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I’ve been avoiding the whole Harry/Meghan/etc saga, but yesterday it was so in my face that I thought I’d sneak a peek at the prince’s chart. My question was essentially: why now for Harry? I looked at just three charts: Prince Harry’s natal chart, which has an A rating [...]
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On the “Other”: Lilith, Harvey Weinstein and the Fate of Nations
Why are there so many Liliths to choose from astrologically? I asked myself this question recently, and wondered if the answer might not lie in the archetype herself. Just to be clear. There are: True Lilith, Mean Lilith… and the asteroid Lilith… and furthermore, in some software, [...]
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Why Meghan Is Brilliant For The Crown
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan, are finally suing the tabloids. The British media and the royal family have a weird symbiotic relationship. The media veers between creepy sycophancy and vicious criticism; relentless pursuit coupled with endless judgment. The family invites [...]
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Brangelina Back To Just Plain Old Brad and Angelina
What a shame that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting up. It’s a tale of mutable tragedy. Pitt is a Sagittarian Sun and Jolie a Gemini — opposites attracted. Both these signs have been shaken and stirred this year by eclipses and a Jupiter transit in their fellow mutables Pisces and [...]
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A Glimmer Of Hope
This is a good news story, so bear with me and see where it leads. Victims of the condition variously labelled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Myalgic Encephalitis (ME) are used to being disbelieved, disrespected, and ignored. They know about being labelled liars, shirkers, fantasists. [...]
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On Pisces
Sadko In The Underwater Kingdom by Ilya Repin (Wikimedia Commons) From Tunisia to Elizabeth Taylor, you never know who you’re going to swim past down there in the blue, blue sea. With the Sun still in Pisces, visit or revisit these OA posts on or about the sign of the Fishes. A Fortnight [...]
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Astrology of Now: Soul Theft
You are familiar with the story of Sleeping Beauty, so familiar that the horror of it has ceased to horrify. This is the story of a baby, born perfect, sentenced to death. She is cursed in the cradle by a vengeful fairy to die at 16. Only by the actions of a good fairy is her […]
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The Paedophile Scandal in Westminster
A massive, long-buried scandal is erupting in Britain. For decades, a network of paedophiles that included members of parliament, ministers and top civil servants operated in London, and across the UK — allegedly. Children, mainly boys, were taken from children’s homes and passed [...]
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Woody Allen’s Pluto-Uranus Transit
Chart data is from astrodatabank. I can’t tell if Woody Allen is a child molester from looking at his astrological chart. No one can. But I can tell you that transiting Pluto-Venus is smack-dab on his North Node in Capricorn in the fifth house of children. The North Node is your point of [...]
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Eclipse Notes: May 25th
May 25th sees the final eclipse in the Gemini-Sagittarius group that’s spanned November 2o1o until now. You can see it’s at 4° Sagittarius. In the way of these eclipse groups, it has overlapped at one end with Cancer-Capricorn and now it’s overlapping at this end with [...]
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Swindle Revealed
Those bankers are incorrigible: first they cheat, then they lie, then they try to cover it up, and then they shop each other. A charming bunch of people we have taking care of our money. It was revealed  today that traders at Barclay’s Bank have been fiddling the figures to make [...]
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Anne Sinclair: The Power Behind Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Anne Sinclair puts a guiding hand on Dominique Strauss Kahn’s shoulder I can’t help wondering what is going through rich, handsome and clever Anne Sinclair’s head.  The wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, disgraced head of the IMF, has stood by her man over the past 20 years [...]
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