Astrology of Now: This Restless Summer

Monday August 21st 2017
Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain

Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain, summer 2017.

…and yet the children eat figs on the beach, fight, splash. The wine tastes good. Sun sets.

Everything, everything is precious. This summer is not like other summers. A magnifying glass hovers over the human world, making our invisible bonds almost visible, gossamer threads ruffling, stretching, floating like skeins a spider weaves, catching rainbows and dew.

Imagine: a few years ago, we might have been on holiday from Aleppo — a day at the beach in Latakia, perhaps, with a paper bag of loukoum to nibble under an umbrella. Or maybe we were from Caracas… down at Isla Margarita for the waterskiing. Or a few centuries ago, sitting on the sandy beach at Fukushima watching the fishing boats sail past, we sucked on sea urchins; or a few millennia ago, shaded by the great Pharos at Alexandria, we dipped our feet in in the blue Mediterranean and waited for the sun to set.

Connected through time by memory and imagination, connected now by emotion, connected to the future by wishes.

Some future summer, we might meet on a beach and share a story, a fig, a glass of wine. We might talk about this summer, and what changed.

Venus in Cancer 24°, NN in Leo 24°, Moon in Leo 24°, SN in Aquarius. Eclipse coming.

Shift a perspective.





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  1. Isy says:

    “This summer is not like other summers. A magnifying glass hovers over the human world, making our invisible bonds almost visible, gossamer threads ruffling, stretching, floating…”

    Indeed. Time itself seems to shrink into the other side of that glass.

    Looking forward to our next round of shared wine and figs, whenever and wherever; I can almost taste them now.

  2. AB says:

    This eclipse on my Leo ascendant with a Pluto conjunction at 28 Leo opposite my Venus in Aqua 29 degrees. Just told my husband I’m leaving. Don’t know where I’m going but I’ve got to get out. He’s a good man. It’s me.

  3. Prospera says:

    What you’ve written? Brings me to tears. This day… this one day… let’s live in the moment, connected, forget to criticise, and love everything. Thank you, Christina – you’re a marvel.

  4. Sabrina says:

    I lived in Isla Margarita for few months in 1986…it feels unreal now.
    Thank you, Christina…for this and many other posts, especially in the last few weeks. I don’t always get to comment but they all feel very close to all of us and what is happening, giving meaning to the process and some needed perspective as well.
    This eclipse is opp my Mercury and this summer fire grand trine locks with my natal air grand trine at 27 deg. It was amazing to experience it yesterday and know (feel!) how connects with my life and others. And then few friends were able to photograph it with Regulus…so cool. 

  5. P M says:

    Vertex 28 deg 59 min Aquarius – starting meds, Christina. Hopefully my decision was right, despite the Merc Rx!

    The last time this happened I moved – far far away from what had been my home……