January Horoscopes 2016

Friday January 1st 2016
Portrait of Kalmyk girl -- 18 century. Ivan Argunov

Portrait of Kalmyk girl — 18 century. Ivan Argunov

Happy New Year!

What an interesting month awaits us. It could be rather a sticky start to the year, with both Jupiter and Mercury turning retrograde while Uranus, the planet of electricity is surging ahead.

One aspect that is especially interesting kicks off right at the start of the month and that is the conjunction of Jupiter, the planet of expansion with the North Node, the gateway of destiny. Now these two encounter each other about once a decade, but usually it’s a quick how’s your father and on they go.

Not this year. Jupiter hangs around the North Node for months — because they’re moving at a similar pace in a similar direction. It’ll be interesting to see how this works out. I have been trying to find a historical example of such a long conjunction but have so far drawn a blank. It’s rare.

The other long-term 2016 effect that kicks off right at the start of January is Mars’ move into his own sign Scorpio. Due to retrograde, the planet of action will be spending much of 2016 there.

At the end of January, the asteroid of wisdom Pallas Athena, moves into Aquarius — where she will be for most of the year also. Since she normally stays in a sign about four months this is important. I’ve addressed this for some of you this month, but we’ll look at it more closely in February.

The picture theme this month: children from a long time ago looking right at you. To find your horoscope, click here.

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  1. aqua says:

    ‘but usually it’s a quick how’s your father and on they go.’
    O’er missus! 😉
    Happy New Year to you. Interesting point about Jupiter conjoined NN. Will also do some research myself. Were bound to come up with something….

  2. aqua says:

    I found this whilst having a bit of a research, slightly off topic, but I thought it might interest you.

    The Jupiter/Nodes is bang on my Mars, and grand trine with Saturn/jupiter and Ceres/ Vesta – Will I blow up?

    By the way, that ‘hows yer father’ is a very appropriate descriptor of Jupiter’s paternity issues…..sorry, Ill get me coat.