The Labour Party’s Misty Meltdown

Wednesday August 12th 2015
Poster from the 1931 General Election campaign

Poster from the 1931 General Election campaign

Of course it’s one thing to look at Jeremy Corbyn’s chart. He is clearly having a high old time, but we really ought to look at the chart of the Labour Party to get an idea of what’s going on.

I asked my friend Liz, who is a fount of natal charts, what she had for the British Labour Party. Here’s what she said:

“Nick Campion gives two: 27th Feb 1900 and 12th Feb 1906. Both noon in London. There are arguments for both; the later date is more the foundation of the Parliamentary Labour Party, the former is when the two main socialist parties merged to form the Labour Representative Committee. I incline towards the earlier date, but you could make a case for either. Alan Leo favoured the second date, and predicted its formation in the Capricorn Ingress of 1905.”

My instinct is to agree with Liz. Labour feels like a compassionate Pisces with a humanitarian Aquarian Moon.

Bi-Wheel Traditional

If we draw up that chart we can see the party’s problem. It is indeed having a meltdown, as several pundits have already put it. Moist, misty Neptune has been crossing the party’s MC and Sun since 2013. From the sidelines, it’s been like watching someone gradually disappear. What, who, where is the Labour party? — and who are these leadership peeps, we wonder.

Neptune will finally move off the Labour Sun early next year, but this is a very powerful transit — it only happens every 160 years. Neptune to the MC can be brilliant or completely disastrous. It can be the sacrificial lamb or the rise to public adulation. It can be utter disintegration.

Meanwhile, later this year and next, transiting Saturn will be hitting all of Labour’s Sagittarian planets – the radical, optimistic Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and the North Node – and squaring that Pisces Sun. If you look back to the last two times this happened 1956/57 and 1986, you can see that both times the party was in crisis. 1956 was just after the dreary 1955 General Election which was lost because of

“Labour steadily losing ground owing to infighting between the left (Bevanites) and the right (Gaitskellites). This resulted in an unclear election message from the Labour Party.” — Wikipedia

Hmm does that sound familiar.

1986 was the year that Militant Tendency, the hard left faction, was finally expelled from the Party: Saturn the enforcer dealing with the outrageous rebels (Jupiter-Uranus), and thereby changing the direction of the party. It then took another 11 years for the party to get back into power.

This might mean dissolution — another Neptunian favourite — and it couldn’t come at a worse time. The (whole) country needs a strong, intelligent opposition right now. The Conservatives are making radical changes on the slenderest of mandates. Let’s hope we will witness another Neptunian favourite: the sacrifice reborn.

FYI: Here is the other chart.

Labour 2

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  1. Locus Beatus says:

    For what it’s worth, I find the second chart more convincing, both astrologically and in terms of the moment it represents. It is the Parliamentary Labour Party which is at issue currently, after all.

    A pile up of planets in ideological Aqua inc Sun and Mercury, with a Libra Moon indicating a passion for justice opposing combative Mars in Aries, all make perfect sense to me.

    The LP seems far more Air than Water to me (unless a certain propensity to Piscean self-delusion can be considered!)

    • Christina says:

      I think — as usual — both charts have something to be said for them. But the first chart is the one that shows up the current turmoil most accurately.

      • Locus Beatus says:

        Yes I agree that both have points in their favour; but I know from stuff posted around election time that we have different ideas about the LP, so we’d be bound to read these charts slightly differently 😉
        Leadership elections are always a disaster for any party aren’t they? – they bring any fissures right into the open, and often turn them into chasms

  2. Julie says:

    The LibDems have taken a hammering Christina, do you see any signs of them coming back as the party of opposition?

  3. Hello. Lovely website, visit you a great deal, thank you. I have always worked with the Parliamentary Labour Party chart (the 2nd one). Looking at the secondary progressions of this chart, currently progressed Venus is exacty opposite progressed Uranus, there’s the fragmentation, progressed Venus is also applying conjunct progressed Neptune, exact next year, there’s the potential ‘misty meltdown’ and the progressed Moon in Libra forms a tight cardinal T-square with the progressed Venus Uranus opposition at the end of this year. Interesting times are certainly at hand and the implications may cover a long time scale.

    • Christina says:

      oo I’ve just had a look at that progressed chart. It’s quite something – nicht? How about that glom of planets in Gemini including a separating conjunction of Mars-Pluto? Mars must have been sailing over Pluto during the Ed years.

  4. ugly says:

    And how well did this prediction work out? Reads more like I dont want the labour party to change. I dont mind them being the same as the conservatives. In fact I want them to be the same as the conservatives. I want no choice. Choice means having to think, having to weigh up alternatives. Now maybe the general population will start thinking about their lives.

    • Christina says:

      It’s working out quite well at the moment, thanks. Look at the way the party is splitting: the resignations and refuseniks, the smear campaign against Corbyn that started before he was elected and was almost hysterical in the first week of his leadership. That did not just come from the Tories but was clearly from inside the party.

  5. Steve says:

    I have just had very quick peak at Owen Smiths chart and Jeremy Corbyns. Owen has Mars at 10 degrees Gemini and Jezza has Venus/Mercury conjunction at around 16 degrees Gemini! The election date is 25 th of September 2016. Transiting Saturn will then be about 10 degrees Sagittarius and Transiting Neptune about 10 degrees Pisces. So Owen with have an opposition from Saturn to his Mars and a square from Neptune on the result date. ( I have my Sun at 10 degree Saggi not a good year!LOL) I suspect he will lose the election. But then a few months later Jezza will have Transiting Saturn opposition to his Venus/Mercury conjunction and then next year the Neptune square to the conjunction. It does not bode well for the Labour party!

  6. Steve says:

    If you look at the 2 chart’s the first makes more sense with the present transits??