Brussels Attack

Wednesday March 23rd 2016

Here is the chart for the moment the first gunfire was heard at 8AM on March 22 in Brussels. Depressing.

The time is from the account in The Independent.

The time is from the account in The Independent.

Notice the packed 12th house of secret enemies, Pluto, the ninja on the MC being trined by the Moon, which is just moving from Jupiter Retrograde (religious fanatics) to the North Node (a moment of destiny). This movement of the Moon triggers the event. Today we have the eclipse, of course.

Also note that Mercury is on 0° Aries, applying to the Sun and trining Mars in Sagittarius — which we could associate with firearms. Fires are started as the messenger reaches Aries.

Also see that Chiron, in his guise as wounder not healer, is on the South Node. The Moon sweeps through these degrees 16-21, bringing together Jupiter, Uranus, Chiron and the Nodes and Pluto during the attack and just before, as the terrorists are preparing.

You can see quite clearly that this is an activation of the Uranus-Pluto square which is sitting on the angles of this chart.

Very, very awful.

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  1. Dunya says:

    If you look here: (Belgium’s natal chart) you’ll see their natal moon is at 11º Taurus – conjunct the event’s Rising Sign exactly. AND their natal Chiron (pain) is at 10º Taurus (So the wounded people). Plus: Belgium’s natal Venus is at 21º Virgo and natal Mars is at 22º Pisces – degrees being affected by the 8/9th March solar eclipse and also being activated by the transiting nodes (and also the transiting moon). They have oppositions that are triggered by the current eclipses: Sun/Pluto (Libra/Aries) and the already mentioned Venus/Mars (so, I would read these oppositions as the potential for outside enemies).

    Belgium’s North Node: 8º Virgo. In September 1st, 2016, there will be an eclipse (Solar) at 9º Virgo – it activates this node along with the transiting Neptune/Saturn square. I would say that, around these days, there might be Eventful events in Belgium again – one can only hope they are Positive. The Lunar eclipse two weeks later (at 24º Pisces) will be conjunct their natal Mars.

    Let’s read this in a positive, uplifting, way – they’ll implement new measures (solar eclipse) which will allow to deter and finish for good (lunar eclipse) any type of terrorism.

    Let’s hope for the best.

    Love your blog, as always*********

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for that Dunya. Yes, let’s hope this is the end of a period of Euro-vulnerability.

      • Jane Lyle says:

        Hello Christina and Dunya – how horrible that we’re once again trying to make sense of a devastating terrorist attack.

        Jupiter and the Moon’s North Node are also currently aligned with the fixed star Denebola, in the constellation Leo. Elisabeth Ebertin said that this star has a Uranian nature, and is associated with major catastrophes in a mundane chart.

        Today’s lunar eclipse is opposite the Aries Sun for the Treaty of Rome horoscope, March 25th, 1957. It falls just behind the 6 degrees Libran ascendant. I think this suggests the potential to trigger calls for change in Europe, and questions about who and what Europe means to us all, since the Moon rules the public. September’s Pisces lunar eclipse opposes Jupiter in Virgo (25) in that chart. Jupiter is in the 12th, so perhaps more light can be shone on our hidden enemies at that time.

        I have to say, very sadly, that I have no doubt that Europe, and beyond, remains extremely vulnerable to more attacks. Hopefully, these can be intercepted in good time. But, amongst other things, the Treaty of Rome chart has it’s Saturn return at 14 Sagittarius, very close to the Saturn/Neptune square at 12 degrees in June. Not necessarily violence, but chaos?

        • Christina says:

          Thanks for those points, Jane. Would you recommend a book on fixed stars? I have Bernadette Brady’s excellent one, but I wondered if you also used some others.

          One effect of this terror is the reassertion of a European identity. I noted that the crowd was shouting “Liberté” yesterday. Sometimes we know who we are more clearly when we see what we are not.

          • Jane Lyle says:

            Yes indeed we do. And maybe we can try to remember why the Treaty of Rome was signed in the first place. Not that most of us were conscious of it at the time….but you know what I mean.

            Regarding the fixed stars, yes Bernadette Brady is amazing. Have you read her Star and Planet Combinations? It is very clear and adds to her first book. Also I have got Ebertin’s book, and Robson’s vintage text is available to download at Scribd. Online there’s Constellations of Words, an excellent site about the fixed stars. The late Diana K. Rosenberg’s work is also extensive and fascinating. Her website is at I’ve been studying these stars for quite a while now, but still feel as if it’s my first day at school! They seem to work most obviously when applied to mundane and collective matters or personal events/actions of a remarkable or dramatic nature. Sometimes the precise unfolding of their meanings is startling.

  2. Iris Horsey says:

    I was bemused by Venus being conjunct Neptune in Pisces under a terrorist attack ???

    • aqua says:

      I think there is a lot of misrepresentation/misunderstanding of both Venus and the ‘softer’ signs such as Pisces and Libra as well as Neptune aspects.
      In my observation after 30 years in the field, as humans and astrologers we can tend to accept received wisdom re notions of good and bad placements rather than research with a neutral mindset 😉

      If you look at the Mayans who were quite phenomenally accurate Astronomers, they put enormous store on the Venus cycle and used it as a marker to start wars….

      And in astronomy, Venus has a far more ‘violent’ atmosphere than Mars which is potentially habitable.

      ‘Our neighbor Venus is essentially the poster child for how greenhouse gasses can create a completely hellish environment. With a super-thick atmosphere of mostly carbon dioxide, Venus is able to trap more of the sun’s radiation than Mercury, which allows it to reach (and retain) much higher temperatures. The surface temperature stays relatively consistent all year at 480ºC (900º F). The pressure on Venus is approximately 90 times higher than sea level on Earth. In order to recreate that pressure here, a diver would need to go 1000 meters underwater.

      Rain on Venus is almost purely sulfuric acid, which is extremely corrosive. Sulfuric acid can erode clothing nearly instantly and produce severe burns on flesh. However, the surface temperature of Venus is so great, the rain evaporates before hitting the ground. There is a little water in the atmosphere, which can produce violent explosions when it meets the sulfuric acid. Though Venus is only slightly smaller than Earth, it takes only four hours for the atmosphere to completely rotate around the planet. In contrast, it it takes about 243 days to accomplish the same task on Earth.

      Even with these extremely high temperatures, there is snow on Venus. Well, not snow as we know it. It’s a basalt frost remnant of metals that vaporized in the atmosphere.

      Forget what would happen if a human were to visit Venus; we haven’t even sent probes that lasted longer than a couple hours on the surface due to the intense conditions.’

      The Paris attacks had a strong Libran/Venusian theme as well.

      I would also say that the sign Pisces is well represented by both Nazis and serial killers. And that Pisces and Neptune are strongly linked with fanaticism along with Sagittarius and Jupiter.

      • Fleur says:

        Also in my experience Scorpios make the best Astrologers.

      • Fleur says:

        I remember a long time ago somebody I knew taught himself astrology and although only 19 he seemed to have a deep understanding of it. He was a Scorpio, and he wasn’t just defending his own sign when he said that evil people like murderers are most likely to be Sagittarius, not Scorpio. From all my studying of astrology, I have found this to be true, it is the commonest sign for serial killers, such as Ted Bundy, Richard Cottingham, Dennis Nilsen, Tex Watson (Manson gang) and John Duffy the Railway Killer, and Jupiter is commonly strong in the chart, such as Jupiter rising in Peter Sutcliffe’s chart. Eve Jackson comments to this effect in her book “Jupiter”. Jupiter is often making a significant transit at the time of death. Jupiter rules growth and also aging.

        • aqua says:

          Yes Saggitarius and and equally Capricorn, both signs either as Sun, Ascendant or moon. I just checked the charts of twenty serial killers the other day and there was a prepondance of Capricorn moons .

    • Christina says:

      Yes! One would call that a very beautiful conjunction — really. Love is the answer, of course, but I wonder just as we start Holy Week about the theme of sacrfice.

      I was discussing the attacks with my partner & I said: “What do they want? What do they really want?”

      He said: “To go to heaven.”

      • Eleonora says:

        Well yes, and it’s also about illusions. Venus is the chart ruler and joined with Neptune. Illusion and madness. Virgins in heaven (Neptune) – also about sexuality and material gains (Venus). Perhaps there is a strong Neptune-Venus aspect in their natal.

        Interesting, Ceres conjunct that South-Node-Chiron. I don’t know the meaning, but it certanly has something to do with a parent-child relationship – no matter how strange it sounds. Two of them were brothers, it’s important to know their family history.

        • Christina says:

          You might be interested in this article Eleonara, in the New York Times, which lists NINE pairs of brothers who have carried out terrorist attacks in recent years.

  3. If you note their ages 18 – 25 ish they are the generation with a stellium in Cap natally and some with a Uranus/Neptune conjunction. Some will have having their Uranus waxing square with Uranus in Aries. Rebellion to the power of 10 with delusions, identity crisis, anti establishment. As I trainee astrologer I might be wrong so please bear with me. What will happen to them when they hit their first lunar return and more importantly their SR? Scales falling from their eyes? I think we are in for a generation of young men (people) with serious trauma issues.

  4. Mo says:

    also Mars closely square to Neptune, Sagittarius with Pisces, religious violence turning people into mass statistics. Mars-Neptune in hard aspect can be intoxicating, fanatical and at times toxic, and very emotionally religious. Also the echoes of the illigitmate underworld that a number of the home grown jihadists were in and out of

  5. Sunis says:

    Christina, I know you’ve written about the EU before, but can you tell how these attacks are going to impact on it? With the EU referendum coming up in June in Britain, I don’t think we can stay in, anymore. The Schengen agreement has been disastrous and Merkel has made major mistakes in allowing unfettered immigration without checks.

  6. Grétar Erlendsson says:

    Pluto/MC midpoint is on Uranus. Unexpected and fateful events.