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Delve into the world of literature and imagination with this curated collection of writing about writing — and the astrology of authors. Find out which signs turn up most often and what might inspire anti-heroes, and why Lilith is even more important than you thought.

Why Britain Loves Bond
Gadgets, car chases, kiss kiss, bang, bang. Was there ever a deeper examination of the modern condition than James Bond? Just kidding. A Bond film is about wallowing in style over substance, stuff over emotions, materialism over spirituality. Ian Fleming: debonair For this country, of course, [...]
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The Fabulous Chart of Alice in Wonderland
You’re nothing but a pack of cards. One of the cleverest and most enchanting heroines in all literature was born on a sultry afternoon 160 years ago on the banks of the River Isis right here in Oxford. It was the 4th of July, 1862. Charles Dodgson rowed up the river with his friend the [...]
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Unpacking My Library: The Artist’s Way
Most self-help books have about three ideas in them which are padded out with a lot of white space and bullet points. But there are a few which are absolutely brilliant. Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way has sold about a gazillion copies in the two decades not because it’s [...]
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So You Thought Lilith Was Always a Woman…
In my last post I pointed out that the extraordinarily brilliant writer Patricia Highsmith had dark, disturbing Lilith conjunct her Mercury, the planet of mind and writing. One of the things that makes her writing so remarkable is her ability to get under the skin of evil. Her greatest [...]
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Lilith: Wild, Outcast, Wicked – Essential
Joan Crawford. picture by George Hurrell Lilith – baby-strangler, seducer, mistress of secret knowledge, outsider, feminist icon — Black Moon. In Jewish folklore, she is Adam’s first wife. But her roots are much older – an Assyrian she-demon, a serpent goddess, queen of the underworld. [...]
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Unpacking My Library: On The Road
This cover was designed by Len Deighton in the late 50s. If Jack Kerouac had not drunk himself to death at the age of 47, he would have turned 90 on March 12 this year. He was in many ways the perfect Pisces author – a drunken, dreaming mystic visionary who seemed to just spew out his […]
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Myth-making in a City of Scholars: JRR Tolkien, C S Lewis and all
I still get a small thrill when I walk past number 20 Northmoor Road after dropping my kids off at school. Half a century ago, JRR Tolkien wrote The Hobbit and the first two volumes of The Lord of the Rings in that unprepossessing suburban house. I’ve often wondered if there were [...]
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How Much Virgo Does A Writer Need?
There is something very cool about Agatha Christie even as a child. Could it be Virgo Sun, Virgo Rsing and Saturn in Virgo Many years ago, I moved from  working in (weekly) magazine publishing to editing books. It was truly a move from Gemini-land to Virgo-land. The magazines were all about [...]
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JK Rowling: The Perfect Writer’s Chart
JK Rowling – imagination, talent and wit. She’s the first person to make a billion by writing books. She’s ignited the imaginations of about a gazillion children on every continent. She’s managed to make a Virgo cool – well, sort of.   For those of you who are not [...]
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