Pallas Athena: Part One

Monday October 15th 2018

This talk on the astrological Pallas Athena was recorded at the recent Goddess Weekend here in Oxford. It’s just the first part; there’s much more astrology to come.

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  1. Iris says:

    Christina I was watching somethimg tonight in which Jane Fonda talked about how when she was a girl she saw herself as Joan of Arc. Such a definite image, this reminded me of your talk & I got curious about her Pallas. Jupiter is conjunct Pallas (5 deg apart) in Aquarius on the Ac, opp Pluto right on the Dc. That’s a supercharged Pallas.
    Seems like there are some other aspects that could suggest crusading too: Lilith/venus conj in Sag, Ceres/Mars at the other end of 1h Aqua, (& so much at 28 or 29°). Anyway, just curious.