March Horoscopes

Wednesday March 1st 2017
Standing Nude — Wilhelm Trubner

Standing Nude — Wilhelm Trubner

It’s another mad sprint this month, with the energy from the end of February spilling over into the first week of March.

One planet, however, turns her back on the fray and takes a time out. Venus will be retrograde from March 4 for 40 days. For each of us, this will work differently, but it does feel like a wise pause on the part of the goddess of love, grace and laughter. She turns back just before walking into the running battle between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto that is taking place in the sky this spring.

That battle is back on fire as I write, blasted awake by the transit of hot-blooded Mars. I note that even Mount Etna has erupted again.

This Venus retrograde revisits similar degrees in the sky to the one in March and April 2009, so if you can dredge your memory you may recall what happened back then. Venus Rx in Aries should be interesting. Collectively it may be a time to re-examine our own values, who and how we love or our relationship with money.

At the end of March, Mercury will tread the same path as Mars did in February: first squaring Pluto, then opposing Jupiter and then conjoining Uranus within a few short days. Again this acts like a trigger.

It will be hard to keep things secret during these transits.

It’ll be quite a month with some beautiful days — thanks partly to the Pisces Sun and Neptune, some practical days and quite a bit of action.

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Picture theme this month is Venus retrograde & I did have some doubts about the “male gaze” but most out-of-copyright artists are male. So I have carefully chosen pictures for their inward power.

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  1. Saverne says:

    Happy birthday ???!
    Love the nudes for the Pisces season.
    March-April of 2009…we were buying a house with Venus rx on 7th house opp my moon and Sat rx opp my Sun. WHAT was I thinking…

  2. SaturnsChild says:

    Hey Christina,
    I really enjoyed reading the horoscopes this month, thank you. Did you mean to leave out the link for aspects and lunations?