In the Key of Pisces: Tre Italiani

Sunday March 6th 2016

Thanks to my friend and reader, Sabrina, for pointing out that the late-lamented Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla was born on March 4, 1943. He has a solo Sun in Pisces with other planets extraordinarily evenly spread through his chart. Sun does make a lovely trine to Jupiter in sentimental nostalgic Cancer.

Here he is singing about Enrico Caruso, perhaps the greatest Italian tenor before Pavarotti — and another Pisces, born on February 25, 1873.

But I had another Italian popster lined up for this day too. Umberto Tozzi, who is most famous outside Italy for this huge euro-hit of the 1980s, which has repetitive yearning that is rather Piscean. Tozzi has Sun, Mercury in Pisces and the North Node at 0° of the sign.

And then there’s Vivaldi, the Venetian genius, also born on March 4. Vivaldi was born with a Sun-Jupiter conjunction, probably in the 6th house of service — appropriate for a priest-musician. Enjoy.


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  1. jamma says:

    Weird, something about Tozzi reminds me of Chris Martin, whom you featured the other day … Of course, I’m reveling in all the Key of Pisces, because of my Sun, Moon & Merc, but I’ve never seen so many of we Fish grouped like this … THANK YOU, Christina (and I almost forgot, Happy Birthday!)

  2. sabrina says:

    This is so much fun Christina. I can’t imagine a better way to deal with this eclipse than good pisces music. Gotta love ’em all. Tozzi of course! He wrote the song Gloria that was made famous by Laura Branigan 🙂

  3. meblake says:

    I just want to thank you for not posting The Four Seasons. 😀