Fate, Free Will and the Referendum

Friday June 24th 2016

Last night, I sat in one of the most magnificent private courtyards in Europe, listening to 200 musicians play the works of Ennio Morricone. The Italian composer, now 87 years old, conducted a huge choir and orchestra himself.

The heavy rains were finished. The clouds parted, the sun set lemon and violet. The lake and its mysterious wooded island became silhouettes — and the music made us cry and cheer and stamp our feet. There were four encores.

Beside me, a French student; behind me explained the films in London Italian. I heard the soft lisp of Greek and Spanish too while we sipped our Pimms at the interval.

Mars came out, then Jupiter. The sky turned ultramarine.

It felt elegiac — 60 years of Morricone’s work — and it turned out to be so.

I’m not so surprised by the outcome of the EU Referendum, but I am shocked. (For more on the chart, click here.) I hoped the nation would choose more wisely. I had hoped that the Pluto rising in the exit poll chart for yesterday’s Referendum  meant transformation not “zombie apocalypse”, but this morning it seems as if England and Wales have chosen Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson’s lies.

This result has left me asking whether as a nation, we have free will, or whether the result was inevitable.

On a personal level, astrology is not fixed, but provides a structure of potential stories. We can make better choices working with the planets. Astrology helps us to deeper, more complex self-knowledge as individuals. We should be able to do the same as nations; as a human family. Many astrologers believe that we are “evolving” as humans, but in the current climate, you have to wonder.

The failure of political leadership here, and in the EU, has brought us to this point, to a decision that damages our children’s futures. It is clear that the UK is now potentially in freefall. I wrote in the previous post that the worst case scenario is a break up of this island union and indeed Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon has just said Scotland will be organising another referendum. But there is an even more horrible prospect, the return to a fragmented Europe. Elizabeth Hathaway makes this point in the comments on the previous post.

It’s been evident for a long time that radical change was inevitable, but did it have to be like this?

Scallop shells mark the pilgrim’s way to Santiago.

Scallop shells mark the pilgrim’s way to Santiago.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more…I am trying to see the positive, that is what they keep on telling me to do. Yes change was needed but why do we always choose the most bloody options of them all, I keep on asking myself?

  2. aqua says:

    This is the blackest day.
    Gemini trickster polititians and the media on both sides have created chaos through Neptunian distortions and lies.
    And now Boris says we can exit at our leisure…meanwhile the EU is talking about legal means to speed the process up.
    The ignominity of his Geminian twin crowing over this outcome is too grim.

    As to Gemini Corbyns behaviour – words fail.

    • Eleonora says:

      Interesting point. Yes, there are a lot of right-wing polititians with both, Gemini and Aries energy.

      Le Pen: Node, Saturn, DC in Aries
      Farage: Mars, Sun, Jpiter in Aries
      Wilders: Jupiter-Moon in Aries
      Orban: Jupiter in Aries, Sun in Gemini
      Petry: Jupiter and Mars in Aries, Sun and Mercury in Gemini
      Von Storch: Sun in Gemini

      You already mentiond Johnson and Trump.

      I think one part of the explanation is the Neptune square to Gemini planets (illusions, lies) and Pluto square to Aries (transformation at any costs, violence) and of cource Uranus in Aries.

      But it’s also about what is going to come, in let say 10 or 15 years. The ground is to be prepared for Neptune in Aries (powerful and very dangerous transit) and Uranus in Gemini.

      • aqua says:

        Geminis on both side of the fence. Corbyn has a Geminian stellium.
        I think the danger kicks in long before Neptune in Aires, although I agree it wont help at all.
        My view is that with Climate Change now beyond the turning point, and this most important issue NOT being front and centre of the EU debate, then Uranus in Taurus is exceptionally dangerous, dealing with resources and land grabs, and of course folowing on from the Uranus Pluto square as it did in the 30s, it could infer the build up to war as it did then.
        A divided Europe is a weakened Europe vulnerable to the far right, Russia etc.

  3. aqua says:

    The geminian twin I was reffering to is trump

  4. Steve says:

    Looking at the chart of 1066 I was not surprised at the out come……. only the bleating of the losers! England/Wales can have a brighter a future outside the EU. The EU is a monstrous bloated institution. Scotland can have its independence and the Northern Irish also if they wish. England/Wales can trade freely without restrictions with the rest of the world’s market.
    There is no reason why we cannot still trade with our European cousins. Do you think BMW and Renault will want to lose out on the lucrative UK market? It is a brave new world embrace it!LOL

    • aqua says:

      ‘Looking at the chart of 1066 I was not surprised at the out come……. only the bleating of the losers! ‘ I find this rather juvenile coming from someone interested in astrology.
      If you are and have an eye to history, as all astrologers need to then you would see that this is a far larger issue than personal triumph.

      This is a very dangerous destabilising time.
      The vote, as was predicted, was predicated on lies- Immigration and the NHS.
      Not only will this not stop the kind of immigration that the far right fears, it will also not fund the NHS. So those two issues will NOT be resolved by Brexit, but endless chaos, confusion monetary loss and enmity will.

      This referendum should never have been called – it was an act of vanity and ambition on Camerons part.

      Whats more the level of ignorance regarding the role of the EU is extraordinary.
      Ironically it was the most googled question – AFTER the referendum.

      Therefore how can this vote be democratic given what was being voted on was a lie?

      In my view legislation needs to come out of this that ensures intentional lying by either party AND the media [Paul Dacre Im looking at you] during elections and referendums.

      Its this dishonesty that is subverting democracy and infuriates all of us.

      • aqua says:

        sorry should have said
        ‘In my view legislation needs to come out of this that ensures intentional lying by either party AND the media [Paul Dacre Im looking at you] during elections and referendums, is made illegal.

        At some point Astrology becomes irrelevant and in fact a positive danger, unless we heed the repeated patterns and learn from our mistakes in previous similar cycles.

        Nationalism always predicates wars, and is a sign of political and emotional insecurity.

        • Leonora says:

          Nationalism or ideology? Just as much war has been fought over belief systems – maybe more – religions, communism etc etc
          The essence of all conflict is attachment to beliefs.

        • Christina says:

          Yes. Just yes.

          • Lotus Beatus says:

            I don’t know where to start with all this. Yes there has been massive deception, but most of that has been from the EU, the Government, and Remainers.

            The EU is a profoundly authoritarian and anti-democratic institution: it was set up to be so. Anyone who thinks ‘democracy’ depends on the EU has been duped, and has done no research to find out how the system works. It was conceived precisely to bypass national parliaments. I suppose people under 40 have never lived under a proper democracy, so don’t understand what has been lost.

            The Euroone is in very deep trouble indeed and is heading for disaster – the Deutsche Bank is about to go bust having invested in many areas in France, Italy and Spain to shore up the Euro; there is no hope of its exposure being covered from those countries. The impending Capital Services Market (the rolling out of which was postponed until after the referendum) was intended to remove the business of the city to Hamburg and would have been disastrous for our economy: we were powerless to stop it. There were also advanced plans to grab our corporate pension funds, to be shared out all over the EU.

            If we remained in the EU we would be locked into the TIPP which it is very keen to sign, making us subject to the US ‘free market’: this would outlaw all state subsidised schemes such as the NHS.

            There is a site ‘Economists for Brexit’ where you can find a load of links explaining just how much you have been lied to in this area. Here’s one link exploding Osborne’s analysis of the finances – dishonest or incompetent, who knows?

            Ignore the sideswipe at astrology!

          • Christina says:

            I am also suspicious of the EU — (I’ve written about the nasty EU chart before on this blog) — but I don’t think this was the right way to go about things. I don’t think the people are being vilified — just the politicians.

            Thanks for all these links though. I am sure Osborne’s analysis was wrong — everything that comes out of that man’s mouth is twisted!

  5. Louise says:

    Mars was R separating from the Maastricht Mars/Pluto; I didn’t look till today, but do see R motion as return to a previous state; so that (as well as that R Mars being on the 3rd cusp of the EEC foundation chart) suggests leave winning. If there is a second referendum, now…

  6. Lu Sadler says:

    I cannot thank you enough for your insightful posts and for the follow-up posts by your readers. Living in the U.S., I have not been paying attention to this vote as we have plenty of our own idiocy happening right now. I am shocked this morning and frankly, frightened, by the comparisons between Bruce Johnson and his followers with those of Donald Trump and his. I just cannot imagine a world where Johnson and Trump are working together. If you are interested, there is an excellent political astrologer I follow here and I am looking forward to reading what she has to say as she has yet to post: http://starlightnews.com/wordpress/

    • Leonora says:

      I’ve recently been looking at the dangers around the US debt – both government and private. Its terrifying. What do yo think the derivative market and its associated debt? Jessica Adams reckons Mars station at 23 Scorpio is huge for the US economy. And views?

    • Christina says:

      Yes, she is not only a good astrologer but an excellent and lucid writer.

  7. Rachel says:

    Totally agree with you, Christina…it’s a very sad day and I am now looking at how I can escape this deluded island. Many years ago my Estonian-born German teacher used to say that, if one person spoke another’s language, there was still hope in times of conflict. How sad, then, that the language of hate and isolationism is that which has dominated this unnecessary referendum (basically a festival of self- interest and mendacity), and that co-operation and collaboration have been usurped.

  8. Louise says:

    Steve, do you use the 1066 chart exclusively? I go with the 1801, but I see that 1066 did mark the original union of England with France, which makes it interesting here. What is it in that chart that suggested to you that the vote would be for exit? Pluto is in the 10th, which I guess makes it plausible; and there’s Uranus on the ascendant, bringing a sudden break. Hmm, and Jupiter, ruling 8, 9 and 12, on Saturn. That’s like a death. Those?

  9. Louise says:

    For the 1801 chart, this Mars, in the 2nd, ruling the 7th and suggesting simmering resentment, polarisation and blame, squares 4th ruler Saturn in the 11th. Pluto’s in the 4th, so big changes in the domestic scene, Uranus 7th, also suggesting break-up, and Neptune on the 6th cusp brings massive uncertainty about working conditions as restraints placed on employers dissolve.

  10. Les says:

    Ugh, I’m sorry – and I worry that the demagogues have some possibility of winning in the US, despite my rational mind saying/hoping it couldn’t happen. People want to register a protest vote but don’t realize the ramifications of it. The politicians would do well to make sure people feel heard who are angry without stoking that anger and fear.

    • aqua says:

      Les I entirely agree with you – a protest vote is part of why the Tories got in a second time – ie not voting at all.

      It would be catatrophic for the planet if Trump got in, environmentally primarily and all that that will lead to.

      If this farce teaches America anything, its for ffs dont be complacent!

  11. Lu Sadler says:

    Sorry – meant Boris Johnson. Thanks, spell check.

    • Christina says:

      The point is well taken though. The right wing of the Tory party has done a coup — using the protest votes of the very people thrown on the scrapheap by Thatcherite policies of the last several governments.

      • aqua says:

        Dear Christina

        Perhaps we can all agree with Mr Farage on his recent statement prior to the election

        ”Just five weeks ago, UKIP leader Nigel Farage, anticipating a close-finish in the EU referendum, told The Mirror, “In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way.”
        In those circumstances, said Mr Farage, pressure would grow for a re-run of the 23 June ballot, and he would fight for a second referendum.’

        Im entirely in support of Mr Farage on this point, even if he is not in support of my position 😉

        p.s Did you perchance ring on wednesday/thursday after all ?
        On top of all this I lost my phone while campaigning, but have replaced it now and am on the same number.

  12. son_of_a_bitch says:

    Who was lying again? Both sides played operation ‘fear’. What wasnt reckoned upon was the peoples tiredness of the usual lies and prompts. With politics and specially prepared statements as usual.

    But really, if you had any faith in your astrology you would have seen which way it was leaning. I agree that it doesnt mean it definitely will – just a good chance.

    “Ahh but Neo. Whats really going to cook your noodle, is would you have knocked that vase over, if I hadnt told you about it?” – The Oracle to Neo. This is how I feel everytime it works.

  13. Luc says:

    To all the ones who think this is a sad day: you may not truly understand what Snowden and Assange (Wikileaks) wanted us to know. Why do you think the US intelligence services are spying on the EU (among others)? Why do you think Snowden warned about the ‘Art of Deception’? Have people really forgotten that Snowden told the world he did no longer want to live in this world and if the world knew what he knew, the world would stop turning immediately because of the horrible things going on! Also, pope Francis told the world we’re currently experiencing the 3rd world war. He knows why! As a Jesuit, he’s not dumb at all!! Have you forgotten all that?! The EU was part of the game to enslave all its citizens, propagate and enforce debt economy to make sure the bankers and politicians got their (BIG) money and to invoke financial tyranny (look what happened to Greece!). This Referendum made the difference and let the corrupt players know that the Brits are awake: the false sense of security (belonging to a certain group or community ruled by satanic players who are only interested in BIG money for their own profit) is now shattered. Liberation has its cost but this day is a milestone that shows the corrupt ones are learning that money is not the purpose of or goal in life. Thanks to the insight and courage, the Brits have won their own independence again, far way from slavery. In a democracy, every party should be able to freely enter or leave any community. Why is it so difficult in Europe? Why was Greece not able to quit? Why the blackmail and threats? Because Europe is all about financial tyranny! The Brits knew this instinctively and they opted out. How courageous and how glorious this day is! Finally some people who know or feel what is going on behind the scenes.

    • Leonora says:

      “The head of the Ford Foundation, ex-OSS officer Paul Hoffman, doubled as head of ACUE in the late Fifties. The State Department also played a role. A memo from the European section, dated June 11, 1965, advises the vice-president of the European Economic Community, Robert Marjolin, to pursue monetary union by stealth. It recommends suppressing debate until the point at which adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable.”

      Uk journo Ambrose Evans-Pritchard was the only one to report in 2000/7 on US behind scenes involvement in a Euro state. It may have been ostensibly to prevent another war but as we see it is about a lot more than that. Meanwhile about 18m unemployed in the Euro area…
      The central planners in Brussels and at the ECB in Frankfurt are not unaware that under their command, a historically unprecedented economic dislocation has taken place in the EU during the past ten years, including massive asset and property bubbles, banking crises and large-scale unemployment in all the periphery countries – with over 50% youth unemployment in Greece, Spain and Portugal, as well as the lack of any serious controls of the EU external borders to prevent an influx of unparalleled numbers of illegal immigrants and economic migrants.
      However, the EU central planners are in denial about the fact that these problems have been caused entirely by their own misguided and disastrous policies. As a result, they argue that the solution to such problems can only be further concentration of powers into their hands: „We need more Europe“ – says Mrs Merkel.
      Merkel’s push for greater EU integration also underscored a growing rift with non-euro member Britain, which has said bluntly that it would not take any part in a euro zone banking union as envisaged by the European Central Bank and the European Commission.
      The bigger picture is overwhelming – and how the hell is she going to provide jobs for all these people in her New European Order?
      Just a thought – but didn’t Hitler have similar ideas?

    • Lotus Beatus says:

      I agree with Luc 100%: all my research on the EU and the Bilderbergers, the NWO and the UN’s Agenda 21, bear out what he wrote above. The EU is an essential cog in this massive wheel, which has been eroding democracy in the service of the oligarchs and elites for many decades. I’ve been following all these links and trails for around 40 years now – ever since I realised how far we had been duped in the 1875 EEC Referendum.

      Nigel Farage is in man y ways an unattractive politician and he’s certainly divisive. But I truly don’t think he is corrupt, and he has almost singlehandedly brought about the Brexit for which he has worked tirelessly for many years, by dint of hard work, energy, and taking all the brickbats thrown at him – including the accusations of racism. He is NOT a racist; his objection to unrestricted immigration, esp of s many from a very different and largely hostile culture, is that it destroys communities and harms the interests of the working people of this country. They in turn agree with him – and they have not been listened to for many decades, while the main parties elect leaders from public school who have no idea what it is to live in places where you end up feeling a stranger in your own hometown. Farage listened to them.

      Boris is, I agree, a total chancer: I hope he won’t end up the new Tory leader though I fear he will.

      Two articles published today, one from the Daily Mail – by an historian, not one of their journalists – and one from the Guardian, which is the rag of the chattering classes: these examine why the common people voted as they did.



    • Christina says:

      The Brexit campaigners (Johnson, Farage, et al) — not the Brexit voters — are from exactly this corrupt class.

      • Leonora says:

        Not everyone from a certain “class” shares the same ideology. I doubt Jean Claude Juncker shares the same ideals as the people of Sunderland who voted leave, even though his father was a humble policeman. The EU has been run by academic socialists who wouldn’t dare to mingle with the great unwashed!
        Everyone has their idea of Europe. Europe is an abstract symbol. For some it is the opera and other culture – for some it is a great workers union, for some it is a cash cow. For others it is a two week holiday etc etc, for some it is still a war zone – pick your own Euro world.
        Neither Martin Schultz or Junckers would bother to spend a week in Page Hall, Sheffield, where Roma immigrants incurred a street curfew, etc etc…
        Astrologically the cardinal square is still active. It is a huge misconception in astrology that once an angle has passed the lesson is over. The fields of influence remain active. So we have a rebellion and we have a petition from people who didn’t get their way – the primal rage of Pluto for another referendum. We have a war of accusations rather than taking a chance to create a clean working Union.

        When it becomes serious, you have to lie.

        – Jean Claude Junckers on the Greek crisis. And he the President of the European Commission!

  14. Gilly says:

    I could not agree less; the EU is a pernicious organisation. IMO, we did choose wisely.

    • Lotus Beatus says:

      I agree, although it will be very painful to extricate ourselves.

      Older people voted by around 65/75% to leave the EU. We were those who watched the whole process unfold since the 1960s, and voted (mainly Yes, as I did) in the 1975 Referendum on the ‘EEC’.

      We are the generation which was duped into joining this federalising super-state which we had been promised was not on the agenda. We nowk now it was ALWAYS on the agenda: the EU was duplicitous from the start.

      The common people of this country – uninterested in cheaper wine and more fancy cheeses – saw through all this much faster than we in the ‘chattering classes’ did. Now they are being vilified for taking their opportunity to cast their vote at long last to dissociate from an anti-democratic form of government, which they never gave a mandate to join.

    • Leonora says:

      I agree. The ordinary working people of the U.K. Have been too adversely affected by EU interference. When a place like Sheffield has an 80% turn out and votes leave you know people are fed up.
      As I write this I am enjoying a weekend in Vienna which is awash with international tourists. No sign of collapse or WW3. No pariah section ar border control.
      So we wait to see which country is next for a referendum. Jessica Adams called the result correctly and went on to say the Euro would be finished by 2019. Uranus in Taurus should provide an overhaul of the currency.
      Meanwhile, why not accept change? Out of chaos comes opportunity. Confucius.

  15. Elaine says:

    When I saw that tr Uranus was conjunct the asc on England’s 1066 chart I knew it was possible. But I didn’t fully believe it. Having said that, I think this is great! Truly.

    Those who wish to travel, live, work, or study in the Eu will still be able to do so. They’ll just have to get a visa.

    I admit I am puzzled by some of the doom and gloom I have encountered. Europe is no utopia. Neither is it a stable oasis.

    Riots in Calais, Paris, Idomeini/Greece. Terrorist attacks in France, Brussels. 50% unemployment in France, Spain, Greece. How is that the future? What appears to be closer to reality is that no one knows what will happen. No one knows the future.

    At least you’ll have democracy and a sovereign nation to see you through.

    • Lotus Beatus says:

      So much of what is going on in Europe is not being reported. I have friends in Scandinavia who are horrified by the results of EU policies esp on immigration. In large parts of Sweden (also cities in Germany an France) it’s now no longer safe for women to go out at night on their own or even in pairs. This is such a backward step… but it’s not being reported on, in the MSM. There are even worse things happening esp in Sweden that I can’t even post here as they are scarcely believable… I feel we have dodged several bullets by voting Leave.

      Most people seem to ignore or fail to understand that the rise of far right parties in Europe (like the rise of Trump in the US) is a direct result of the failure of government to consider the wishes, feelings and needs or their people. These remote forms of government set up on the ‘we know best’ principle are bound to lead to a massive backlash.

      The more the EU has worked to eradicate national boundaries and differences, and to bind us into ‘ever closer union’, the more the people have turned to turn to right wing nationalism. The arrogant EU panjandrums have only themselves to blame for the current rise of the right.

      • Leonora says:

        Sweden has had absolute horrors with immigration I know! They opened their arms to help and got a mass of serious trouble for it. Real tragedy. So sad.

  16. Ela says:

    The EU needed to be stopped in some manner. And from central Europe I appreciate the sacrifice the British people have once again made to save us from tyranny. Because this is where it’s going to lead – Merkel is already behaving like the central committee of the GDR.
    I also wonder what the planets say about a civil war erupting on the continent, and I recommend reading Joseph P. Farrell’s well-researched books about whose brain child the EU and especially the Euro was.
    A very wise decision to leave the EU. Switzerland for example is doing just fine.

    • Lotus Beatus says:

      Thank you! I agree that the EU had to be stopped, and appreciate your understanding of how tough this is going to be for the UK.

      I’m going to make a separate post about the Pluto/Uranus square which I think is relevant

    • Eleonora says:

      Joseph P. Farrell’s well-researched books? You mean that guy who wrote about interplanetary warfare and the Giza Death Star?

  17. mimi says:

    I am shocked at the British people. The underbelly won and the UK will have to live with it.
    I’m not sure how much people were affected by the nebulous workings of Neptune because from both sides there have been lies and false statements.
    I honestly think the UK – and what in the end will be left of it, as Scottland is preparing to leave the UK – will have a very grimm future, but that is what you have chosen !
    This makes very clear how divided the English society is and I’m afraid this is in your genes.


    • Lotus Beatus says:


      I am a university educated woman whose profession was publishing. I’m extremely well read and well informed and spent much of my career as a paid researcher. I know how to find information – and with Pallas in Sag, I know how to use that information to see patterns and to construct an overview of situations.

      I have spent a total of about eight years living in France, Spain and Italy – I speak several languages and have a very open mind. I have had close friends (and lovers) of many races and from many cultures.

      Your comment was grossly inappropriate and wide of the mark, mimi.

      As for aqua, you clearly have very little grasp of who the Brexiters are, what has motivated them, and how far they understood the workings of the EU – which maybe you don’t. I do think you have everything backwards, just as you have about supposed ‘climate change’. A few of those voting Brexit may be on the ‘far right’ but that is a very small rump in this country. We are however a Capricorn country which disposes us to be ‘conservative’ – with a small c

      Around 18 million people voted for Brexit – that is a big swathe of mainstream public opinion. These are people from all walks of life who have bothered to do their research into the corrupt, sclerotic and unresponsive behemoth which is the European Union.

      Throwing insults about and calling people names is the resort of those who have lost the argument (it happens routinely btw in so-called ‘climate science’, which has everything to do with politics and almost nothing to do with science).

      • mimi says:

        I’m sorry if I offended you, I was just referring to the murder of Jo Cox, who I feel has died so in vain – nobody is even talking about her anymore !

        Nothing personal, but I think the English don’t realise how the other Europeans are fed up with them right now. From the beginning of their stay in the EU the UK has been nagging and nagging, always wanting things to go their way well so do we, all the others.


        • Leonora says:

          Tbh Mimi, Jo Cox has zilch to do with Brexit. Most people didn’t know who she was and I think her death is involved with a separate fractal of karma. But people are addicted to sentimentality and sensation. No offence to her but IMO in light of what is impending worldwide, she’s irrelevant.
          As astrologers, we need to remember bigger cycles at work here, as people who are concerned we should be watching the world economy. The US is now the biggest debtor nation in history and without going into detail but looking at its horoscope, I think we expect serious financial mayhem there so. If Obama wants to use Brexit as a distraction from the US dilemma, then he shows himself to be deluding the American people even further.
          An overview of what is going on with debt and falling commodities prices set against the fact so much is owed to China makes the dollar hugely fragile. Why do I feel Brexit will seem like small potatoes in a year or so?
          Tr Pluto opposes the USA sun on Sirius while tr Uranus squares it’s natal Pluto and Mercury. Some big secret info suddenly exposed, trading shock, and Retro Mars stations…square the US moon.
          Keep your bank account slightly overdrawn and get your savings into a Chinese bank…
          And btw, I’m in Austria right now. No backlash to Brits at all. Austria is not immune from Auxit. Mrs Merkel says the process of leaving should not be rushed or uncivil. She has also suggested the UK can still have some special agreements in place afterwards.
          Why? Because we buy more goods from Europe than they do from us. They need our trade.
          But while everyone s caught in the mudslinging of what has become a secular faith, the saintly EU and the bad bad Brits, don’t forget that GB has an 80% get debt largely due to social costs and it is rising. Meanwhile the recent relevant success of the GB economy meant the EU would take £ 1.7 bn to its coffers. Britain is paying the price for having a more reformed and dynamic economy compared to more sclerotic and stagnation eurozone economies. France got 790m back for not doing so well. The 1.7bn comes from Uk tax payers… So is the rest of Europe really fed up with us?

          • mimi says:

            Oh, but of course the murder of Jo Cox has everything to do with this referendum and the filthy thoughts and feelings that came to the surface. I’m sorry, but I totally do not agree with you there.

            And the awful thing is, she has died in vain, because the vote went the way the far-right wanted it to.


          • Christina says:

            I agree with you mimi — Jo Cox’s death had everything to do with this referendum. It was clearly an archetypal event — an event that mirrored the collective fears and desires and reflected them back to us in the form a personal human tragedy.

    • Leonora says:

      It’s not in mine! I’m from a steel working family. We are creative, inventive, musical, cultured, mixed race too. To describe my family who voted leave as underbelly is down right crass!

      • aqua says:

        I suspect Leonora, that Mimi is referring to the hi jacking by the far right.
        Whats more the two issues most touted as selling points, were immigration and the NHS, both of which the Leave campaign have now rescinded on. Already!!
        So essentially Brexiters voted on something that didnt exist.

        Whats more so many voted without any idea of the EUs genuine pros or cons.

        Although of course deep down this is not what this is about, its a ‘fuck you’ to the ‘establishment’ that is misdirected and enabled by the very ‘establishment’ we are rebelling against.

        We have been collectively had. And those that think Leave are in any way anti establishment are deluded.

        • Leonora says:

          It’s too easy to accuse people of not being informed. Remember many of those who swung the vote in Sunderland, Newcastle, Sheffield etc come from hard line socialist tradition. Plus they can actually read. They voted from their experience which may be very different from yours or mine. Who has decided their vote was anti establishment? The Guardian? The Sun? YouTube? And who can define what the establishment is? It’s a concept with different meanings for different people.
          Brexit has now descended into a war of ideology and misinformation; a punch up after a football game where one side can’t accept the result… A pub brawl.
          “Democracy will soon degenerate into an anarchy, such an anarchy that every man will do what is right in his own eyes and no man’s life or property or reputation or liberty will be secure, and every one of these will soon mould itself into a system of subordination of all the moral virtues and intellectual abilities, all the powers of wealth, beauty, wit and science, to the wanton pleasures, the capricious will, and the execrable cruelty of one or a very few.”
          John Adams

  18. Eleonora says:

    Interesting question. Of course we have a free will as a collective, and the mass hysteria starts, when the free will of the collective fails. But it doesn’t happen over-night.

    So, the Brexit was not written in the stars. But the circumstances were created over years, so we got that 23.06.16 for the D-Day (with Saturn square Neptune). If we acted differently, we would have the referendum set on some other day. But even with this chart… no chart is absolute. It only shows possibilities.

    The worst thing is that pro-European politicians were the first to start spreading that mass hysteria. Instead of using convincing arguments. And operating with fear is a dangeorous path, for there is always somebody out there, who is even at better in doing so.

    And now it will be hard to change that… When Brexit fails, no one will say „it’s because I voted leave“, but „it’s because the immigrants“, and so on. Right-wing populism is like a parasite: multiplyng while destroying.

    • Eleonora says:

      The article is really well written, but it seems like the EU finally found a better way of dealing with this crisis, and instead of enforcing long negotiations, rather pushing the UK out of the union.

      That solution would be much better for both. It would avoid unnecessary conflicts, and the UK could make faster reforms and sort the things out, instead of loosing time and energy on negotiations.

      • Lotus Beatus says:

        The EU has in its response shown itself in all its true colours: autocratic and in contempt of the law. The British people have exercised their democratic right to seek exit from the EU, which consistently acts against British entries.

        Until such time as the secession treaty is concluded, we are still FULL members. What gives the Commission the right to expel our Commissioner and to refuse us entry to Council meetings etc? Their actions are quite without legal foundation, but since the (unelected) Commissioners are the only ones with any power there is nobody to stop them.

        And some people here have been saying that our decision to leave the EU is an attack on democracy! Truly, there is a whole generation of Europeans now who have no idea what the word means.

    • mimi says:

      This article exactly describes my feelings too. I sincerely hope we here in Holland will be spared such a referendum as already asked by Geert Wilders. We surely hope we are not going to give in to him.

      Let’s face it, there is a lot wrong with the EU, so we shall have to have a lot of talks to make the necessary changes and maybe this foolish British choice will be a wake-up call for the others countries. Let’s hope that happens.


  19. mimi says:

    Hi Christina,
    Eric Francis had an interesting view : Jan. 1st, 1801 Ceres was discovered, right on the day this UK was born.
    Now we have a conjunction of Uranus / Eris and …. Ceres !
    How about that ??


    • Christina says:

      That is interesting — the dark side of Ceres — pointed out by someone in these comments — is racial purity.

      • Leonora says:

        This is absolute nonsense! Ceres is a transiting rock with a name. Who decides is means racial purity? Why do astrologers cling to the past and rest their entire belief system with Greek myths which are out of date? You might as well say Ceres is about clothes pegs and Weetabix! As a community, astrologers are totally out of touch with the cosmos which is being rediscovered and discovered a new. No wonder there is a failure to accept change.

        • aqua says:

          ‘This is absolute nonsense! Ceres is a transiting rock with a name. Who decides is means racial purity? Why do astrologers cling to the past and rest their entire belief system with Greek myths which are out of date? You might as well say Ceres is about clothes pegs and Weetabix! As a community, astrologers are totally out of touch with the cosmos which is being rediscovered and discovered a new. No wonder there is a failure to accept change.’

          If that is how you feel what on earth are you doing here?

          • Leonora says:

            Astrology was once the same study as astronomy. The two are now separate. Astrology creates possibilities from connecting stories to celestial objects. However, some of the most active celestial objects don’t have Mythological names. They have numbers. The numbers may have meaning if reduced. Who knows? But astrology needs an overhaul. We now use radio telescopes and our Intel on the cosmos is both growing and more spectacular. The study of the cosmos must connect into the human cell if astrology is to be seen as an intelligent study rather than a parlour game. Electromagnetics do indeed connect the cosmos to the cell but we are missing a lot by making up stories to add to myths. Someone may be a good astrologer within the confines of known myth but they may be a better one by reconnecting the cosmos outside those limits.
            Herbig-Haro object 111 may mean nothing to you. But take a look at it anyway.
            You’ll see a picture in this article http://beforeitsnews.com/science-and-technology/2015/04/the-mystery-of-stonehenge-ancient-petroglyphs and consider what more there could be to astrology.
            In answer to your question, why am I here – to learn but also to expand this wonderful art.

        • Christina says:

          I went back and found the comment to which I was referring. It was by Faye Blake-Cossar, an excellent astrologer, who would never base her ideas on a random linguistic connection, but on real observed astrology.

          I expect Ceres is connected to Weetabix too, but I haven’t tested that particular hypothesis.

          • Eleonora says:

            It is connected to Weetabix. There is a good german astrologer (specialized on asteroids), I remember he wrote on health issues and mentioning breakfast cereals and Ceres.

  20. mike says:

    Nothing is as it seems with Saturn square Neptune, with Jupiter still in range of a T-square, plus four planets in retrograde, Mars stationing about to forward…S Node on Neptune, N Node on Jupiter.
    “British Exit From EU Not Inevitable, Despite Referendum
    “…the measure Britons just voted for ‘was an advisory not a mandatory referendum,’ meaning that it is not legally binding on the government. No matter who the prime minister is, he or she is not required by the outcome to trigger Article 50. And, despite what senior figures in the EU and its other states might say, there is no way for them to force the UK to invoke Article 50.”

    • aqua says:

      True enough Mike – and wait till mars starts back through Sag….and squares and conjoins that T square.
      I find it really telling that the sun was in Cancer and moon in Aquarius, reflecting Americas chart, whilst Trump the Geminian double of Boris was in town to crow.

      I have always thought that that sun moon combo is particularly prone to knee jerk nationalism/protectionism and simultaneously, rebellious ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’ reactionism.
      A combination that is deeply uneasy and hard for the native or the nation to see and reconcile.

  21. Lotus Beatus says:

    I’ve just been reading Bill Herbst’s 2012 piece on the Pluto /Uranus square, which he concludes by discussing the likely consequences of the series of squares with Pluto in Capricorn. I think he is spot on, and that collapse of massive corporate structures in its train was indeed inevitable. His description of the kind of entity which is likely to implode exactly describes the EU – let’s hope it also describes Monsanto/Beyer!


    I think UKIP, which has really been the giant slayer in this instance, began to make serious inroads around 2012, which would bear out Bill’s thesis in this context. Maybe this collective decision has set in motion a process which was indeed inevitable: we are merely the catalyst.

    The EU is in any event doomed, certainly in its present form, and the collapse of the Euro will ensure that it won’t survive as such.

  22. Prospera says:

    Of interest, Sydney astrologer Ed Tamplin’s brief weekly column that includes his take on Brexit and the upcoming Australian federal election – http://www.edtamplin.com/weekly%20horoscopes.htm

    • Jane says:

      Prospera – yes, Ed Tamplin’s look at the Saturn return is very interesting. I’ve been thinking, as well, about the Saturn/Neptune cycle. This current cycle began in 1989, with the conjunction in Capricorn – a powerful initiation for politics and the financial sphere. 1989 was an astonishing era of revolution for the Soviet Union and Europe, as the wall came down in Berlin, the Velvet Revolution rose in Czechoslovakia, Romania erupted….and everything changed in a very short time. Of course there were other patterns in play, as always, but I don’t think we can discount the importance of structured Saturn and its uneasy alliance with utopian Neptune in current events, since the Saturn/Neptune square is one of the main signatures of this referendum’s astrological chart. Events from 1989 are being tested, shaken up, and examined to see what we keep, what we discard, what we believe in….. It’s possible that the EU will eventually go the same way as the old Soviet Union. Events may unfold rapidly, yet the cracks have been there for a long time. And, considering 2017’s Saturn/Uranus dramatic fiery trine, a big theme, it looks as if there’s much more to come as tradition tangles with revolution, offering us the strong possibility of radical changes in a far wider context than simply UK vs Europe. Jupiter also plays a part, just as it did in 1989-90. But, IMO, Saturn cycles are the time-keeper in all this.

      • Christina says:

        Yes – I agree. I’ve been thinking about this Saturn-Neptune square too. Neptune is so much stronger now, disintegrating the old order.

        • Jane says:

          Hi Christina – replying to your point about Neptune, 1848, and Marine le Pen here as unable to reply beneath.

          I saw MLP interviewed by Emily Maitland the other night on tv. I’d not seen her interviewed like this before, and couldn’t help but notice her air of confidence and energy. She used the word ‘freedom’ several times. Having watched far too many politicians on tv in recent months I thought she radiated something extra – and that’s not to say this is either good or bad, it’s simply an observation.

          Looking at her chart, I can see there are quite a few connections with the French 1792 national chart. It’s curious that her Neptune at 23 Scorpio links to the French Mars in Scorpio (25), ascendant at 25 Capricorn, and MC at 26 Scorpio. MLP’s Venus at 25 Leo links with these – it’s a mixture that, to me, suggests ‘glamour’ in the old sense of the word, a spell, a hypnotic effect….Her own Mars in Cancer (29) squares the French Neptune in Libra, while her Neptune is all over the French chart. Yes, there are many other things going on too, but maybe Neptune’s idealism and dissolving qualities are surfacing as a strong theme in this global sea-change? There are Saturn links too, so current Saturn/Neptune themes are being manifested in other ways as well. And as you say, Neptune really does seem to have gathered strength in Pisces, and tuning in to its more elevated, uplifting vibrations is rarely straightforward or simple. Hmmmn.

          • Christina says:

            Jane — I know exactly what you mean about Marine Le Pen. She is incredibly charismatic. I have watched her a lot of French TV — however I find her words in the Op-Ed chilling.

          • Leonora says:

            Jane – M Le Penn also has Sirius and Orcus conjunct her MC, hence the confidence? She is very clear in the mind what she is about and what she wants to say. She has Uranus on Alkaid too – which is generational. However, Alkaid is described as the “destroyer of nations” … perhaps as Uranus and Pluto have slowly transited the stars of the Great Bear this was always the intention? To bring everything in to chaos before we mount the next rung on the ladder? One ancient Egyptian name for this constellation was The Mother of the Revolutions. Alice Bailey has suggested “Great waves of energy sweep cyclically through the entire solar system from the seven stars of the Great Bear.” IMO some people obviously carry that energy stronger than others

        • Jane says:

          Hi Christina – yes, and when Neptune first entered Pisces in 1848 there were uprisings and revolutions all over Europe, and elsewhere. Plus, Karl Marx published his manifesto that year I think.

          Also I was looking at the Saturn/Neptune square and Saturn/Uranus trines of 1926-1927. Saturn in Scorpio then Sagittarius, Uranus in Pisces, then Aries. We had the General Strike of 1926 in the UK, and the Autumn Uprising in China in 1927 – either led by or subverted by Mao Zedong, depending on what sources you read. There were also important technical innovations in the film industry, and record breaking flights amongst other events – symbolising the positive side of Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries. It is a different Saturn cycle, but I think it’s worth examining what happened in the 1920’s – particularly as the same signs are about to be involved in the 2016/7 trine (although not the square which was Scorpio/Leo).

          I notice, too, that the first Saturn/Uranus trine on Christmas Day this year is energised by Jupiter in Libra, all at 20 degrees. The UK 1801 chart has Saturn at 23 Libra – do you think this is close enough to be revitalised by December’s dramatic configuration? It could signal some radical changes happening quite rapidly.

  23. Lesley Jackson says:

    Really disappointed to find students of astrology getting into political arguments. The heavens aren’t interested in our opinions and allegiances. A shake up was/is indicated and what will be will be. I hope there won’t be any wars involving the UK in my lifetime and I believe we will become more self sufficient and less materialistic – maybe out of necessity – but it will be a good thing.

    • Leonora says:

      Actually the heavens dictate our opinions. This is why we look at natal charts – opinions are an aspect of character which shows in the natal chart etc

    • Christina says:

      Astrologers are people. We are parents, children and citizens — of course we’re passionate about the fate of our country.

  24. Angelena Boden says:

    I have two adult daughters who have olive complexions and foreign names. I’m English their father was from Iran. One of them was told to ‘go home now we’re out.’ We’ve been shocked and upset all week. They are professionals and multi lingual and are now planning their own exit to Canada. This has never happened before. I’m simply reporting not criticising. Both have major Uranus and Pluto transits to their Aries and libra sun so I see it as time for personal transformation and independence.

    • Leonora says:

      When my family came to the UK from India, they had Irish navies trying to smash the front door down shouting they were after coloured people. I was, with the other children sent upstairs while the men dealt with it. It was terrifying… I was called a half cast at school… But so? Just take it that the aggressors have the greater problem. We didn’t allow them to get us down.

    • Christina says:

      So sorry to read this… the atmosphere is worrying, febrile…

  25. Angelena Boden says:

    Sorry that should read weekend…

  26. Eleonora says:

    This happens to be a really hotheaded discussion with statements like:

    „I feel we have dodged several bullets by voting Leave.“
    „I think her death is involved with a separate fractal of karma.“ (about Jo Cox)

    Therefore, I think I rather withdraw from it (from this particular discussion, not from the blog, which is excellent as allways).

    Also, I noticed some inclination towards quoting famouse people. So here one more, from Max Liebermann – “I could not possibly eat as much as I would like to throw up.”

  27. mimi says:

    I would still like to mention the blog by Liz Hathaway; she refers all this back to the big eclips of August 1999. Very interesting article and a briljant analysis in my opinion, you should read it Christina. Her blog is at: Astrologieblog.nl – she writes in English.


  28. mimi says:

    What’s in a name ?
    Her name is of course Liz Hathway ?

  29. Isabel Tifft says:

    Wow. Febrile indeed. I’ve learned a bit of history and a lot about what goes on underneath the courteous exterior of the British public face.

    I have a heavily loaded 12th house, which may be why I’m seeing something that’s largely unmentioned here: the ways Britons, as a mass of individuals, have benefited hugely from being part of something larger. Your science and your universities depend on a depth and extent of exchange with the Continent that boggles the mind. You’ll notice this in a few years, because the output from those massive institutions affects your daily lives in a way that is absolutely ubiquitous. As your loved ones are born, get old, or become injured, you will notice them far more. As your debts and loans and cashflow shift, you’ll notice them far more. By the time the collective will to reconnect has become strong enough to do so, it will be too late to create new links of that sort.

    The EU is certainly weakened by Brexit in its founding families’ aim to benefit their own bottom line without regard to larger issues. This generation of oligarchs has clearly forgotten the great lesson of history: Never let a quorum of people to become so poor and so disenfranchised that they have nothing to lose. The only control they have over the masses is the inertia of adequate comfort, which they’ve done a stellar job of revoking.

    Personally, I don’t much care about being one of the masses, as long as I can have a rational expectation of adequate safety, food, shelter, housing, access to travel and information, and medical care. Why? Because I’m much more interested in how I can benefit my society than I am in whether others are controlling the upper limits of my financial or social accomplishments, when I can access the upper levels of my interests & capacity quite easily. Let them think they matter. I don’t care.

    I care a lot when they are the driving forces behind the torture and death of people I love. This is what has happened.

    The ham-handed, oligarchical or even weirdly feudal nature of the EU’s financial structure is obnoxious and demeaning, and badly needs to change in order to remain sustainable over the long term — yes, absolutely.

    Britain is in no position to scold others for their oligarchism or for preying on the vulnerable, however. With Brexit, Britain has lost its access to the benefits of the larger oligarchy, which, by the way, included some protection from the parochial viciousness of its own — I hope you’ve heard of the International Criminal Courts bringing suit against the UK for its treatment of its disabled, who are the most vulnerable among a population, while also being the most adaptable, determined, and resourceful demographic group. Not the ones you want to lose, really.

    In my country, we’ve just had the most viciously illegal and corrupted primary election in about a hundred years. We have a “choice” between a money-grubbing, warmongering psychopath who happens to be intelligent and well-connected, and a money-grubbing, warmongering psychopath who happens to be silly enough to appeal to silly people — which are just about 50% of any population, as the UK is discovering along with Google and the rest of the world.

    I believe I’m very much alone in realizing that it doesn’t much matter which one gets the top spot. The President has to push everything substantive through Congress, and that political body is very much bought and paid for, ultimately by the same European families who own our economic system and yours.

    Neptune is moving into Aries. I see in that the relentless glorification of war, war without boundaries or any clear rules. Before then, as Neptune finishes transiting Pisces, the seas will rise and the deserts expand, and the displacement of billions will set up plenty of strain to be resolved as only an Aryan Neptune could contrive.

    I have no more faith in nations. I think Britain would have been better off to get as much money and protection out of the EU as it could until then, but it’s not for me to say. I have to find a place safe for me and my family, just as you have to find a place for you and yours. I hope you make it in time.

    • Christina says:

      “Personally, I don’t much care about being one of the masses, as long as I can have a rational expectation of adequate safety, food, shelter, housing, access to travel and information, and medical care. Why? Because I’m much more interested in how I can benefit my society than I am in whether others are controlling the upper limits of my financial or social accomplishments, when I can access the upper levels of my interests & capacity quite easily. Let them think they matter. I don’t care.” Nicely put Isy.

      • mike says:

        I suspect that anyone reading this comment lives in the upper 5% to 10% of global wealth. We already have a lot and aren’t very willing to share our “…rational expectation of adequate safety, food, shelter, housing, access to travel and information, and medical care ” with those that have far less.

        “The poorest 40 percent of the world’s population accounts for 5 percent of global income. The richest 20 percent accounts for three-quarters of world income.”

        I’m guilty of disdain toward the rich-elite 1%, yet blind to my own vast wealth compared to most of the global population. This is part of the Uranus-Pluto, Saturn-Neptune irony.
        “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

        • Isabel Tifft says:

          You’re right that those of us with access to this site are already very well off in comparison to the majority of the world’s population… having said that, if I were a citizen resident in the sort of country I was born or grew up in (Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh) I’d have been dead long ago. I’m very disabled and far poorer than my upbringing and education ever prepared me for — skirting the poverty line with, so to speak, a labor-intensive frill. It’s hard work being disabled and hard work being poor, so yes, without adequate medical care and federally-managed payouts from the safety net I paid into as a worker, I’d be nothing but a historical datum.

          What frustrates me beyond measure is the fact that this widespread poverty is absolutely optional. It’s widely believed that the poor are always with us, but as our archaeology gets better, that becomes less believable. It’s a fiction bred of greed and entrenched by habit.

          At this point in time, we HAVE the means to provide adequate distribution of goods. We HAVE sustainable ways to grow enough good food. We HAVE the technology to provide free or super cheap power, both for transport and activities, for the entire world, without creating irretrievable damage or expanding our “carbon footprint.” We HAVE the means, the technology, and the skill-base to provide absolutely universal education and, with a few years to train up more providers, universal world-wide health services. It’s just not that far away. All we’re missing is the will to implement it, or perhaps the vision to realize that it’s *just not that far away.*

          And yet, we remain stuck in this post-Industrial nightmare because the worldwide oligarchs just can’t think past the next financial quarter, and the parochial PTB just can’t think outside their fragile egos. It absolutely boggles me. This scarcity-based, divisive and predacious insanity is just so stupid.

          Not that this advances the conversation, I just had to put it out there 🙂

          • Christina says:

            The other thing that archaeology shows us is that everything can be going along just ticketyboo and then ping one thing goes wrong and a civilisation goes phut overnight.

        • Christina says:

          I suspect you are right there, Mike — lest we forget.

    • Isabel Tifft says:

      It amuses me to realize how much I sound like a “prepper.” I’m not. I’m just a lifelong historian. The only real difference between human society now and 2,000 or 5,000 or 12,000 years ago, is the extent of communications and weaponry.

      That’s something to think about.

  30. Gem says:

    Christina , I love reading your analysis of world events an like many others am currently perplexed and confused about the current political uk landscape!
    Can you send any light on the current Labour party cat fighting….the cretinous backstabbing worthy of ancient greece and the truly terrible treatment of a man of seeming principle and good heart Jeremy corbyn… loathsome and loathsomer as the week progresses…. how can this current prime minister be able to insult and deflect the attention by scapegoating when they do t seem to have developed some kind of contingency plan ?? Do the stars shed any light on this discord between Labour grassroots and the snakes in the back benches ?? I M more of an independent liberal myself yet have do I d it hard not to be drawn into feelings of true contempt and disgust for most involved….

    • Christina says:

      Dear Gem — I am currently deep in horoscope writing purdah. I am finding it very hard this month since like everyone I am upset and distracted — also Mars station in the third. I will write a proper piece in July.