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Thursday July 7th 2016

58f24649a6f0cd4050706c9c5b1d3fd0Mars Retrograde in Scorpio has been in my third house. Here are some things that happened.

• My car got rear-ended and I was without wheels for most of June. Third house rules vehicles.

• My Dad was rushed into hospital for a blood transfusion — Mars went across the IC (parents).

• My buddy Andrea, who is working on the podcast with me, was struck down by a really debilitating illness. Third house rules chums and talking, which is what we do together.

Thankfully, Andrea is going to be OK and we will be broadcasting again, working on making the show showier over time. Although we’re going to work on something for this month, I don’t think we’ll be back on track until Mars gets well out of the shadow at the end of August.

I bought a new car two days ago which is just about my favourite car ever, so thank you Mars.

My Dad is much better — his life was saved by the French national health service.

Speaking of the third house, I think I’d better tell you about some talks I’m giving in the months. As you may know, I don’t get out much — family responsibilities keep me close to home — so I’m quite excited. Perhaps you can make it to one of these.

Meanwhile, I am on BBC Radio Oxford, the first Friday of every month on the Alex Lester show at about 3.30. Tune in or listen again on BBC iPlayer.


October 8

Unitarian Society for Psychical Studies
Buxton, Derbyshire

The State We’re In

What does astrology have to tell us about these tumultuous times? Can we find historical precedents? And how can we work with these energies to try to make the world a better place


November 21
7 pm

The Astrological Lodge of London

The Mirror of Time: Neptune in Pisces

Can we see parallels in art, literature and fashions of the 1850s with the 20teens? And could this help you create the best artistic response to the times we live in now?


March 4, 2017
2 pm

Birmingham Astrological Association
Kingstanding, Birmingham

Haven’t quite decided what to talk about yet.


The Oxford Astrology Group is also planning a mixed day of talks, but we have yet to fix the date. Probably February. I’ll be contributing something then too.


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  1. mike says:

    Always nice when there’s a happy ending! This Mars retrograde reminds me of the 1953 movie, “Invaders from Mars”:
    “Following a large explosion, David is suddenly back in his bed. Thunder and lighting are heard again, as in the beginning of the film. He runs into his parents’ bedroom, confused and frightened; they reassure him he was just having a bad dream, telling him to go back to sleep. Having returned to his bed, more wind and loud thunder is heard. David then climbs out of bed again, goes to his window, and witnesses the very same flying saucer of his dream slowly descending into the sandpit; the screen then holds on young David and dissolves to the film’s ‘The End’ title card, as the film’s ethereal music plays.”

  2. As Leo rising( Cap Sun) I have Mars/Saturn conj in my 4th at zero degrees and Mars is going to make a final pass over this conjunction. I haven’t wanted to leave the house other than to go somewhere locally and I’ve withdrawn from communication as it leaves me exhausted. I will be glad when he goes on his merry way. Glad things are looking better for you Christina.

    • Christina says:

      It’s really been OK — once I knew Andrea and my Dad were stable. Like you I haven’t been anywhere — and I also haven’t been able to write much. But it’s been quite relaxing as long as I didn’t try to do anything.

  3. Saverne says:

    Good to hear dear ones are well and you’ve got a new ride!
    It’s been in my 2nd moving back to the 3rd. There might be more to say when mars and Saturn get together on my natal Neptune there.
    Btw at my husbands work there was a diversity event several weeks ago and it was nice to learn there is a small group from Oxford 🙂

  4. My Mars retrograde has been gruesome…a pre-moral broke just after I had signed my resignation from work…I waited for 3 months until I could face my fears and the ordeal. I am now one tooth less…a bit shaken…and faced a dragon…