Mars Dreaming

Tuesday June 26th 2018
The Knight's Vision, Raphael

The Knight’s Vision, Raphael

Mars turns retrograde today at 9° Aquarius. The planet of war will douse his firebrands for a while and may turn his passions inwards.

Today, he is tightly conjoining that mysterious South Node of the Moon — a place of dissolution and dissipation.

It’s time to lay down our arms and let go of anger, rivalry and aggression.

Mars will be retrograde until August 27.

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  1. Mary says:

    This takes place in my 5th house. I am wrapping up rehearsals for a play that has had a frustrating production process; last night during Act II I found myself calculating how many more times I will have to do it. I have determined to take a break from the spotlights for a while after this show!

  2. Roman says:

    Interestingly as mars in Aquarius hovered over the south node about a week before retrograde (Generally the effects are prevalent a week before & after retrogradation according to ancient Babylonian astrology) The dragons tail is generally being devoid of its head unable to find direction but has an accumulation of the past to deal with . So Italy changes direction on its immigrant policy & decides not to allow the African asylum migrants to come to Italy So the ship with the coincidental name of Aquarius drifts aimlessly on the sea Until Spain humanitarianly (Aquarius) intervenes

    • Christina says:

      Yes — what will happen to the Aquarius now Mars is retrograde?

      • romanz says:

        Hi Christina
        As a meditation on the South Node note the Windrush docked on the 22 June 1948 when Neptune stationed at 10 degrees of Libra.The full moon at the end of March this year fell on the 10 degree of Libra/Aries .The Guardian broke the story a week or so later, the problem with the lost documents & immigrants status was dealt with as the south node sextiled these angles.
        Interestingly the ships name was Windrush a combination of the Libra /Aries elements.

  3. Vesta says:

    Bad timing for me, I think. But I won’t have peace of mind for a long while yet. 🙁
    9 Aquarius is the midpoint between pallas athena 6 Aqu and lilith 12 Aqu conjunction in my 4th house. There go my wisdom and (haven’t looked up lilith yet, inner drive?)
    I need to find what help is available for my current most pressing issue, but I seem to be paralysed into inaction. Today’s heat isn’t helping. :/ I can’t let it go, there are deadlines to be met. Reminds me of last time mars was retrograde, I was flat hunting, there was nothing to be found, and I met with abuse for my failure. This isn’t good.

  4. Iris says:

    In my busy 12h for me and the South Node is conjunct n Venus. Not sure how this will manifest. Watching with interest.

  5. mimi says:

    Hi Christina,

    I noticed there is someone else present in this situation this summer : Lilith is transiting these late Capricorn- and early Aquariusdegrees too and she will conjunct Mars exactly on eclipse day 11th August.

    Interesting, isn’t it ?? any idea what will happen ?


    • Christina says:

      I am quietly obsessed with Lilith right now & I want to look more deeply into this. She has had such a powerful impact in Capricorn this year as she stalked through the corridors of power …

  6. Alice says:

    Today both of my hairdryers burned when I tried to dry my hair in the morrnining. Lots of smoke. Mars transits my 1st house and squares my natal Uranus and opposes natal Mars and DSC. Smoke and fire instead of taking care of how I

    • Christina says:

      Also electrical problems (Uranus-Mars) and first house (the head)! Perfect.

      • Alice says:

        You re right! Wonderful that it was not electrocution as it formed challenging t square in my chart

        • Christina says:

          Exacto — be careful. When I had a similar configuration I managed to have two car accidents in a week — both at about 2miles an hour and no harm done but still. Uranus-Mars was in my 7th.

  7. Chris says:

    Hello Christina,
    Thank you for the great post.
    I’m looking at the Galactic Center and its effects.
    Do you have the dates / times handy for the last few moon conjunct GC ? (Including the most recent)
    Thank you very much