Islamic State Correction

Saturday September 27th 2014

I’m afraid I got the data wrong. I misread my own handwriting. Apologies to Geoffrey Cornelius. I had to adjust it anyway, because my software was acting up, so I’ve redone it on Here is the corrected chart. Thanks to Elizabeth Hathaway for pointing this out.

I have also had a look around the web and found several more charts that seem to have just as valid reasoning backing them, so I’m afraid I am back to where I was before, which is I’m really not sure of which chart to use. Personally, I loved yesterday’s — so nasty.

This one does look scary too — although not as chilling as the previous one! — I note this is the date of the announcement of the Caliphate to the press, on the first day of Ramadan.

The fact is this is a rebranding. Here’s a comment from a news website.

Wow, they sure go through a few names.

First it was Tawhid Wal Jihad… then Al-Qaeda in Iraq… then Islamic State of Iraq… then Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant…now it’s The Islamic State.

That’s 5 names in 12 years.

Tricky. And if you’re wondering about caliphates anyway, here’s a link.

Corrected chart for Islamic State.

Corrected chart for Islamic State.


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  1. Eleonora says:

    The main points are the same, Christina.

    By the way, the sun in the 6th – IS is obsessed with everyday rituals, with ethics and with body. Every day is planned in advance and always the same. Regular prayers. No somoking, no drinking. Burquas.

    Venus in 4th – the women have to stay at home.

    I wonder about that sun in cancer. Cancer is a wonderfull, emotional sign, the sign of the mother. If perverts, it can be extremely dangerous. Think about pluto in cancer. It was not only about the 1st WW (homeland), but also about eugenics, about creating a new human race. Playing mother. IS may not be up to eugenics, but it does play the role of this controling, irrational, possessive mother, trying no create a new nation.

    • PM says:

      That’s a fantastic analysis of Sun in 6th in Cancer, E!

    • Christina says:

      Good points, and actually an interesting insight into Sun in Cancer in the 6th.

      I have just put in Lilith and the asteroids and note that now the Moon in Leo on the midpoint between Lilith and Jupiter. Moon in Leo is hungry for attention. I think we can guess from the videos they post how it works on that midpoint.

      • Eleonora says:

        Yes, many supporters and “fighters” are in fact just very immature bullies, wanting attention at any cost. Able to do the most terrifying crime just to get it. And in love with themselves.

        Moon sexitle venus. It would be a nice position (and in fact, probably there is some weird reason why all those young women join IS), but venus is in gemini. There is a double standard when it comes to young women. They have to be “traditional” wifes, invisible, chaste, and yet they are forced in prostitution and raped.

        And this kite, ponting to that hidden pluto. IS is leading a psychological war. They do all those crimes, decapitating innocent people and posting the videos, cruxificating their enemys in public, because they want to terrify the world. The source of their strenght is the fear they sow.

  2. Christina says:

    I have been thinking about this off and on all day & the more I think about it, the more I feel Pluto could well be closer to the ASC as in the first chart.

    This is always such an issue with mundane astrology. Unless you have someone there with a stopwatch, you can’t be sure.

  3. Christine says:

    Have you all seen astrologer Paul Saunders’ discussion from back in June?

  4. Christina says:

    Here is another link to an ISIS chart from NewsScope, a site which I find most reliable for mundane charts,

  5. Eleonora says:

    Christina, you already wrote a great analysis on cardinal grand cross. It would be interesting to take a retrospective look at it.

    In your post about saturn in scorpio, Gilly mentioned how interesting it would be to look at the natal chart of ebola (and pluto in capricorn). Of course, we don’t know the exact date, for there can be none. But there is a remarkable correlation between ebola and grand cross. Epidemic began in December 2013 (in Guinea), while the grand cross was forming (it was a loose formation at this point). First cases were notified in march. In april, the scientists identified the virus as a new variant of ebola. Somehow, it reached the critical point, spreading to other contries, and reaching the cities, where it is very hard to control. At that time, the grand cross was exact.

    So it would be interesting to update your old posts in a new light. (I suppose you are already overload with work, but maybe later). Somehow ISIS and Ebola seem to respond to that pluto in capricorn in a similar way.

    • Christina says:

      I am, but I will. I was thinking of reformatting somehow, but thanks for the praise. Much appreciated. And just generally thanks for your excellent comments.

  6. mimi says:

    Just read the articles by Robert Hand and Paul Saunders. How come nobody noticed this scary movement before these dates ?? Now I know thanks to Robert Hand.
    Thanks for these articles, Christina – very impressive and insightful.

    About Ebola: I think Neptune / Jupiter is responsible for that, maybe in cooperation with Pluto. Neptune is in Pisces right now, in opposition to Virgo (the sign of hygiëne and health / medication etc.). May be so long as Neptune will be in Pisces this planet will cause these kind of viruses / bacteria to surface.
    The generation born with Pluto in Virgo will have to find answers to the big problems of this time as they are becoming the ones that will hold the power for the coming years.
    The generation born with Pluto in Libra (1972 – 1984) will come to power as of the year 2022 / 2024. By then the world will have changed completely.


    • Christina says:

      Just to add more confusion to the charts thing though: it’s just been pointed out to me that Rob Hand’s chart is out by one hour because it’s in the wrong timezone!
      The chart confusion is, of course, symptomatic of the nature of the group — shadowy, shape-shifting, confusing.

    • Eleonora says:

      I’m not convinced about the neptune-theory. I couldn’t finde out anything significant about the epidemics, last time neptune was in pisces. On the other hand, every time pluto was in capricorn, a smallpox epidemic occured. And the catastrophe in Africa is a man-made one. Not the virus itself, but the circumstances which allow it to spread (poverty, no health care, etc.) And above all the ignorance and the lack of solidarity at global level. It sounds for me more like pluto in capricorn (calling up to transform the society, otherwise we all can be endangered). But now, that’s off-topic again 🙂

    • mimi says:

      A second thought about Neptune – can’t help thinking about movies when I see those images of this IS-group ( I refuse to call them a state) in the desert all dressed in grey/black clothes and with their black flags. I keep expecting to see the other group appear in the movie, the ones all dressed in white and with white flags.
      I suppose that is part of the attraction for these young people (who I think would have Pluto in Scorpio/Sagittarius in their chart) who are trying to become a part of it: the ideal of being somebody important mixed with the modern idea of “everybody’s right for 15 minutes of fame” . It’s like joining in a new film or computergame or so.
      Some join in a programme on TV like “The Voice” or “So you want to be a dancer” ; ……………… others go to Syria.


      • Eleonora says:

        Ineresting, you expect the other group “in white” to appeare. I guess, it’s because pluto in scorp, which you mentioned, a sign with dual nature. Either it’s evil or good, no shades of gray (of course, in fact, there is nobody who is just evil or good, but scorp is trying hard). I just had to think about the pluto in gemini generation, another dual sign, splitting the world in two halfs. Scorpio is nothing like that, though. He can’t swich from one option to another, for there can be only one world. (And pluto in sagittarius will appreciate it). However, I think the white-dressed scorps are out there, but they still perfere black 🙂

  7. Sara Victoria says:

    The upcoming lunar eclipse on the 8th conjunct that Mars/Uranus opposition. Also: That T-sq with Mars in the 9th, Uranus in the 3rd & Pluto in the 12th corresponds with their media push to spread fear via violent executions of foreign journalists, So seems pretty accurate there… Always love your work, bless you. Let us pray for sanity and grace on all fronts.

    • Paula says:

      I was thinking about the Lunar eclipse and where it falls, and the fact that it’s Lunar. Women eclipsed. The violence and the instant presentation of it. I just read they’ve beheaded 3 women.

  8. Martina says:

    Just put in this data in 2 prgs, Solar Fire and Janus,.. and I get Pluto in the first house,….
    not sure whats going on. Pluto in the first will be a nightmare,….. Asc 7 Cap. Puts the Sun on the Desc,.. considering how many they are having joining,……?? Regardless of actual time,…….
    ISIS the asteroid is conj Hades,… all hell breaking loose. Sun conj Kronos (new leaders)
    Mars-Uranus-Zeus,.. huge firepower=Admetus-Transpluto,… much destruction, death.
    Jupiter conj Vulcanus,.. huge destruction,hard to Nodes (people). Neptune (not knowing whats really going on)-Juno (huge amounts of money)-Venus-Lucifer (seen as sheer evil)- Sisyphus (things happening over and over,…= Eris (sheer hate)
    Pretty alarming. BTW,.. ISIS and America are conj these days and will be for quite a while. Considering the events going on,……..

    • Christina says:

      ISIS & America conjunct! for how long?

      • Martina says:

        Till around the beginning of Nov its pretty tight,…. around the Nov 3rd, Isis = Aries pt (more news, I’m guessing,..) Isis lining up with Nemesis, Hybris (rage),…. who knows what that will do.

  9. Dunyazade says:

    Looking at this, stuff that creeps me out:

    – My South Node is at 7º Cancer – conj. their Natal Sun;
    – My natal Mercury is conjunct their natal Jupiter;
    – My natal Jupiter opposes their natal Moon; (My Aquarian and tolerant views opposes the views of the people).
    – My natal Uranus conjuncts their natal Mars; (fighting)
    – My natal Mars conjuncts their natal South Node. (again, fighting)

    What. The. Hell?! o_0

    Did I fought them before – like, in a past life or something?!

    Mental note: never. Travel. To the. Middle East.