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Solstice: All Yellow
Happy Solstice to you! May the Sun shine brightly on all your endeavours. In astrology, associations often depend on your source. Yellow, for example, is attributed to Mercury, Venus or the Sun; Virgo, Leo, Gemini (a yellowish green), Libra or Aquarius — depending on which book you pull [...]
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Blue Hair
Neptune rules fashion and glamour and it’s been interesting to watch what’s happened since he roared into Pisces in 2011. Men rediscovered their inner dandies; women went kind of dishevelled and started dying their hair crazy colours. Neptune in Pisces 2011 -2025 Hair has gone all the shades [...]
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Astrology of Now: The Deep Blue Sea And A Hero’s Journey
To travel from Eritrea or Gambia across the desert to the lower lid of the Mediterranean Sea — braving torture, slavery, asphyxia in the back of a truck, rape and beatings —  to cross in an open boat: this is a hero’s journey. Imagine doing it as a child. So far this week [...]
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Astrology of Now: Listen For The Blue Quincunx
I am sitting at a desk in a high-ceilinged room in Brighton. The tall window frames blue, at the lower edge lavender blossom and then a few inches above, the horizontal of prussian blue sea meeting pale, brilliant summer sky. In the distance, the sounds of church bells, surf, cars’ [...]
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