UK Election: …. And The Winner Is

Wednesday May 6th 2015
Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish Nationalists: smarter, swifter and more popular than any of her opponents. Sun in patriotic Cancer, Moon in community-minded (and popular) Aquarius, and calculating Scorpio Rising.

Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish Nationalists: smarter, swifter and more popular than any of her opponents. Sun in patriotic Cancer, Moon in community-minded (and popular) Aquarius, and calculating Scorpio Rising.

Most of my fellow astrologers have plumped for David Cameron as the winner in tomorrow’s election. I am not so sure: who won anything when Pluto was squaring his Sun? But then Ed Miliband has Pluto crossing (possibly, see previous post) his Midheaven, a transit which did for the last-but-one prime minister, Gordon Brown… Looks like it’s going to be a fight to the death…

However, there is one party leader who stands out from all the others because of the excellence of the current transits to her chart — and that is Nicola Sturgeon, the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, who may be on the winning streak of a lifetime. Jupiter, the kingmaker, is climbing to the peak of her chart, a once-a-decade event that puts her in the public eye. The planet of luck has been lighting up her 9th house of public speaking all year, but especially since mid-April when he turned direct. Jupiter won’t reach the top of her chart until the summer, when she herself may take on the role of kingmaker. The following year, Jupiter will be in her house of earthly power.

Source: astrotheme

Source: astrotheme

For those of you outside these islands, Nicola Sturgeon has torn up this election campaign. She’s smarter and faster than any of the other party leaders, and she’s not afraid to meet real people. She’s put the fear of God into the grey-suited men who run Whitehall. Look at Lilith in her chart. This is what we see when she’s taking them apart in a debate.

The joke is that she’s not running for office, because she already has a job as leader of the Scottish parliament. She’s just here to rally voters to tick the box for her party in Scotland tomorrow. According to the polls, she  could send as many as 39 Scottish Nationalists to Westminster next term. This would make hers the third biggest party in the Houses of Parliament.

The SNP is to the left of Labour, and Miliband has ruled out an alliance, but if he could bring himself to hold hands with Sturgeon, the result would be surprisingly stable, if the composite chart of the leaders is anything to go by.

1801, General Election chart

UK 1801 plus General Election chart timed for the closing of the polls

We’ll be going to the polls tomorrow and even though this has been a boring election campaign and our choices are between career politicians, this is an important election. The country is at a fork in the road — look at the Nodes. Astrology assumes that we have free will and it is your choice tomorrow. The resulting changes could be huge for this country. Here is BBC economics correspondent Robert Peston on the subject.

The EU: in or out

Scotland: stay or go

Money: taxing non-doms, raising minimum wage, curbing the banks and investing in public services or slashing welfare and focusing on paying down the deficit

Astrologers have been wondering why Pluto crossing the UK Sun and IC didn’t have a more crumbling effect on the country…. Well, we haven’t had the opposition to the Moon yet, so it’s not over until it’s over.

If you live here and you’re registered: vote.

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  1. Louise says:

    0 Libra MC in the election chart suggests a very evenly balanced hung parliament. With its ruler Venus about to change signs… will the desire for change tip it?

  2. Blue says:

    Could you also explain in further detail about the uk nodes? Also I have pluto squaring my sun and I can’t say it is fun.

  3. Good Luck! And thanks for the astrological insight. I am following with great personal interest. Might have an effect on my own future.

  4. mimi says:

    Am pleased to see her Sun is at Cancer 26 degr. (where my natal Moon is). Don’t be misled : Cancer can be as ambitious as Capricorn.

    When it should get to the point that a coalition has to be formed with Ed Miliband In am afraid he is not the best man for her as he is not likely to share any power (may I remind you: his brother is a Cancer as well and look what he did to him !).


    • aqua says:

      Thats my sun/moon midpoint 😉 and Moon in Cancer and yes well said about Cancerian ambition.
      Frau Merkel also a Sun Cancer…

  5. Gil says:

    Oh! Castor and Pollux. The misery. Dave has won. Ah well, here’s a link to why the Greek finance minister’s wife is a pop star muse:

    but I prefer William Shatner’s version:


  6. Gil says:

    Hm. Now I’m wondering if the Independent ‘is’. It’s non-dom Russian owner; the extra-ordinary editorial asking voters to vote Conservative, a complete about-face from all previous articles. Plus.. a friend of mine, Cindy, went to The Slade, very famous London Art School and was told by one of the male lecturers, once she’d left, that the male applicants were chosen on their ability, the female applicants by the richness of their daddies so the male students would have someone to buy their art. I don’t know. It’s all horrible.

  7. Gil says:

    Its non-dom Russian owner. Not ‘It’s’. Panda eats, shoots and leaves 🙁

  8. fred says:

    Notice the lack of aspects that transiting saturn is making to her chart!!

    On a personal note I can see why I like her – chiron retro 21 degrees into my venus/jupiter conjunction at 20 degrees. But I can see why it would not work she also has jupter at 27 trining my saturn almost exactly. Neutral at best.

  9. […] which swung the last election against Labour in the end. Indeed, that election was ultimately won by SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon — as predicted here. Both other party leaders have now left politics: she is last woman […]

  10. Faye Blake says:

    The UK chart has that yod between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto – a tense aspect between politics, change and power, or greed, being right and back stabbing. Nicola’s feisty Mars Ceres square aspect – the fiery, brave negotiator – triggers that yod. She is one to take all that on. She won’t be one to give up on that. Nicola for PM:) If anyone is interested I said something similar about her in 2014 “And … Nicola Sturgeon, who had the Sun highlighting her power (Pluto) at close of play on referendum day, and the people (the Moon) in her heart (she’s a Cancerian), might be the woman to watch.” from this post Yep this astrology stuff seems to work.

  11. […] the opposition leader Ed Miliband looked like losers. The only winner I could pick back then was Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish Nationalists.  It turned out that Miliband lost that election, Cameron […]