April Horoscopes

Saturday April 1st 2017
Mask from the Dan people of Ivory Coast or Liberia

Mask from the Dan people of Ivory Coast or Liberia

It’s a very complicated picture this month, but things do slow down a lot — and about time too.

It’s important to note that from April 9 to 24, Venus will be between just two degrees of Pisces, 26° and 28°. This intense focus from the goddess of love and luck is unusual and will touch you directly if you have any planets around these degrees in water signs, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn — or Sagittarius and Gemini.

It seems as she will be especially supportive during an otherwise potentially fraught week as the Sun contacts Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto triggering that dynamic and exhausting T-square yet again this spring. Fortunately (perhaps), there is a great deal of drag in the air as Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and Venus are all retrograde this month. The only planets still racing through the sky are Mars, off doing his own thing, and Uranus, stirring up trouble as usual.

In the wide world, that could mean the “rebels” carry on regardless, while the “grown ups” stop, have a fag break and wait for Uranus to run out of puff some time in June.

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  1. Carole says:

    Have you ever done Nicola Sturgeon’s birth chart?
    You got Cameron and May so right!

    • Christina says:

      Briefly — I did think she was going to win the last election (beating Cameron and Miliband) — but I couldn’t figure out how! Now we know that both Cameron and Miliband were stop gaps.


      I’ve just glanced at it again — take a look at that Lilith!

      • Carol says:

        Thanks. She getting into the most momentous period of her career and is exciting to watch. I wonder if she’ll thwat May.

        • Christina says:

          She is smarter than May — and more politically astute. She is also the only proper opposition we’ve got. Just listened to Week in Westminster — and the only remain pols they could find to interview were Conservatives. Labour could not even get it together to send in Hilary Benn or Keir Starmer. Instead they had Alastair Campbell who is not an elected pol.

          Scotland could, of course, benefit hugely from this Brexit fiasco & become the English-speaking financial hub in Europe — if she can get her ducks in a row.

          • Carol says:

            That’s what I’m hoping, that Scotland cuts loose and saves itself from this collective insanity of Brexit.