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Venus in Cancer: As Beautiful As The Moon
In Arabic, Egyptian Arabic anyway, when you want to describe someone as really beautiful, you say she is like the Moon, or she has a face like the Moon. (How unlike “moonface” in English). When Venus is in the sign of the Moon, two of the most feminine energies in astrology are [...]
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Ethereal Woman vs Material Girl
  Did you know that popmamas Madonna and Kate Bush were born within a few weeks of each other? Oh astrological joy! The English mystic and the queen of consumerism…. let’s check it out. Kate Bush shimmered on to the music scene with an astonishingly original sound when she was [...]
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Lilith: Both Anima and Animus
Munch’s Madonna. He had Lilith in Cancer opposite the feminine Moon in her fall. “Oh, Mother, my mother!” cried the agonized girl, turning passionately upon her parent as if her poor heart would break. “How could I be expected to know? I was a child when I left this house four [...]
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