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August Horoscopes: Potent Memories Brew
It’s a strange month, full of nostalgia for other Augusts, even ones you never knew. We are cupped between two bright harvest Moons — on 1 August and 31 August in the final signs of the Zodiac, Aquarius and Pisces, bringing us to the halfway mark of the astrological year at the end of the […]
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Singer and dancer Britney Spears is 39 years old, and, until recently, and has has a busy work schedule as super pop diva. But she is enslaved by a so-called legal conservatorship that was set up when she was having a nervous breakdown 13 years ago. Spears had the kind of melt-down that [...]
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July Horoscopes
Thank goodness for Venus in Gemini. The goddess of love and harmony raises the tone this month. As Mars marches into fiery Aries, and Saturn stomps back into Capricorn testosterone levels may be on the high side. To read you horoscopes or sign up, click here. Don’t forget to take a look [...]
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December Horoscopes
The holiday season promises to be charged with emotions this year, with a Full Moon on Christmas Day, and the Moon and Jupiter embracing on New Year’s Eve. But before then, mid-December looks a bit sticky, as Mars, the god of war, clashes first with the Lord of Underworld, Pluto, and [...]
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Guardian of the Gates of Hell – Ceres Two
The Return of Persephone by Frederick Leighton. Wikimedia Commons. Golden-bright Persephone, Demeter’s beautiful daughter, was picking flowers one day in the wide, scented valley of Enna in Sicily when Hades, the prince of hell, burst out of the ground and grabbed her and pulled her down [...]
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Nigella: A Plutonian Story
Hands off our national treasure My friend down the road never “bakes a cake”, she “does a Nigella”. I’m sure she’s not alone. Is there a kitchen bookshelf in Britain that does not have a thumbed edition of How To Eat or Feast or some other of Nigella [...]
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Seeing Pregnancy Through Ceres’ Eyes
Is this the most influential portrait of a woman from the 20th century? You wouldn’t believe it now, but way back in 1991, this cover of Vanity Fair showing the then highest-earning actress in Hollywood naked and heavily pregnant caused a storm of controversy. Why? Because some people [...]
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A little girl names the dark lord
Hades (Pluto) Oxford is a small town with a famous university in the middle of England. But it’s much more than that too. It’s the centre of a web of influence that stretches forward and backward in time and across continents. This influence is intellectual and political, but also [...]
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