November Horoscopes

Monday October 31st 2016
The wink black cats

The wink — Louis Wain

Happy Halloween!

Black cats all round for this month’s horoscopes. Click here to find yours. And remember to read your Rising and Sun signs.

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  1. leonievingoe says:

    Oh no ! I can’t seem to click here to read Novembers horoscope
    Any tips thanks leonie

  2. vmadden says:

    There’s no link.

  3. CS says:

    Hi, Still can’t get the November horoscopes.

  4. ghbrock says:

    I don’t trust PayPal. I have given you my Visa number. Can you use it? Otherwise I will forego subscribing. A couple of years ago PayPal charged my acct without my permission and then later I received scam mail from PayPal. They were hacked a couple of years ago. Ergo I don’t trust them. I would like your newsletter, I find your charts so revealing and insightful and intellectual and the graphics delightful. Cheers from Chicago, George Brock

  5. Louly100 says:

    No joy here, stated link just leading me in circles. Please can you check it again?

  6. AB1 says:

    Thank you Christina. My Leo rising tied to my Capricorn sun in the fifth is so spot on re my debut novel which publishes on Nov 3rd followed by a couple of prime time tv interviews! Love the psychic birthday suit reference!?

  7. Kay Thomson says:

    I have lost my password and asked you several times for a new one. No response despite telling me to look in my mail box. Most unsatisfactory. You charged me £20 and I was able to access one month. Jolly I seem to remember. I am feeling furious and frustrated.