Your Year Ahead: The Book

Thursday December 26th 2019

Front cover of the book

2020 does look rather extraordinary — and interesting.

There’s some bumpy astrology to navigate for everyone.

But there’s help at hand. The Oxford Astrologer’s Year Ahead is ready for download now. Use it to map out 2020, avoiding the pitfalls and capitalising on the good stuff.

This is FREE for members and available to pick up on the member’s page, but if you are not a member and would like to purchase a copy, follow the link below.

Your Year Ahead 2020 – The Oxford Astrologer

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  1. Severne says:

    Merry Christmas, Christina!
    This is a wonderful gift…Thank you.
    More Capricorns in my life than usual. One Cap moon has been literally helping me build home. That triple conjunction will fall on my 22 deg Lilith at the very end of the 4H.

  2. Christina says:

    @Severne Wow. Would love to hear how that unfolds for you?

  3. Severne says:

    @Christina Will let you know…I am quite curious myself. It will trine my Asc, and transiting Lilith just crossed my Desc, so this year should have a Lilith flavor. Glad to find your Lilith report in the download section.