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Where The Hell Are We?
This is the talk I gave  at Aquarius Severn last Thursday. Enjoy!
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Hong Kong
Hong Kong vibrates with people power: people working, thinking, talking, praying, eating, walking, haggling, hawking, kissing, cooking, spitting, stealing, fighting, laughing, buying and selling. Standing on the Star Ferry coming into Central earlier this year, I swear I could feel the [...]
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France’s Battle With Herself
As some of you may know, I’ve spent a lot of time in rural France this year. Since my mother died, I’ve been over every month to deal with my father’s affairs. In this role, I’ve had a lot of conversations with workers and professionals in one little corner of the [...]
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Why Charlottesville?
Angry faces reddened by torchlight, mouths agape spewing hatred. The sight of those men — and they were almost all men — scarring the beautiful campus of the University of Virginia was stomach churning, horrible, familiar — even on the small screen of this laptop, You’ve seen that same anger [...]
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One Night In Cologne
In the early hours of 2016, more than a 100 women were sexually assaulted by roaming gangs of men in the streets of the German city of Cologne. At least one was raped. At least 1000 men are said to have been involved in the organised attacks. It took five days for the media to catch […]
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The UK Riots: Mummy I’m Hungry
Ah the Sex Pistols… England’s finest Rioting is an English tradition…that’s why a Riot Act was passed in 1715. But what we riot about changes to reflect the spirit of the times. The theme of these 2011 riots? Extreme shopping. Extreme shopping with a bodycount (so far) of five. [...]
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Why I’m Not Surprised by the Riots
Brixton 1981 Well, what a welcome home. Back in October last year, I said we might get a royal wedding and riots in the coming months. Have a look at what I wrote  here. I came to this conclusion by using some simple but highly effective astrology. I noted that Saturn, the planet of [...]
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