Solstice: All Yellow

Thursday June 21st 2018
From my garden

From my garden this morning.

Happy Solstice to you! May the Sun shine brightly on all your endeavours.

In astrology, associations often depend on your source. Yellow, for example, is attributed to Mercury, Venus or the Sun; Virgo, Leo, Gemini (a yellowish green), Libra or Aquarius — depending on which book you pull off your shelf. There’s a table of Western colour attribution by planet and sign over at Skyscript, showing how astrologers have had wildly different ideas on the subject.

One thing is certain though — colour is important to our psyches.

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand which plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.” — Wassily Kandinski, Concerning the Spiritual in Art

Van Gogh loved yellow. He said it was lovely because it was the colour of the Sun.

Indian astrology is more definite — yellow belongs to Jupiter, the greater benefic. That would make today, Thursday, a yellow sort of day. Indeed if you have Pisces or Sagittarius Rising, you might get lucky if you wore yellow on a Thursday. Or if Jupiter needed boosting in your chart, you might wear a yellow sapphire.

Here’s some sartorial inspiration.

Portrait of Señora Dona Elena, Diego Rivera

Portrait of Señora Dona Elena, Diego Rivera

The Ball -- James Tissot

The Ball — James Tissot

Woman in a Yellow Dress -- Max Kurzwell

Woman in a Yellow Dress — Max Kurzwell

Freddie Mercury dashing in yellow

Freddie Mercury dashing in yellow

But just to complicate that Vedic association, the chakra usually associated with yellow is Manipura, the solar plexus chakra, — associated with willpower and protection — and the Sun.

I associate yellow with the Sun and the sign Leo, when it is golden going towards red, and with Mercury and Gemini when it is paler going towards green.

That may just be my personal synesthesia or even the influence of L. Frank Baum.

In many cultures yellow does have those Mercurial attributes of optimism and youth. In China emperors always wore yellow.

Almost universally, yellow is associated with the intellect, higher mind or even with god (although Kandinsky thought the opposite).

Yellow is a defence against darkness.

Orange and Yellow, Mark Rothko

Orange and Yellow, Mark Rothko

Today, of course, the yellow Sun is at its highest and stays in the sky longest in the North, and in the South you are having the shortest day, so you might need a splash of yellow.

However you choose to honour the Sun — in a yellow dress, or eating a luscious orange, or sitting in a bower of yellow roses — enjoy this special day, one of the four corners of the year, when the new season begins.


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  1. Denise says:

    Lovely – thanks for this! Here in South Lake Tahoe, CA the Jeffrey pines have started dropping their pollen in earnest – my world will be coated with yellow for the next few weeks.

  2. mimi says:

    How odd, just a few weeks ago I bought some new cushions for the couch in my living room, they are all different shades of yellow now !

    I simply felt I needed some sunshine in my house.

    My ascendant is Leo and Jupiter is in my 4th house right now.


  3. aqua says:

    Yellow is a hard colour to wear unless dark skinned, but great around the house.
    But am I hallucinating, or did you really post a video of Coldplay?
    First KK, now them …… are you having a bit of a crisis ? 😉

    • Christina says:

      Not at all. If there’s anyone who tells us something about the collective, it’s Kim Kardashian.

      • aqua says:

        Goddess help us!
        And by Goddess Im not referring to KK, much as the media and her insane ego would have me believe otherwise.
        Abandon all hope, the end is nigh…sob

  4. Sabrina says:

    Happy solstice!!!
    With all going on in my 4th/10th axis, I’ve been feeling depleted on many levels, to say the least. I’ve been doing sun salutations every morning and evening for over 6 years and just a couple of days ago I remembered to imagine a bright, warm sun coming from my heart (which I did years ago and helped so much!)
    Also got a bright yellow table cloth on a whim…how 4th house is that!