Astrology of Now: Solstice

Thursday December 21st 2017
Edward Burne Jones

Edward Burne Jones

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”
CS Lewis

The Sun, our own mighty star, enters the Cardinal sign of the Goat-Fish tomorrow just before 4.30pm GMT on December 21, and so we enter deep winter.

This is the Solstice — the longest night and shortest days. And this one is special because the old teacher, Saturn, has returned to his home sign for the first time since 1991, and he greets the Sun at 0° Capricorn. As I mentioned in my previous post, this has not happened since 1664, so this Solstice holds a great deal of power.

In some ways, this moment holds the DNA for what will unfold over the coming two years as Saturn travels through Capricorn, so take a moment to think about what that might mean for you.

What solid, long-lasting thing do you want to lay the foundations for? A new country, a marriage, a business? What do you want to parent or stabilise? Even if you have no idea (yet) of how you want to work with this new, powerful energy, make a commitment to commitment at this Solstice, a commitment to integrity. That is the key to Saturn in Capricorn.

(I have to thank my dear friend Anne Whitaker for helping me understand that clearly.)

May the power be with you!


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  1. mimi says:

    thank you Christina,

    I’m very curious about this conjunction in 2020 between Pluto and Saturn (in my 6th house).

    In the meantime we shall have to live our lives as allways.

    For now : Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  2. Vesta says:

    I realised recently I will never win with my landlords, my new home isn’t really a home, it’s a stopgap, so I may as well leave, and if I’m doing that, why not leave the city, move closer to family. So that’s my goal at the moment, to move again.
    It coincides with rising homeless figures and not many ‘available’ properties. My IC and the country’s are the same at 9 Cap. So just as I am ready to find a new home I want to settle in for the foreseeable, so the country needs to house everyone it put on the streets with its stupid new rules from its stupid government. Obviously, the issue isn’t so much ‘not enough homes’. The population didn’t suddenly just grow. People were housed before this government got in. But with rising rents on the one hand, and ridiculous sanctions and other new rules on the other, it’s been a pincer move, pushing people onto the streets. Meanwhile there’s about as many empty homes as there are homeless. It’s not hard to Google the figures. We don’t actually need that many new homes to be built, we just need the ones we already have. Rents need to come down as well as buying price, scrap any and all benefit caps, tenancies back to one year or longer. (currently 6 months or so, which never happened even under Thatcher, as far as I know, and she had half the country on the streets too. Princess Diana used to do walkabouts to raise awareness, there’s videos in YouTube).
    I looked up the history of homelessness in the UK since WWII. Then, there were 1.4 million homeless after the country had been bombed. New homes were built quickly and cheaply, not expecting to last long, but turns out they did, they lasted decades. It can be done again now. The next highest figures were for Thatcher, and remember her government did a lot to hide as much damage as possible, Tories always shred history when they’re in government, they’re doing it right now to hide their tracks as well as anything damning to do with British Empire. The next highest homeless figures is today at 307,000 and rising. That’s a conservative figure, the true figure for today is much higher and should also include ‘hidden homeless’, people staying with friends/family, sofa surfing, if they can be measured. See the pattern? Tories put people on the streets, Labour house them again. Tories destroy the economy, Labour put things back again. It’s always Labour who pick up the pieces. You can go back further to when Labour began, you’ll see the pattern continue.
    So it’s about power and its abuse. Who has it, what they’re doing with it. Who’s always had it. That’s crumbling as truth is revealed. It’s government who make the rules on housing, and a huge number of MPs are landlords, about 3 in 5? Not hard to see what’s happening there. They’re making the rules to suit themselves! Cashing in!
    So a goal for an increasing number of people is to get this government out and a more socialist one in, with Corbyn’s Labour. Socialist as in Sweden, not Stalin.
    For now, we wait and watch the Tories crumble while Theresa May pretends everything’s fine, like the meme of the dog in the living room with a mug of tea, all around in flames, “it’s fine”.
    Once the Tories are out, there’s a lot to put back, and a lot to build to replace what will never be put back. Tories did a lot of damage over the last 7 years, and we have all tightened our belts so much, we have no real concept of everything that’s gone. No one has done us a list. (idea for someone, please do us a list! There’s a book called the List out now for everything people have lost under Trump.)
    On top of restoring the last 7 years, we also need to restore the last 30-50 years. Neoliberalism can be traced back to Thatcher/Reagan, but the shift to the right started before then in the 1960s, both in the UK and the USA. An unstoppable shift to the right after which we continued to drift further and further to the right up until today. It’s how New Labour got elected, they shifted right. We’re not even aware how far we’ve drifted. We’re in nazi territory. So many people don’t know how right wing they are, only boomers and older will have an idea of how things were before. The rest of us don’t know any different, right wing feels like centre to us. So anything actually left wing feels alien and ‘radical’, you see that word a lot. But it’s not, that’s where centre used to be. U/plu has been trying to restore the Overton Window, if we ever get round to voting for it.
    No Left leader could stop that shift to the left these last 50 years. We blamed those leaders for being weak instead of realising just how much more powerful the right were becoming. Fascism never went away, it just put on a mask. Tory policy of denying support to the sick/disabled, driving them to an early death, is fascist. Picking off a demographic to blame for the failings of government is fascist. Politics of hate is fascist. Whilst we shouldn’t automatically always draw parallels with nazi Germany, on this one, we would be stupid not to. And again, same in USA and many countries.
    We need to build new homes and house everyone by 2020. We need to be a new country based on a new economic model (not invented yet) that puts the needs of people, the country, and the planet, above greedy shareholders. In fact, what’s the purpose of shareholders, why do we need them at all, why should they take priority? We’re looking at ethical business practice, as opposed to sociopathic. We’re looking at restoring society, social bonds that bring us together. The end of individualism, the return of community.
    Structures have been falling under u/plu, they’re being reviewed, reformed, rebuilt. In 2020 and beyond, a lot of what’s familiar today will still be there, the rich will still be rich, a lot will be recognisable. But hopefully, a lot will be new or restoring something we had before, nationalising our railways for instance, and that money invested back on us instead of disappearing offshore. There’s about £13 trillion sitting offshore, it would be nice for some of that to come back and be spent on the country, as it should have been in the first place.
    I remember the last saturn/pluto conjunct at the end of Libra, it was out of sign conjunct my scorpio sun. It was the year of the Falklands war, and an identity crisis for me. Very intense year, especially so for me personally. The next in 2020 looks like 22 Cap, in my 4th house, my progressed mars will be at 27 Cap, 5 degrees apart. Transiting Uranus will be 2 Taurus, my IC is 9 Cap, so again 5 degrees apart. Progressed moon will be 0 Sag, my moon is 5 Sag. 5, 5, 5! Ooh! Wonder what that means. My progressed MC will be 1 degree away from exact sextile to my sun. Looks like quite an important time for me too then.
    Wow, I just looked at the transits. Practically everything is in Capricorn, my 4th house. It’s a pile up! I don’t know the UK’s chart off by heart, only the chart angles. 2020 looks important.
    I forgot to mention Brexit. I don’t think we are. If we do, we’ll reverse it. It’s not in our best interests.
    For an astrologer who looks at power and the abuse of it the last 50 years, I can recommend Carl Boudreau, currently on Facebook. He looks at the asteroids too. He’s one of the handful of astrologers I never miss, obviously including you, Christina! 🙂 xx

    • Hugh Fowler says:

      Looking at the historical evidence it seems that the account of Luther nailing the theses to the the Wittenberg door in 1517 is largely an apocryphal story recounted by Philip Melanchthon at a later date. What is certain is that the first time they were printed in German and therefore available to a large secular audience was January 1518 which is exactly when the Pluto Saturn Conjunction occurred. Within two weeks they had spread across Germany and in two months across Europe.

    • Starfish says:

      The Tory versus Labour situation has been mimicked in NZ for the past 9 years though perhaps a little less brutally. In October we got a new Labour led coalition govt led by a female PM aged under 40. The tide has begun to turn here & hopefully the UK will ride the same wave…undoing the damage. All the cardinal energies in Capricorn and Aries give great expectation of profound structural change and shifts in the power base.

  3. Sabrina says:

    Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas ✨?
    This particular one carries a lot of meaning for me and my family (thank you for writing about and mentioning 1664 in another post). We have seen Pluto in Scorpio, Uranus in Aquarius, Neptune in Pisces. That’s pretty amazing.
    Warmest wishes Christina, to you and yours…

  4. Hugh Fowler says:

    Looking at the historical evidence it seems that the account of Luther nailing the theses to the the Wittenberg door in 1517 is largely an apocryphal story recounted by Philip Melanchthon at a later date. What is certain is that the first time they were printed in German and therefore available to a large secular audience was January 1518 which is exactly when the Pluto Saturn Conjunction occurred. Within two weeks they had spread across Germany and in two months across Europe.