Brexit: Pluto’s Plaything

Tuesday March 28th 2017

Pluto = zombie

Well, it had to happen eventually.

Prime Minister Theresa May will start the legal process of Brexit tomorrow. For the United Kingdom to leave the European Union she must “trigger” Article 50, the relevant piece of legislation, by writing an official letter to the European Commission. She has chosen to do this on March 29.

As some of you may recall, the chart for the Brexit vote on June 23, 2016 had Pluto Rising. Tomorrow’s charts also have Pluto’s fingerprints all over them.

In a nutshell, Pluto is about death and rebirth: something wiped out in order for something else to come, slash and burn. Anyone who has experienced a Pluto transit to the Sun or Moon knows this. Capricorn is the established order.

The Partition of Poland between Prussia, Austria and Russia in 1772. Other Western powers did not come to the help of the Poles. This was really the end of Poland until 1918.

The Partition of Poland between Prussia, Austria and Russia in 1772. Other Western powers did not come to the help of the Poles. This was really the end of Poland until 1918.

Pluto in Capricorn correlates with major changes in capitalism — and the world order. Some examples: in the 1760s and 70s (1762-1778), Britain defeated the Indian States and began the process of bringing the sub-continent under its hegemony; meanwhile America threw out the British and took its first steps as a democracy; the partition of Poland; the Industrial Revolution made some people very rich and some slaves of the machines. In the centuries that followed, English became the language of the world order, and industrial capitalism the rule.

I wonder if Theresa May has consulted an astrologer, because tomorrow is the one day of the year when the Sun will be directly opposite her own unaspected Sun. Triggering Article 50 puts the ball in the European Union court.

Note how the Moon transfers from Uranus (revolution) to Mercury (the messenger) both in Aries, the sign of beginning. Uranus is back at 23°, where it was at last year’s vote on June 23. NOTE: I have just adjusted the time since I learned that the letter was delivered around 12.20. Tusk tweeted about it at 12.28. Interesting insights into house placements, and Neptune goes to the MC, Pluto to the DESC.

The tightest aspect is between Jupiter and Pluto, just a few minutes away from a perfect 90°. Jupiter in Libra could well signify legislation — and since Jupiter is retrograde, this looks like a long-drawn out process that won’t get properly started until Jupiter turns direct in June.

That square from Jupiter, the magnifier, is emphasising the power of Pluto in Capricorn, which has, frankly, been awe-inspiring over the past nine years. Pluto is wiping out the powers that be to make way for something else.

But there is a great deal more Pluto going on than this, when you see what the Lord of the Underworld is doing in the UK 1801 chart right now. These aspects are very, very close.

The South Node is passing directly over the UK Pluto — this happens every 18 years.

TrPluto is directly opposite the UK Moon — this has never happened since the chart is dated from 1801.

This is updated to reflect the more exact timing of 12.20

Traditionally, the Moon represents the common people in a chart. They appear to be in Pluto’s sights. But you could also argue that the Moon is a nation’s soul. Since this is a monarchy, we actually have a physical incarnation of the nation in the shape of the Queen herself. So it’s important to see what is happening to HM’s chart too.

A Soul is a Wheel.
A Nation’s a Soul
With a Crown at the hub
To keep it whole.
— Ted Hughes

This has been updated to reflect the more exact timing

As you can see, astrology works. The Queen’s North Node conjoins (and applies to) the nation’s Moon. Her personal destiny was, and is, aligned with the people’s.

Neptune = sea monster

Pluto is about to conjoin her South Node and in 2018, the Dark Lord will cross her Ascendant. At last year’s close of polls, Mars was stationing direct less than a degree from the authoritative Saturn in Scorpio that dominates her chart. Saturn on the MC, Jupiter in the 1st house: the signature of royalty. Mars’s retrograde last year was right over the Queen’s MC.

Neptune, the Lord of the Sea whose job it is to wash clean, sweep away, obliviate, is also coming up to her exalted Venus in Pisces.

So this is bound to be a period of sweeping changes for the queen — and it could be a transfer of power, or a crumbling of power.

Now one thing that’s interesting from an astrological point of view is that with or without the Brexit vote, the country would have had this significant combination of transits. The transits were not caused by the choice to leave the EU — but Theresa May (and her government) certainly seem to be acting on behalf of the gods of transformation.





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  1. Christina says:

    I have just been told the letter will be delivered at 12.30, so I will adjust the chart.

    • 44 and counting says:

      I’m wondering if she’s been consulting an astrologer as well, or just really in touch with what the universe demands.

      They announced last week that she’d be triggering Brexit on the Wednesday and I thought that comes just after Aries new moon. But when does it go VOC? Turns out that’s at 1:07pm after the trine to Saturn so the letter’s handing over before that.

      In fact the choice to hand over the letter at 12:30pm, just 3-mins before moon and mercury are conjunct, that seems too coincidental, and a slightly strange enough time, that it must have been suggested by an astrologer.

      All that Aries in the chart and on the MC … we’re definitely going it alone!

      As for the Queen, her Taurus sun will be hit by Uranus in the next couple of years. Pretty certain she’s going to be liberated one way or the other. She’s 91 this year and been handing over responsibilities to the younger generations. I’m not sure we should expect her to still be in place in 2020. Hopefully due to good reasons rather than anything nefarious.

      • Christina says:

        I’ve just watched May’s speech, which was all about partnership with Europe — as shown in the Aries 7th house transits to the 1801 chart.

        • aqua says:

          My pleasure. I had a look for Rebekah Mercers dob and I cant find it either.
          A cookie baker, how nauseating ;(

        • aqua says:

          Yes, and with Juno tied into that Jupiter Pluto square, its also the aptest of aspects for divorce.
          That extremely protectionist Vesta in Cancer rising in opposition and square Uranus Moon Mercury, isnt helping either.

  2. Vesta says:

    My chart angles are the same as for the UK, so for me, literally, the personal is political. I was keenly aware of dramatic change to my family from autumn 2008 onwards, and then to me during the uranus/pluto years, which arguably, we’re still going through as other planets aspect them. It’s like everything is broken up and flushed away, then neptune comes along to scrub things clean. Nothing is sacred, nothing is rock solid, a given, sure. Everything is a privilege, down to being alive. When what you believe to be rights and privileges you’re entitled to disappear before you can click your fingers, you realise rights and privileges are illusions too. We have no more right to life than any other living thing.
    Looking at the UK from this perspective, I see illusions of power vanishing. I lost my identity during those uranus/pluto years, I had to figure out who I am when I realised I wasn’t who I always thought I was. The same is true for the UK as everyone learns more about the British Empire, what it really was, and how it hasn’t been there for a long, long time now, those in power just talked as if it was.
    I was thinking last night how Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria might be turning in their graves at Brexit. Under these two women, the UK expanded its reach, conquered the world, made this tiny island a superpower. OK, not very nicely, there was disgusting abuse of power, white supremacy played a large part, as did patriarchy, which is ironic given the monarchs were women. Now, under Queen Elizabeth II, it all disappeared, my knowledge of history is shaky, but I understand the British Empire was over with the Suez Crisis.
    I don’t see the end of the British Empire as such a bad thing. It’s right and proper to put right that abuse of power, and restore balance to all the countries the UK took over. I like the Queen, but her sun falls in my 7th house, conjunct my DC, so maybe I would. 🙂 As a sun Taurus, she has provided grounding as the old Empire slipped away. She has been like a lighthouse in a storm, a point of light to focus on and provide some sense of safety. During those uranus/pluto years, I had an earth sign friend who was like that for me. The moment things started to turn around, he was gone. So I’m not surprised to learn there may be some change next year. Whilst we might have been frustrated with the Queen for not helping when we could have done with it, I think she was probably right not to use whatever power she has left. The mess we’re in is of our own making. We wanted democracy and rule of parliament, not a monarchy, this is what it looks like.
    So, as the personal is political, I anticipate the next thing for the UK to figure out is its true identity based on what’s really there, not illusions or delusions of grandeur, or any inflated sense of self. So far, ignorance and white supremacy seems to have crawled out from under rocks and shown its ugly, xenophobic, misogynistic, racist face. Good, because now we can deal with it. It’s almost like those who had the most power have been the most lazy. They didn’t grow or mature because they didn’t have to, they were at the top of the chain, or so they believed. I see Brexit and Trump in this light. Now, as the balance of power is being restored, this is being put right, their unreasonable behaviour is under a spotlight now, being corrected. Nobody grows up or matures unless they’re forced to, which is how we have a baby-man in the Whitehouse. He was so rich, he didn’t have to grow beyond the age of three. The crumbling of power includes patriarchy, that’s going too.
    I have been giving this a lot of thought because I am worried for myself as well. This is a critical time, I am going through another critical year which I may not see the end of, thanks to government policy. Me and many others, I know. My mind is concentrated, I can’t tolerate bullshit, I see things as they are even if I don’t know what I’m looking at or how to describe them.
    A change of identity brings trauma. I am expecting a rise in mental health issues and stress, and more focus on what we can do to help ourselves and others. So that means greater compassion and empathy. There’s no room for ignorance or abuse of power, no one will be able to tolerate it. Bullies will isolate themselves or grow tf up.
    What’s the chart for the EU? It would be interesting to contemplate that. To me, it feels like it will reform, in which case, perhaps we won’t leave at all, or maybe we’ll rejoin. We will have to figure out something as we’re in a cold war again.
    Thank you for a great post! More stuff to think about. 🙂

    • Christina says:

      And thank you for a great comment. This gives a lot of insight into the current situation. Maybe I like it so much because I agree with you.

      I also believe that Trump and Brexit are exposing the worms. The problem is, of course, how long will the turmoil last and what will be the outcome? Looking back into history, it could a very long time before we are through this, and it could all go badly wrong. Since I have young children, I am worried for their futures.

      As for mental health issues, I believe we are already in a strange epidemic. I am aware of so many children and young people suffering from serious mental health problems. It’s something to do with dissonance.

      Here is the EU chart from 1993 and from the Treaties of Rome

      • Vesta says:

        You’re welcome! It was helpful for me to pull my thoughts together too.

        I’m guessing the future for young people will be to emigrate to other countries, as things look today. Doors are opening. May not be so far, Spain, France, Germany, Luxembourg. Or possibly Scotland, Wales, Ireland, depending on how things go and what businesses decide. There’s also rising automation to consider and what future jobs will look like.

        I wonder what it means for education? The best universities in the world are here, but they can’t survive without the very high fees paid by overseas students. *facepalm* I can’t believe what the Tories are doing.

        Yes, we do have an epidemic of mental health issues already, I’ve been reading about suicide statistics especially, which are at an all time high in the west. I meant what’s starting is a stripping of identity. It started with Brexit, when people were suddenly disillusioned and didn’t recognise their country anymore. Our identities are intrinsically linked with our country, we will have absorbed allsorts as part of our core beliefs. All of that is being violently ripped away. i.e. if we can’t identify with Little Englanders and the Tory government, and they define Britishness, then what does that make us? Our education isn’t the best in the world, it’s not even in the top ten, which means many, many other countries are far better educated. All those poor people and countries we were taught to pity are our betters. So where’s the respect? Little England is arrogant and deluded. But what we must also realise is no matter how enlightened we think we are, we have some work to do too.

        I have a lot of anger towards Brexiters, but I think some of them aren’t genuine, if what I’m hearing about bots and influencing elections/EU ref is anything to go by. When I can, when I encounter genuine Brexiters, I am trying to just listen without discussion. By all accounts, many regret their vote and there really aren’t that many that support Brexit anymore. That’s another illusion. What is May and her Conservative government pushing through without full and proper consent of the country?

        Thanks for the link! I had a feeling you’d written something before. 🙂

        • aqua says:

          Hi Vesta, regarding a manipulated Brexit have you seen this article in the Guardian?

          • Vesta says:

            Cambridge Analytica isn’t going away.
            Here’s the FOI request I mentioned (thread)

          • Christina says:

            Robert Mercer— a thing of nightmares. There is a good article about the Mercers in The Atlantic. Among their crazy beliefs: oh nuclear war is survivable, and people’s lives have no intrinsic value: they are worth how much they earn, so Mercers are worth a million times more than, say, a nurse. I have had a look at his chart: NN conjunct Uranus — born the same year as Trump.

            I have been trying to find at least a birthday for his daughter Rebekah. If anyone finds this, let me know.

          • Vesta says:

            Hi aqua, it caught my eye yesterday and I was going to read it later! So now you’ve brought it to my attention too, which means it’s a must-read. Thank you! 🙂
            … right, Cambridge Analytica. There’s been a lot written on this in the last few months, some accept there’s something sinister, others don’t and debunked the theories/reports. So it’s very muddy right now. I don’t know what to think anymore, but it doesn’t seem to be going away.
            Someone did a Freedom of Information request to see what they had on him based on his Facebook account (he tweeted it so you may be able to find it), and it wasn’t as bad as he thought, although there was still enough to cause some concern.
            It is true there’s been some cooperation and sharing between the Trump campaign and EU referendum. There was a long article on it last summer, it was in something like the Atlantic, one of those long reads. It said each campaign was learning from the other and teams were visiting each other. We know about high profile visits, like when Farage went to Trump rallies. But what wasn’t reported in the news was when people behind the scenes visited each side.
            This is no time for lies, the truth keeps being revealed. So because they can’t bury it, they kick up dust and overwhelm us with information instead. We’re in the midst of some weird information war. Fake news is part of it. I’m taking a wait and see approach to these manipulated campaigns, the dust will settle and the truth will out.

        • Isy says:

          I’m grateful for your comments too. I’ve had similar realizations, and it’s helpful to read your remarks and find myself looking in a mirror, not feeling so silent and alone.

  3. Mandy H says:

    I’ve had Pluto transiting over my Ic since 2008 and yes I can date its ingress exactly to events. Should be in a sweet spot but I’m waiting for it to begin transiting over my sun within a year or so :(. I am worried over HM – always respected her & I think that transition of power, when it comes, will be very difficult and painful for this country.

    • Isy says:

      I was visiting family in London when the 9/11 attacks occurred, which took the lives of several people known to my family and seriously affected one of my dearest friends. (Took 4 days just to find out she was still alive.) I remember HM standing up, in her own church, in her own country, for MY national anthem. Took a full minute to breathe again. I thought she handled the whole thing, even from her stodgy Teutonic reserve, with outstanding kindness and decency.

      I was impressed by the British response generally. It still gives me shivers to remember the constant and effortless outpouring of care and concern, with that unfussy doughty British decency.

      That was Britain at her best. I hope she can re-invoke that in her own defense from enemies within, not just for others.

  4. Janelle says:

    Thank you for this write up Christina. Watching from over here in the States as our own democracy is seemingly being eaten alive by Russian backed corruption in our White House. For a long time I think left leaning Americans looked to Europe & the EU as an ideal to strive for. It hurts to see the UK being conned into possible self destruction by bigotry & fear. My generation (Pluto in Scorpio – Neptune in Capricorn) are being given a tall order to fight, reform, restructure & possibly destroy what’s being put into place through this rampant racist, sexist & basically anti life Right Wing wave that’s sweeping the world.

    Looking at the updated trigger chart, I wonder if the People (Moon) will have a sudden change of heart about the exit as she separates from Uranus & Mercury. I suspect 4 months and/or 4 years judging by the separating degree. But also Pluto opposed to the natal Moon the nation. Death of the people through bad policy, or an oppression so heavy it kills their spirit. In either case I expect a fight to ensue in the long run. Keep encouraging millennials to stay engaged & prepare them to fight, it will be our struggle to make things not only right, but better.

    • Leslie Dawson says:


      But have you, as an astrology enthusiast, have seen just how downright EVIL the EU (Maastricht Treaty) chart is?
      Christina has done a post on it.

      Perhaps there is a connection to the brutality of the EU’s treatment of the Greek people.
      …[edited]… I have no blinkered illusions as to the *true* nature of the EU, i.e. undemocratic, unaccountable dictatorship.

    • aqua says:

      Hi Janelle, its the same forces that affected your election, a whole stew of nefarious influences, Robert Mercer The Russians, mafia or otherwise, Bannon Murdoch Breitbart Farage etc etc

      Its crucial that we dont think of this in isolationist terms. France is being targeted as we speak, fingers crossed for them.
      But fortunately the tide is turning in places, Austria, The Netherlands, West Australia have rejected this bigotry, Germany will too.

    • Isy says:

      I’m reading a book which does a largely unintended job of detailing just how much of our culture was founded on the vile aspects of British Imperialist culture. It’s extraordinarily illuminating to read in the opening salvos of Twitlerian supremacy, and it leaves me completely unsurprised that the UK and the US are tag-teaming each other into a spiral of vileness. It’s called “An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States”, by Dr Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. My colonial and race history isn’t terrible, but wow, am I learning a lot. I don’t agree with her 100%, but I’m enjoying the arguments I pencil in the margins, and I find my understanding and ideas shifting every few pages. (With all the stubborn horns in my chart, that’s saying something 🙂 )

      I think that Little Britain as an ideological basis has been running things a lot longer than any of us wants to admit.

      • Vesta says:

        That sounds like a good read, thanks. 🙂
        Yes, my thinking is Little Britain, or the Right Wing wave (very nice!), started in the 1960s, about 10 years or so after the Suez Crisis and the British Empire ended. We noticed, we fought back, but there was crisis after crisis to distract us. From the 80s, we had prosperity, which brought the illusion of peace, and everyone forgot.
        So it was always there, remember we’ve had political correctness which was supposed to help too. Now the illusion of prosperity for all has gone as we realise that actually, all our money siphoned to the top and the press reported it as if everyone was enjoying good times.
        From about the 1980s, people weren’t paid properly and credit was introduced to make up the difference. Where does money come from? One of the ways is credit, bank lends to you, you pay it back *with interest*. Ideally, that money would circulate back into the economy, but by the sound of things, it’s been disappearing offshore instead. On top of that, aspiration culture, which is closely linked to ‘hardworking’ culture, so you have people working themselves to the bone believing ‘if you work hard, you too could be rich af and wear designer.’ Worker/shirker taught us to despise those ‘failing’ at aspiration culture. So although more and more people were falling by the wayside, no one cared. Again, next to no press attention. The needy were marginalised and a new culture of philanthropy was encouraged, those all night beg-a-thons on TV. Did the money go where it was supposed to? Course not.
        Once you don’t ‘fit in’, you feel alone. You feel outside society. Overwork adversely affects health. Breakdown of communities as all forms of gathering are discouraged is anti-society, we need love to thrive, we need togetherness, collectivism. So we have growing depression and mental health issues, stress-related illnesses, a rise of mysterious modern illnesses, from the 1980s. John Major noticed the increase in the early 90s and was shocked at the numbers. Instead of investigating why, he introduced assessments of the sick/disabled, because he didn’t believe the numbers and decided they were all lying shirkers, who could then be blamed/demonised in the right wing press when things went wrong. (He put this right a couple of years ago when he debunked worker/shirker in a speech). So never mind that we were being robbed blind at the top, we had to hate people who were hungry, sick, or dying. Greed is good, need is bad. Other western leaders did the same the world over. In the 1980s, Thatcher took out adverts on TV and the national press with a telephone number for people to call if they suspected someone was claiming benefits fraudulently. Isn’t it Brave New World, where children reported their parents to the authorities? It was happening under our noses. Meanwhile, Britain was being sold off overseas bit by bit. I don’t even know what’s ours anymore, if anything.
        ‘Doing something about it’ became a trope after ever recession, which were getting increasingly worse. Instead of tackling the real problems, western governments blamed the poor and needy. Throwing money at constant assessments to root out non-existent fraud is cheap and the rich get to keep their money. And the public buy-in to this. People actually believe those at the top who make billions actually worked hard for it, when the truth is, no one works harder than those at the bottom, which affects their health, pay isn’t enough so they need help, which we are led to believe is disgusting… We are taught to despise actual hard work, and admire lazy people who do nothing and are famous for it. Children stopped wanting to be doctors or fire fighters and wanted to just be famous instead. Vocational education fell by the wayside, as nobody was interested in skills. Which led to a skills shortage, so employers had to look overseas, which raised immigration, which led to resentment from the unskilled indigenous who thought wanting to be rich and famous was enough… I could go on! 😮
        I am of the uranus/pluto conjunct generation, mine is a t-square, opposing saturn, square mars/venus conjunct. Mutable t-square, with that uranus/pluto in my 12th house, blindspot. Sun scorpio, neptune/mercury conjunct in scorpio. I think I see through illusions? I usually know when people are lying. I also have a grand water trine with my sun/jupiter/saturn. I’m an empath. With my u/plu, I am supposed to fight back, but I can’t figure out how. My generation is struggling, this is the age group with the highest numbers of suicides. I think it was Time magazine? who did a long article on suicide statistics in America, and I’ve seen very similar for the UK. I’d be interested to learn more, my generation seem to be imploding if we are left powerless. Forced to be powerless. I think the Right Wing wave we’ve been having since the 1960s, which actually may have its roots in the 1950s, when psychologists published studies that later were incorporated into US and UK politics, is more extreme and powerful than any of us fully comprehend. I have been saying it a lot lately, just to get the idea out. Because look at Trump’s election, could it have been stopped? No. Is he publishing his tax returns? No. Can he be forced to? Seems not. And over here, can Brexit be stopped? No. What happened when people tried? It played into their hands and made it easier. When challenged, what do the Conservatives say? Nothing, or as little as possible, all lies, all benign, which their press fully support. People say Theresa May freezes when challenged or faced with a problem. I don’t think that. I think she thinks ‘I’m doing what I’m doing, end of, no discussion.’ It’s a kind of arrogance only the elite do, it’s like entitlement max. This isn’t normal. I saw a couple of days ago that the EU realise there’s a problem with our press, so they will step up transparency so the British people get all the information they need. Everyone knows our press is a problem, except the British people. How has that happened? An entire generation who doesn’t know any different. So ever since the early 1970s, when Harold Wilson tried to stand up to the (now extremely powerful) right wing, he couldn’t. Did everyone stand behind him, support him, help him at all? No. Everyone blamed him for ‘failing’ to stand up to the Tories. It’s been the same for every Labour / Opposition leader since. People blame the left for ‘failing’ to stand up to extremely powerful right wing bullies. Instead of seeing just how powerful the right are, everyone focuses on how weak the left are. It’s like blaming David when the problem is Goliath. It’s like blaming the kid for saying the Emperor has no clothes, when the Emperor has no clothes. Why would you blame David or smack the kid? And anyway, how could one person stand up to a phenomenally powerful right wing on their own? They’re victimised twice, once by the Goliath right wing, and again by the electorate. How could anyone with a heart do that to someone? Could you be a left wing leader? I couldn’t. Knowing I am on my own up there, next to no support, standing up to an almighty right wing establishment, and no matter what I say or do, the electorate will find fault and blame me, and the press will whip them up. Next thing we do is kick those left wing leaders to touch, ‘you failure!’ and we get a nice shiny new one, ‘go on, stand up to the right wing’. When you see it, you realise it’s like watching Roman games. That left wing leader’s life is destroyed when they’re deemed to have ‘failed’. Their reputation in tatters. How does history remember Harold Wilson? A ‘fantasist’, a ‘dreamer’. This is what Blair and Brown realised. They borrowed heavily from the right wing in order to be elected. And the country, extremely right wing by now on an intense diet of right wing propaganda since the 60s, were happy. Britain is a horrible, ugly, right wing country. The cities are diverse and better educated, and we think we’re better than we are, so we didn’t realise.
        It’s why the Labour party are falling apart now. We can’t go on with right wing politics, we are destroying ourselves and the earth with it. The right wing hiding in the left have been exposed and they don’t like it. What are we going to do? Who are we going to get behind and support? Do we even know what getting behind someone and supporting them means? We are so broken and divided, we have forgotten how to be a society. When we see it, half a million new members of the Labour party standing together, the largest in the whole of Europe, it seems alien to us. We’re used to nuclear families, everyone living apart or alone. We don’t know what social bonds are anymore. Relationships fall apart, divorce, and people scratch their heads wondering why. We’re not allowed to have each other’s backs anymore. To me, it’s as simple as that. We dismiss it as codependency, like it’s a bad thing. We dismiss traumatised people who need us as toxic and dump them asap. We are not there for each other, and we certainly don’t stand behind those who stand up for us.
        After I lost my identity and I was trying to figure out who I am, I realised how much propaganda I had absorbed. It’s in my blood, it’s in every cell. It’s in the foundations of what makes me me. I have been working hard to exorcise it, but it’s not easy. Looking around, I saw how right wing the west is. We all drifted further and further to the right without realising. Noam Chomsky says the same, (see his speeches and interviews in YouTube, worth your time). Today, parties like the Conservatives realise they have more in common with UKIP and Trump than they thought, and they’re shocked. They were so busy abusing their power, with their eyes on how much money they were making, they hadn’t realised. Probably same for Republicans and other right wing parties across the West.
        At present, nobody has any solutions, though there are some very good ideas out there. Nobody has created a new economic model. What good ideas there are are being dismissed, even though we need them. It doesn’t matter how hard the left wing try to promote them, the press won’t give them attention and will stamp them out instead, telling the electorate to be disgusted at the ‘hard left’. Not ‘hard’ at all, would have been perfectly average and middling 50 years ago.
        Sorry for the ramble! Hope it makes sense and hope it’s appropriate to post. It’s good to talk… 🙂 And I hope it disillusions more people out there. The more scales that fall from eyes, the better. 🙂 Maybe that’s my purpose? I wish I knew what to do with my u/plu! 🙂

        • romanz says:

          Whether you vote left or right .Its like turkeys voting for Christmas you will be plucked & oven fried & they will enjoy tucking in as they pull crackers containing their spin mantras.

        • 44 and counting says:

          Somewhere in there I think you articulated a version of what I wish people would understand. Our country (and the rest of the world) has been screwed for decades and politicians have been more interested in staying in power than resolving the issues. They’ve done a great job of avoiding dealing with the problems and probably making them worse while pretending things are getting better. Eventually some big cloud of poop was going to hit us in one way or another.

          At some point we were going to have to pay the piper or take our medicine for all the mistakes that have been made. We can suffer the pain of Brexit now, or kick the can further down the road and watch it become an even bigger issue. To my eyes it’s unavoidable.

          That said, I believe all this could be solved IF the ruling elites were willing to stop doing what they want which is to have power and make money at the expense of the other 99%; and actually start acting equal and doing what’s best for everybody not just themselves. But they’re not going to do that so we trundle down this road to some kind of oblivion.

          It seems like we’ve come almost a thousand years from the tyranny of the monarchy for Pluto in Capricorn to essentially repeat the ills of that society by recreating class divides where university is once again becoming something that only the rich can afford; where the rich are able to pay people to do household tasks for them (servants); and where people aren’t even guaranteed work (zero hours contracts) when they have a job.

          If astrology has shown me anything, it’s that all this stuff is a big cycle of birth, growth, maturation, death, renewal. If you try (as the politicians have) to avoid or sidestep that cycle, the universe will force you one way or another to live it out.

          • Vesta says:

            Thank you for reading! 🙂 Yes, to everything you said.
            I’ve identified a number of arcs going back to various points in time. I was thinking thousand years for the City of London, but hadn’t thought of monarchy. Good point.
            And yes to cycles. A sad thought I had was: people left the countryside and moved to cities for work. Labour is always one of the primary reasons for migration. Over that time, we have sacrificed everything for the world of work, down to our relationship with nature. As we reach the end of this industrial revolution and enter the next where most work could be done by machines, where does that leave us? We can’t all go back to the countryside, and even if we were fortunate enough to buy somewhere, how many of us know how to grow our own food, let alone prepare it? I know people who would sooner consume manufactured food over anything real anyway. So as this cycle completes, we are kind of left high and dry. Our survival is on the line, and I’m not seeing enough noise from politicians or governments about it. There are pledges and studies for basic income, but it seems to me they’re dragging their heels. Along with basic income, we need to seriously think about free housing. It doesn’t help that the alt-right ‘gerrajob’ crowd seem to think there are jobs for all. Humanity has been abused in the most abhorrent way by those in power. I know uranus/pluto is going some way to rebalancing that, but it kind of sticks in the throat things won’t change for the 1% all that much. :/

    • Christina says:

      Yes if this was a person, you’d know that Uranus-Moon-Mercury was likely to switch on and off. It’s an incredibly stressful combination — pulled tight.

      I have been thinking about Moon-Uranus conjunction a lot recently anyway. My Dad has it and, yes, he is highly-stressed and explodes with anger a lot.

  5. Isy says:

    I’m also struck by Saturn *exactly* between a perfect square of Mercury and the Moon. I hear the snick of scissors there. Also, by Pluto (powers that be, eminences grises) in the UK chart apparently using the transiting South Node as a pissoir. Wow.

    Historical pivot-points suck to survive, and here we are…

    Twitler (as many of us call him in the US) is preparing to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency and roll back the logistically huge, but pragmatically trivial, environmental protections and regulatory boundaries which Obama succeeded in pushing through a hostile Congress. In fact, the GOP are using his extraordinary powers of chaos and distraction to ram through a dismantling of the educational system and a comprehensive assault on the rights of the non-elite. Strategically, I can’t help but admire it; speaking as someone who, like Vesta, is all too vulnerable to the “right to survive” laws, and has a driven sense of justice, I find it appalling beyond words.

    It seems to be to be treasonous, to deliberately undermine and destroy everything that creates a meaningful, stable, survivable future state.

    I mention the EPA disruption because that is going to have such an enormous knock-on effect on the rest of the world. Not only is an unconstrained and recidivist fossil-fuel industry on the US’s size scale going to create a lot of damage to the world’s climate, but the fact that the US agreed to the Paris accords in the first place led a lot of other countries to adopt those limits, and the US departure may herald a comparable withdrawal.

    The sooner the US is no longer seen as a leader, the safer we’ll all be, IMO.

    • Vesta says:

      I see Trump as ur-Clive of India, of the East India Company. Takes you down a rabbit hole, but in a nutshell, today’s sociopathic business practice has its origins in how Clive did things.

  6. 44 and counting says:

    Christina – noting that according to the BBC the letter was handed over at 12:20pm.

    However I’m also looking at the chart you’ve uploaded and you’ve done it as GMT in Oxford. At the least shouldn’t it be BST for London or maybe Brussels?

    • Christina says:

      Yes. I’ll fix it now. One source is telling me 12.28 but I think that’s just when Tusk tweeted.

      • 44 and counting says:

        Who knows?!?

        The BBC live thread originally said 12:20pm in their summary. At 12:28, it was a BREAKING item and Tusk tweeted at the same moment. At 16:59 on the live feed it’s now officially listed as having happened at 12:25pm

        Bigger difference though is that it all occurred in British Summer Time (not GMT). I believe that moves the angles from Leo/Aries to Cancer/Pisces. Suddenly it’s 5 Aries planets in the 10H. And Pallas/Chiron sat on the MC and that Aries moon/mercury/uranus square the asc/desc.

        (Sorry my Virgo Mercury is getting activated by the detail !!)

        • Christina says:

          Thanks for the info and links. I think the one up here is good now, give or take five minutes. The previous one was just set for noon because I didn’t know the time, so it wasn’t really about the angles.

          The angles do tell a story now though don’t they!

          Cancer is a rather tribal sign & with Neptune on the MC there are dreams and illusions & the whole thing seems much less stable. Pallas is at 29°44 about to leave Pisces… Britannia about to step into a new cycle…

          Oh and then there’s the little matter of Pluto…

      • Christina says:

        The more exact chart puts Neptune on the MC, Pluto on the Desc, Cancer Rising — but points discussed above remain the same.

  7. Gillian Dearnley says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts. Just a small point for your attention: you mention a couple of times that last year’s referendum vote was on June 21. In fact it was held on June 23.

  8. Christina says:

    Vesta — I can’t seem to comment under your Rebekah Mercer birthday — but thank you so much. I checked wiki only about four days ago and it wasn’t there! Shows how quickly things can move when peeps get interested.

    • Vesta says:

      haha you’re welcome 🙂 Yes, there was no reply button for me either, so I clicked on the nearest one above.
      Look forward to anything you write about her and her family. I saw a Guardian piece on them recently, and I just Googled the one in the Atlantic.

  9. […] should tell us something about what to expect — and the aftermath. Remember, the Brexit chart had Pluto Rising — and then we had the Week of the Long Knives, which ended with Theresa May as Prime […]