September Horoscopes: Practical Magic

Wednesday August 31st 2016
Grapes, Juan Fernandez el Labrador.

Grapes, Juan Fernandez el Labrador.


A piece of wood, some catgut, ebony: a violin.

Grapes transformed into wine.

Paint transformed into image.

Practical magic.

This month opens with a wondrous eclipse in the sign of skill and craftsmanship, Virgo, which opens up the powerful generational aspect between Saturn and Neptune, rules and imagination. These two distinct energies don’t often work together — but when they do you get something really special. You get craftsmanship and fairy dust, you get art, or wine. The second eclipse is in Pisces, Neptune’s own sign, the sign of collective emotion, mass hysteria — and mystery.

Neptune in Pisces won’t make this aspect to Saturn again — for centuries.

For the collective, this month still poses dangers with Mars Furioso in Sagittarius, but we, as individuals, can choose a different way forward. We can choose magic and beauty and wine.

To get to the horoscopes, click here. If you haven’t had the chance, please also read this more generally on the eclipses.

Pictures this month are of grapes, which are harvested this month across the North.

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  1. Natasha says:

    When was the last time Neptune eclipsed in Pisces?? Was there a significant global mass hysteria?

    • Christina says:

      It’s not Neptune being eclipsed, but the solar eclipse is directly opposite Neptune, which is on the lunar node.I don’t have another historical example for this — if it has ever happened in fact!?
      Last time Neptune in Pisces squared Saturn in Sagittarius was in 545 AD. This is not my period historically. The most significant thing politically appears to be a peace treaty between Persia and Byzantium though… It was the middle of the so-called Dark Ages, when Europe was busy losing all its classical learning — but I think we’d need to look deeper.
      Last time Neptune in Pisces squared Saturn in Gemini was 1854/1855… I’ve written about the latter in these pages & the main thing I found was an interest in spiritualism and a religious revival, and some important medical breakthroughs to do with infection (Neptune) and stopping it (Saturn) and statistics (Saturn in Gemini). Spiritualism was all the rage in the 1850s and the “Second Great Awakening” was at its height.

  2. CS says:

    I’m a subscriber and I can’t get my September horoscope. Any particular reason why? Eclipse, maybe? Thanks, Carol

  3. Vicky Davies says:

    Hi I’m a subscriber too and can’t access it either. It says I’ve put in the wrong password. I have requested a new one and have not been emailed back. It also said it didn’t recognise my email!!

  4. Leonora says:

    Sorry to add to the misery Christina but I am logged in and can’t access horoscopes for September! mercury retro?

  5. Gemstone_333 says:

    I cannot access the horoscopes page either. I deleted my cookies and tried logging in again, but without luck.

    • Christina says:

      I am really sorry about this. There’s been a real problem this month for several people — and my tech guy has vanished! I will log you in manually. This means I have to automatically generate your password.

  6. ammacari says:

    I can’t get it either. though I’m logged in…