February Monthly Horoscopes

Sunday January 31st 2016

EW-AJ802_collec_DV_20101222215138February looks a lot nicer than January — potentially it’s quite an exciting month though. And the square between Uranus and Pluto is always with us, so it’s not going to be stress-free. On the other hand, it does look like a good month for a holiday for many signs.

Some days are busier than others. February 6 and 7 are┬ápositively popping with activity. February 10 has a fantastic trine, and February 27 is, well potentially comic and flighty. Valentine’s Day may actually be romantic — for the first time in years!

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  1. viral says:

    My Name Is – Viral
    Date Of Birth- 18/12/1983
    Time Of Birth – 05.01 PM
    Place – Mumbai

    When Will I Get Married ?

  2. Carole Garland says:

    Hi Christina, You say Capricornians born before 4th Jan will be free of the Pluto effect. Pluto has hit me desperately hard for some time now, and I wish I could be free of it. (16.01.42) I am already “Chairman of the Board” and have transformed further than anyone has a right to be at 74. How long do I have to wait to have this pressure reduced? Carole Garland

    • Christina says:

      Hi Carole
      Good question — don’t forget that you’ve also just had Mercury retrograding around in Capricorn too, stirring things up rather in January and we’re still settling down from that this month. I believe that you have had both Sun and Moon hit by Pluto — therefore a double-whammy. I think you’ve been feeling it on your Moon more than your Sun, which can be more painful. Depending on birth time you may have a lull now. Also, as you integrate the Pluto energy, it does tend to get easier. Pluto has not reached your Sun yet and will not for some years.

  3. jamma says:

    Hi Christina … Just wondering if you have any thoughts about Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton … I believe he has Virgo Sun, while she’s a Scorp (really too bad they don’t join forces) …