An Historic Breakthrough on Climate Change

Monday December 14th 2015
Detail from Botticelli's Primavera

Detail from Botticelli’s Primavera

On Saturday, at 19.26 in Paris, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius brought down his gavel. Delegates from 196 countries, crammed into a debating chamber, erupted into applause. A global agreement had been reached on tackling climate change.

The UN’s climate change agreement is not perfect, but it is a huge breakthrough. Getting 196 countries to agree on anything is almost impossible — as was shown at previous climate summits which ended in disarray. This summit was run with French organisation and diplomatic chutzpah. And it’s clear that predictions made 40 years ago that the ice caps would melt and that weather would become unstable and extreme are coming true. The situation has become obviously more urgent since Copenhagen five years ago.

The need to do something seems to have galvanised the governments of the world into action at last  — and remarkably, every single country in the world has had a say. Compare that to, say, G8 summits or Davos, where rich and powerful countries get into huddles and do deals. For an excellent summary of the process, click here.

This deal was sealed a day after the New Moon, which is a good omen in itself. This may truly be a fresh start. The Moon is this chart’s ruler, since Cancer is rising, and she is in a dynamic yet harmonious aspect to both Neptune and Venus in water signs. She is also applying to this aspect. Emotions certainly seem to have been flowing at the summit, and so were good feelings. According to reports, there was a general will to make this work and find compromises. Venus is, of course, the planet of diplomacy, and Neptune is her higher octave. When Neptune and Venus work together we get sweet music. Normally badly placed in Scorpio, this time Venus had the support of  Mars in Libra — her own diplomatic sign. A lot of red-tape and to be cut through in order to reach agreement.

astro_2gw_10_paris_agreement.32911.21565Saturn is also involved in this aspect, suggesting that these free-flowing feelings may have permanent results.

But there are two other fascinating points on this chart, which may indicate that the Paris Agreement really is a turning point.

First of all, the asteroid Hygeia was conjunct the North Node — the destiny point — on the day. Hygeia is the goddess of clean living — go figure — and she’s currently in the sign of Virgo, the sign of hygiene, good husbandry, taking care, detail and getting things done. The North Node will be travelling through Virgo for the next 16 months or so, so this is an area of change.

Virgo is often symbolised by a woman carrying a sheaf of wheat, so this sign is about agriculture and how we manage the land. This year, the god of luck and expansion is in also Virgo. This may help matters, but Jupiter can also bring excess.

Secondly, Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom, was exactly conjoining Pluto, the god of transformation in Capricorn, another earth sign, and the one we associate with supra-national government. Pallas Athena rules strategic accords, negotiated settlements and winged victory. Pluto is power, money and change.

If the time is correct, which it certainly is within minutes, the Midheaven of the chart shows us that this deal comes at the 11th hour. The MC is in the last minutes of Pisces, the final sign of the Zodiac.

This is a tough and dynamic chart with the powerful T-square between Mars, Uranus and Pluto in action. This does suggest smashing through something, and with that strong 6th house of work, duty and practicality, this took a lot of detailed, intensive, daily work.

Life is short; history is long. We may not be able to judge how important this agreement was for a long time, and it will certainly have holes. But I think this is truly a breakthrough.

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  1. Les says:

    Lovely post. I do hope you’re right!

  2. Karen says:

    I agree this is a significant agreement. , I was a pro-solar and renewables activist 40 years ago in Washington and watched up close as the oil interests dismantled the movement. I’ve been looking for someone to write up the astrology of the accord and suspected you would do it Christine. You do such astute and articulate analyses. Interestingly, the chart has many points in common with my birth chart. I always felt karmicly linked to the cause. Thanks!

    • Gilly says:

      I always felt karmicly linked to the cause…
      Yes, me too. My natal chart seems to mesh closely with this one as well, and the north node almost exactly conjuncts mine (within minutes).
      Such a lovely, optimistic post in dark times. Thank you Christina!

    • Christina says:

      I have been pondering how to do more astrology for the environmental movement. I sort of wanted to say, yes, this asteroid or planet precisely is the one for Mother Earth or Nature but I found that she is in all of them or they are all in her.

  3. Paula Bigley says:

    It is striking too, that Vesta is virtually conj. the MC. Steven Forrest and many other’s take on Vesta includes being the keeper of the sacred flame – fire being necessary for primitive man’s survival. The MC’s purpose being to ensure humanities earthly survival looks clear thinking of Vesta this way. Vesta also showing that this is a divine and sacred renewed beginning after completing the circle through Pisces and at 1 degree Aries.

    • Christina says:

      A very good point. Vesta is at 1’28° Aries, right at the top of the chart. The sacred flame, the goddess in our homes — I agree with Forrest’s interpretation.

  4. Alan says:

    Five years on … I am not so optimistic now!