich.

  4. hazel says:

    fans might be interested in the maysles bros documentary which preceded AHDN. basically it’s the same film without the budget or narrative 🙂 that said, AHDN is my fave film of all time.
    all that repressed feminine desire released by the insouciance and music of the male protagonists. the beatles were the first free people i ever encountered, and i (female) wanted to be one of them. i couldn’t believe at that time and in my life that it was possible to laugh at authority.
    the yankee CIA killed john, not his fame, i think it’s important to face that fact as we reflect on freedom and revolution.

  5. mimi says:

    Those were the days my friends, we thought they’d never end

    And what a glorious time we had !!


  6. Isy says:

    Well, coming home from a sparklingly delightful farmer’s market excursion, I found myself pulled over to help with CPR for a guy slightly younger than me, after talking with my partner about how he wants to proceed with his heart disease in as minimal and un-monitored a fashion as possible.

    I used to be an ER nurse and a telemetry nurse, at the hospital nearby. I added my less-damaged hand to the tired policeman’s, so we could give enough of a push together to create a pulse. I coached the novices on chest compression technique. I tried to brace the patient’s neck in a better position to get a tube into his lungs (no luck.)

    He was fit and working on staying so; went over like a tree.

    Made me think a lot of Jupiter and changes. Not of the Beatles, though.

    Cancer is in my border-with-Gemini third house, IC and leading edge of fourth. I certainly moved into a bigger home. I’m rather hoping my partner lasts, but I’m not deluding myself that I have any control over that.

    Ack. That’s all I can say. Ack.

  7. sweetlittlelamb says:

    I have jupiter conjuct cancer in my 5th house and I didn’t experience an expansion or increase anything fun, creative or even any dates! This year was the hardest one of my life, but then I think it might have been harder if I didn’t have that conjunction in the 5th? love your blog!

    • Christina says:

      Yup. Jupiter in Cancer was not all it could have been for a lot of people — despite the exaltation. It seemed to expand emotion — and irrationality — without necessarily adding opportunity. This was because of the tough Cardinal Cross. I’m going to write a post about Jupiter from Cancer into Leo soon.

      Did you have any more contact with children this year?