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Kate Bush’s Surge
Kate Bush, visionary song-writer and performer, is being rediscovered by a whole new generation, thanks to the inclusion of her song Running Up That Hill in the TV series Stranger Things. For a person born with a Uranus-Sun conjunction in Leo, of course, nothing is strange, and anything can be [...]
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Astrology of Now: Dragon Diarrhoea & an Invitation
Talking with a client this morning, a rather unpleasant simile for the coming eclipse popped out of my mouth: “It’s like diarrhoea.” Oops. A bowel evacuation is sometimes nasty, but necessary, especially when you’re getting rid of poison. This coming eclipse, on the [...]
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Astrology of Now: The Mystic Well
Live from a mystic well in Oxfordshire – some thoughts on the powerful conjunctions made by the South Node, which is one of the most important underlying themes of 2019. Thanks to my new friend Simon for telling me about the well.
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Shadow Planets
A few weeks ago I attended a seminar here in Oxford which included a discussion of the Vedic (or Indian) interpretation of the North and South Nodes by Adam Smith. The Vedic view turns out to be rather different from the widely held Western interpretation of the Nodes of the Moon as karmic — [...]
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June Horoscopes
Suddenly it looks like the planets are starting to make more sense. Jupiter turns direct after months of sleeping on the job. Neptune, that old illusionist, retires for a well-earned rest for a few months in mid-June. Could we begin to see a little more clearly? Could optimism come back into [...]
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Astrology of Now: Through The Looking Glass
As some readers of this blog may have noticed, I couldn’t bring myself to take a close look at the close of polls chart for the US election. It was just too important — and I was scared of what I might find. However, a couple of weeks ago, when I was writing your horoscopes for […]
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Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito And The Eclipses
A sensational murder trial has finally come to a close. After seven long years, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were cleared of the murder of Meredith Kercher yesterday by the highest court in Italy. All of the major actors in this drama are playthings of the gods, acting out an archetypal [...]
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Learning From Your Own History: Eclipses Part Two
Kali dancing on Shiva. Kali is associated with the North Node, Rahu, in Hindu astrology. Take a look at the comments on the previous post and you’ll see that readers have already come up with some telling examples of how eclipses across Taurus/Scorpio have worked for them in the past. [...]
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The Three Eclipses of Spring 2013: Part One
Gradually, the familiar golden ball slides behind a disc of silver. Birds fall silent, the air chills, for a moment the day is strange. Solar eclipse. A superseding, a complete annihilation.  Emotionally, in English anyway, the word eclipse contains a grain of fear. A black shadow, exactly the [...]
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Harry Potter and the Cycle of Destiny
Tomorrow is just one more turn of the wheel of destiny for the author JK Rowling and her creation Harry Potter. The final film in the series will premiere in London. Is this finally the end? The cycle of the dragon’s nodes features strongly in the publishing history of these books. This [...]
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