In the Key of Gemini: Charles Aznavour

Sunday May 22nd 2016
Charles Aznavour quite a few years ago —

Charles Aznavour quite a few years ago —

In his long, long musical career, the great French balladeer Charles Aznavour has written hundreds of songs and recorded thousands. His Sun is at 0° Gemini, the sign of the songsmith.

“I can write on any subject. Just give me the first line, which is the most important.”

Aznavour will turn 92 on May 22. His last tour was in 2014, and his first American musical is being staged this spring; he started work at the age of nine. That is quite the career! Yes, he has hard-working Capricorn Rising, and its ruler Saturn is the most elevated planet. He also has his Moon in Capricorn — work nourishes him.

“Working is my pleasure.”

Data from astrotheme

Data from astrotheme

And that Moon is a key to his appeal. It’s in the 12th house of the collective. Aznavour can connect emotionally to all of us, yet his songs speak to us individually. Then the Moon sends a lovely trine to his well-placed Mercury in Taurus. Aznavour has a beautiful voice, of course, as you might expect with that placement in the third house of communications. (Taurus rules the throat.) But the voice connects with the Lunar emotions connects with the killer punch: a Venus-Pluto conjunction in Cancer, the Moon’s own sign right opposite the Moon.

Venus-Pluto: love-intensity. Venus-Pluto: right on target like a laser. Venus-Pluto: passion. And in Cancer? Grand passion.

He has the astrological signature you see in many music-maker’s charts: a tight aspect between Mars (action) and Neptune (music). It’s an opposition eased into action by Jupiter in Sagittarius.

See if you can feel the Venus-Pluto in this film from 1963.

But Aznavour’s recent album is great too. His old man voice is as full of emotion — of a different kind — as it ever was. And the words are — as ever — brilliant, polished, universal, personal, straight on target. Can anyone do regret like the French?

I think we’ll find quite a few more Gemini songsmiths in the next few weeks.


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  1. Leonora says:

    Bob Dylan is a 3° Gemini songsmith with Venus and Mercury also in Gemini. He has 20° Sag rising were Saturn will transit next year. I wonder if his natal Neptune in Virgo square Mercury in Gemini was responsible for his prodigious output? Almost as if he had no choice! Joan Baez said he once heard a song on the radio which he thought was nice and was surprised when she pointed out the he had written it! Mars in Pisces square his Gemini sun may have sparked the protest songs but I wonder if he actually meant them! Gemini is a great salesman but doesn’t like getting his hands too dirty!

  2. Green says:

    I have a 12th house moon and Venus – I am not familiar with the idea that these placements can tap into the collective, but I find the idea fascinating. Perhaps this is why so many leaders have 12th house suns?

    Really interesting article! I look forward to checking out his music.

  3. Jem says:

    I just listened to the song from the 1963 film. the voice, those cow eyes, the animated eyebrows and the venus-pluto frown. I love it, the sadness, the deep emotion, I’m in tears and in love, what a great guy, How did I pass him by? I have fifth house pluto conjunct uranus trine capricorn mercury in eighth, a gemini ascendant, 12th house moon, so he’s just my thing. I love writing poetry too. Must check out those translations of his songs. No one can do this like the French, you’re right, Christina.

  4. Carolyn Cornish says:

    As an Anglophone Quebecoise, I loved him, as a teenager. He songs were played on jukeboxes everywhere.