Astrology of Now: Power Transfers

Monday November 20th 2017
Mnangagwa and Mugabe in friendlier times.

Mnangagwa and Mugabe in friendlier times.

Today is quite tricky astrologically — and possibly downright dangerous. The two warriors — fierce Mars and unscrupulous Pluto are squaring off against each other exactly. This is reflected uncannily in the situation in Zimbabwe where Marsy Emmerson Mnangagwa, known as “the Crocodile”, is trying to force Plutonic (he just goes on and on, every time you think he’s about to die he rises again) Robert Mugabe. Like, Mars and Pluto, these two men were for a time “co-rulers”: president and vice president.

“Gucci Grace” Mugabe whose passion for luxury (Leo Sun, Taurus Moon!) earned her this nickname, also has Mars at 13° Libra.

“Gucci Grace” Mugabe whose passion for luxury (Leo Sun, Taurus Moon!) earned her this nickname, has Mars at 13° Libra. That point has just been crossed by trMars.

This is a fight between old men. Mnangagwa is 75; Mugabe is 93 and, judging by his most recent TV appearance, somewhat gaga.

I’ve just checked to see if Mugabe has resigned yet, but now reports are conflicting. It’s a real battle of wills, but it’s probably the younger man who will win. Pluto and Mars will continue to square each other precisely until tomorrow, so the situation is still very inflammable. Mars will transit the country’s natal Pluto at 20° Libra within the next few days also. For more on the astrology of this, check out Solaris Astrology.

If you have any planets at 16°-27° Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, watch out for your own Zimbabwean situations.

This duel is about a transfer of power. Mars and Pluto are the co-rulers of Scorpio, where the Sun is currently, along with Jupiter and Venus. They were rulers of the New Moon yesterday too, of course. Once Mars finishes squaring Pluto, he will oppose Uranus at 25°, currently in the other sign he rules, Aries. (Zimbabwe’s Sun is at 28° Aries) That opposition takes place on December 1.

So Mars is bringing together that combustible, unpredictable Uranus-Pluto square (again!) — and since it’s Mars, this is in an aggressive, possibly violent way.

On the other hand, if you need to take drastic action to shift an old situation, now could be the moment. Is there a transfer of power going on in your life?




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  1. Lili says:

    Family coming of age event- my ex-SIL whose early Taurus Sun is opposite my 12th H Neptune and Moon, communicated cryptically- and we were nearly caught out when we were given a ceremonial honor. We have Saturns opp too- no matter how much I wish it, I have never trusted her. I am gracious Libra/Scorp stellium – but watchful.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, Scorpios should be watchful — it’s your rulers that are at loggerheads. Trust your Moon.

      I notice in the news today also the stalemate in Germany.

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi Christina – a very interesting read as always. I can’t think of any situations in my life at present that involve transfers of power, but I have Moon and Venus at 17 and 15 degrees of Aries, and a Saturn/Capricorn conjunction at 27 degrees of Capricorn (truly I am blessed!)…so presumably something is about to happen….and then I’m a Sunsign Aquarian at 29 degrees, so I suppose that won’t help either, given that Uranus will be squared! 🙂 Hopefully the transfer of power will be in my favour!!

  3. mm says:

    Very interesting, as is Solaris’s excellent post. Plutonic just about sums up Mugabe. I imagine practically stationary Neptune has a lot to do as well with the confusion about the “resignation” speech that wasn’t and the general sense that nobody quite knows what’s going on. Also I see some Neptune influence is the idealism and euphoria of that huge march in Harare?

    Maybe once Neptune goes direct there may be some clarity.

    But yes, fireworks ahead. And I’m really feeling the Mars/Pluto effect this week – inflamed sacroiliac joint linked to a nasty pulled muscle that’s taking longer to heal than I would like. This too shall pass I tell myself.

    • 44 and counting says:

      I was looking at the astrology of Zimbabwe and Mugabe when this all flared up last week.

      Ian Smith’s party declared independence in Nov 1965 under the Uranus-Pluto conjunction, then 14 years later (Saturn opposition of that chart) from Sept to Dec 1979 the British chaired Constitutional talks which led to Zimbabewe’s legal recognised indepdence on April 18 1980 which is the chart Christina is using. It’s interesting the chain of astrology that goes back beyond the recognised chart.

      What I noticed was that in 1965 and 79 Saturn was in Pisces and Saturn respectively and Mugabe’s chart plays in to that. He has a 1st degree Pisces sun but a mid-Virgo moon that is probably on the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965. That was also his Uranus half-return. Fighting for independence and creating a better country has essentially been his life’s work (for better or worse).

      And then his wife, Grace, is one of those born in the 1960s under the Uranus-Pluto conjunction which would be on his Virgo moon. Notably she also has Venus-Mercury conjunction in late Leo that’s close to his Neptune. They got married in 1996 which was when Pluto moved into Sag and therefore squared his Sun and trined hers. Reading the wikipedia entry it’s hard to see anything but an abusive, lying power-grabbing egotist. I wonder just how much she has been the power behind the throne and manipulating him. Virgo moons are notoriously nervous and unable to see the big picture, Pisces sun doesn’t want confrontation and everybody’s Neptune is a weak spot for delusion.

      • Christina says:

        The summer’s eclipse was close to Grace’s Venus-Mercury in Leo too.

        I think Pisces Sun can be relentlessly hungry — Rupert Murdoch! — but only rarely for power.

        • 44 and counting says:

          Transiting Neptune is opposing Grace’s Uranus-Pluto conjunction slowly eroding her. And of course Saturn-Uranus are in the vicinity of trines to her Leo Mercury-Venus and the Scorpio New Moon was exactly square to trigger them. (I have Leo planets there as well as and I wobbled big time over this weekend).

          Mugabe’s Pisces Sun has a trine from Saturn at 2 Scorpio and his Pluto at 10Cancer completes a wide orb grand trine. The trouble with grand trines is that they’re difficult to get new information into as there’s no opening. No doubt Mugabe has always felt a sense of fear, powerlessness and insecurity that he tries to resolve by projecting them, and of course with a Virgo moon trying to organise and change things while missing the bigger picture.

  4. Christina says:

    Noting another power transfer today — the European Bank and the European Medicines Agency are both definitely leaving London post-Brexit — for Paris and Amsterdam.

  5. Denise says:

    Not to mention the announcement from Janet Yellen that she will resign from the US Federal Reserve once the new chair is sworn in. And thanks for this – definitely transfers of power potentially happening at work for me – something to watch!

  6. Vesta says:

    My sleep is disrupted and I’ve had migraines too, I wondered what was going on.
    I’m sun Scorpio, so mars and pluto are my rulers. I have progressed mars at 26 Cap in my 4th house. And it’s home issues that have kicked off again. My landlords won’t bring my new home up to standard. It’s so below standard it’s affecting my health. They haven’t said no, in fact at first they said they would, but it’s been silence ever since, which means I can’t push them. They’re slippery, I can’t contact them except via their managing agents, who decide when they’re acting landlords or not on a whim. There are pests and other issues, that although entirely normal, are just adding to my list of reasons to get out. I want my money back for things I’ve paid for that are their responsibility, and they’re not doing it. It’s wrong. So I give up, they can win, if it’s so important to them. The next tenant can have the pleasure. I’ll just focus on getting a nice reference from them and stop trying to stay.
    I feel like my uranus/pluto breakdown and grieving is coming to an end, it’s time to rejoin the world, so it’s a good time to move again. I’m planning on leaving the city, so that’s a much longer cycle coming to an end too. So that’s my drastic action to shift an old situation. Everyone I know has left the city, except for one or two individuals who I don’t see anyway. There’s nothing keeping me here, and everything to look forward to. I know it’ll take a long time with the housing shortage, that’s ok, I’ll use the time to shift focus and get back on my feet again. I’m only just recovering from u/plu.
    Uranus/pluto hit my angles, with Libra AC. I met with every abuse of power, with landlords and government being the worst. It’s not a case of standing up for yourself, it’s more doing the right thing, with right by your side, because also at work is divine justice. You can’t abuse power yourself, it backfires. Which is a comforting thought, that even if I can’t see it, divine justice is kicking the arse of abusive landlords and governments.
    I had to step away from the news last couple of days, but I followed the Mugabe story with half an eye. I just thought serves him right. I don’t care that he’s going. I’m curious about what’s next though.

    • Christina says:

      It doesn’t look like what’s next in Zimbabwe is necessarily an improvement — yet.

      As for your landlords — that sounds awfully Neptunian…

      • Vesta says:

        I’m getting things are still unfolding in Zimbabwe, feels like a wait and see. Feels hopeful though. Maybe it’s just me.
        Yep spot on, and it’s water issues that are the biggest. I was thinking Neptune. My Saturn is 10 Pisces, Neptune has been sitting there for ages! And Saturn is opposite u/plu, square venus/mars, so I don’t know what that means exactly, not good anyway! Power games, throwing their weight around, I’d call it bullying, I don’t have a say. Nothing I say has any effect. 🙁

  7. Unmystic Mom says:

    Hi Christina,
    I have Pluto at 18 Libra 30″, in my fourth house of parents and family. What should I expect of Mars transiting Pluto?

    As for Piscean Suns, all the men in my family have Piscean Suns and all the women have Virgo Suns and I agree about the Piscean Suns being hungry. They have enormous appetites. And are hopelessly untidy.

  8. Mary says:

    With natal Saturn at 18′ Aries and natal ?Mars at 27′ Libra, I was overwhelmed yesterday by flare-up uterine fibroid pain. But being incapacitated gave me a chance to catch up on current events, and when I read about the Charlie Rose scandal, I looked up his natal chart and noticed almost instantly his Mars at 27′ Aries (well, it is hard to miss so near the MC). A transfer of power for him, certainly, but also in a much smaller way for myself; I used to rely on his show to maintain a sane perspective in these crazy times, and now I’ll need to re-frame that. Interesting times, indeed!

  9. Steen022 says:

    The messages I get from Zimbabweans are now that they fear a hidden agenda behind the coup. Are we now heading for another 40 year of dictatorship. Say no to Mugabe, no to ZANU, no to organized coups no to military rule and control (Uranus)

  10. Unmystic Mom says:

    Hi Christine,
    A psychic has claimed that North Koreans are likely to rise against and depose Kim Jong Un in December 2017/January 2018, I was sceptical. But given the speed of Mugabe’s departure, do you see something similar in train for the Kim?

    Also, given that you had successfully predicted the outcome of the Brexit Referendum based on the time of the polling, can you also look at what the post-Brexit future would look like? What do the stars at 11PM GMT on 29th March 2019 say?

  11. Padmini says:

    Change of job: new job had a conflict of interest with the old job. Lost old job on the same day I got the new job. Date: 17th Nov 2017; Time: 12:30 PM to 1 ish pm;